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04-01-2007, 02:47 PM
Hi. I have written an article at my site about the creation/evolution debate and my conclusion has definite spiritual implications, basically put I believe


God expresses itself through evolution, and as time progresses we develop more and more of the Godlike attribute of CONSCIOUSNESS. So continue raising you LOC guys and please check out my post and leave feedback if you wish.



05-01-2007, 03:02 AM
This is an interesting article. To start I would like for you, if you will, to define consciousness. That temporarily out of the way, I would like to quickly comment on something that came to mind while reading; religion, for the most part, seems to want to totally separate science and god/miracles/creation. This is an old way of thinking. God IS science. Miracles ARE science. Creation sparks life and biology “takes over” or rather, biology IS that spark; the TOOL of creation.
Consider this (and I have stated this elsewhere in these forums recently); soul is IT. Soul is the reason for us to have this life. Soul manifests this “illusionary” life in order to discover self, to learn what IT is and what IT can do. It makes sense that throughout the millennia soul changed the manifestation to suit the discovery process. When awareness was achieved on one level, a new level of “learning” was required to continue along the path; Soul became aware of this and so the “evolution” of the physical manifestation became that awareness, became a manifestation of the new knowledge that soul has discovered.
I would like to say now that the m-field (or hundredth monkey syndrome) doesn’t necessarily explain flocks of birds and schools of fish. These things may be explained by simple biological processes; physical “sensors” to inform the fish of the schools’ movement, “cutting” the air to make for easier flight. Where did they learn these formations? Could it be from the “m-field”? I suppose so; I am not saying “definitely not”. Though this could be something learned, as apposed to delivered via m-field. I have always been intrigued by the so-called “hundredth monkey syndrome” (I believe this is synonymous with m-field) so I would like to hear a clarified or more in depth description of it if that is possible.
I agree with some things written here and am curious on your thoughts on others. As I said this is an interesting perspective and I would like to discuss it further.

05-01-2007, 09:58 AM
Blair, consciousness is the ability to be aware, the 'field of consciousness' is the 'ALL' or "Self" completely devoid of any ego, it is non-dual, it is One. This (We or 'I') chose to experience individuality or separation for the purpose of Self-expression, to experience Itself. So from the beginning we have creatures with a very low level of consciouss that has continually evolved to this day, as time marches forward we get closer to our source, to experience 'I' is a kind of death as the individual self/ego dissolves.

I agree, the universe is built upon God so what we think of as supernatural now will be totally natural someday as we discover the mechanisms, therefore no conflict between God and science.

Interesting thoughts on the m-field, and yes I was thinking about the 100th monkey phenomenon and it definitely relates to the m-field, learned behaviours spreading to the entire population of a species once a critical number is reached, yes well spotted.

05-01-2007, 02:57 PM

consciousness is the ability to be aware, the 'field of consciousness' is the 'ALL' or "Self" completely devoid of any ego, it is non-dual, it is One.
Although it may seem picky.. to call it consciousness, is to create something other than "consciousness".. which creates at least two things, that which is, "consciousness".. and that which is not consciousness, the void, maybe.. now, there is the inherent nature of ALL of existence, Duality.. by my experience, there is no truly "non-dual" state.. for that to be the case existence ceases, including the possibility for existence.. see my post in the Flow of Energy thread.. there is consciousness and the void from which ALL things are manifested by the consciousness, the original duality.. Yin and Yang.. together, they comprise the Whole.. which exists only due to its inherent dual components.. tricky stuff..

Be well..

05-01-2007, 03:42 PM

Great point, even in the highest states of consciousness where "oneness" with god is experienced we do not shed our individual aspect within the wholeness which is god. Thus, even though we may experience oneness with god, we still maintain our individual nature. In this way, even when completely devoid of any ego, we still show a dual nature by being the representation of both ONE & INDIVIDUAL.

However, the essence of the one god itself, is not dualistic just because it can be expressed in an infinite number of individual ways. The defining point of ego or beginning point is where Individuality becomes dualistic.

There is a place where dualism can be described as begining and ending. It is the same place where the ego is born and can easily be identified by it's action/reaction behavior by the process of exchange. This is the exchange of the victim/assailant. The action of true love requires no reciprication as it is unified in all that operate out of its consciousness.


05-01-2007, 04:23 PM
Great points. I do feel though that God is non-dual, but that it chose to create duality, separation and ego/individual self within this illusion. Chadley I wholeheartedly agreeThus, even though we may experience oneness with god, we still maintain our individual nature. In this way, even when completely devoid of any ego, we still show a dual nature by being the representation of both ONE & INDIVIDUAL.

I don't think the point here is to 'escape' this reality, even an enlightened being maintains the individualised perspective they always had, and that's the point - to awaken within this dualistic reality, be an individual yet KNOW the oneness.

