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29-12-2006, 04:25 AM
I was round at my friend house earlier, we had been drinking and im rather drunk as i write this so i apollogise for any mis spellings, but i pickrd up on spirits in the room i was able to tell her thing about her family members thst had past and all the info that i gave her was personal not just something i could have made up and all of it she understood. I always thought i could feel things, and it mostly when ive been drinking, i sometimes have really vivid de javues that really scare me, do i have to learn to embrace ths side of me instead of fear it, if so i think i learnt to do this a little better tonight, any insight would be helpfull on what this all is and what i should do next .

Thank You

love and peace always!


30-12-2006, 05:06 AM
Hi Rozi,

It does seem from