05-01-2007, 04:33 PM
chadley I believe cration must have a creator, I choose to call the creator God.
I personally feel the universe is only ongoing in our mind, because it is ever revealing itself to us or should I say we are becoming consciencious of it structure.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. This picture taken from your website imho there is no top or bottom, high or low, big ones or little one, in other words indiviuality is non existant.

Soul is one with peace, love and happiness I believe this just is. I also believe the universe is an ongoing process of decovery, imho that the creation is unfolding its many secrets to us through time.

I hope I am making since here.

Love to all


05-01-2007, 05:16 PM

I agree that the point is not to try to escape any reality, but rather to unify and align all realities with the divine. Once fully achieved, we may find that this physical reality is no longer a necessity as no outward reflection is required any longer.

CW, you are right, god is creator. And, as I mentioned in the other thread, since you carry the individual spark of god essence within yourself, that means that not only is god creator, but you are co-creator as well.

In truth, the universe holds no secrets. All truth is exposed for all to see if one chooses. It is the elements that separate us from these truths that require undoing, unfolding. This is our task, to align that which prevents the light of god from shining on us in every level of reality.


12-01-2007, 06:59 PM
chadley - - chadley - - chadley - - what-EVER am I gonna do with you ?? ! ! ??

What is / are - - these "elements" - - that separate us from these truths ??

If I may be so *bold* as to ask ! !

( hee hee hee )



( My ! ! I sure am glad I finally figured out how to make these smiley thingies work. HeH )

12-01-2007, 07:26 PM
Glory, these elements are all the things that are not true, not of the truth--which is an ingrediant in the essence of god/love/universe. What is separation? What is suffering? what is a demon? what is pain? What is "wrong thinking? What is the composition of these things?

Glory, remember the perspective I come from. As a healer, qualities of negativity that prevent the internal lifeforce of god/self from shining though appear tangible to me. I see, hear, touch and smell them.

Do you deny such elements exist?

It's great to have you back Glory. I like having people around who will challenge me.

Let the fun begin!!


12-01-2007, 09:31 PM
Sounds kewl to me, chadley. I often use facets and aspects and such for pretty much the same meaning. I guess I haven't really run into the use of the word "elements" used that way. That's why I asked first. You know me. I like to ask before I jump to conclusions / assumptions.

It's tricky to talk about "parts" of truth - - what "parts" are not true or not of truth. Since LIFE is Truth - - then all aspects / elements / features - - would also be aspects of Truth - - or at least some person's truh as s/he sees it. Each person lives their own truth. Nothing new here.

I believe this is why I like to use "puzzle pieces" when talking about such things - - because it is the sliding around of such pieces - - trying to fit them here and nudge them up against that piece there - - until the pieces fit together into somewhat of an actual picture that can be "seen" - - even just two pieces fitting together correctly - - and then those little "elements" can be slid around and nudged up against other facets that are already together and the picture just grows bigger and bigger and bigger until the "whole" cah be seen.

Yet any particular "element" comprises the whole - - so cannot actually be "un-truth" - - tho can certainly be viewed as of "less" importance or value than other aspects would be.

Something like that.

Without a doubt - - such forces exist. To give them form - - is somewhat like the greeks giving their gods bodies and personalities. Which - - is often what gets us into trouble.

As Tzu said - - it's all consciousness / awareness. One man's cookie is another man's pie.

Maybe it depends on what has the most chocolate in the component elements.




15-01-2007, 01:01 AM
I guess one of the reasons I use the word "element" in place of your "puzzle piece" is due to my electronics background. Electonics, carrying the properties of energy, can be used for some decent analogies when describing the human energy field. For example, in electronics, a RESISTOR is an element within a circuit, by definition.

I have come to discover that the human energy field has such amazing detail within it, that all aspects and properties of a person's entire personality reside within it. I would even describe the human energy field as an entire map of a person's particular path. I'm not saying I have the ability yet to read it with enough detail so that I can tell the person exactly how to see it all, but as my perception increases, I find it remarkable how much is in there...Your personality, your purpose, your health....etc Everything, absolutely everything is in there, in you. And it is not hidden, not at all. Where a psychic might rely on hearing information from guides about the person they are reading, there are those, though few who are incarnate, who can actually read it on you like a book.

Each resister within a circuit is messurable, just as each "untruth" holds its own vibration and a great amount of information can be obtained by tuning into or changing it. And, not always for the purpose of finding the truth, but pointing you towards it.

These elements are not given form by the viewer, they already have form. Is this so surpising given the amazing precision that the universe operates with. Your body is a combination of elements. When I look at you, do I give you form?


15-01-2007, 02:32 AM
possibly... some would say; that the world is representation (and will), but lets focus on "representation"; when you look, do YOU give her form? i think that is a topic that can stand on its own!!;)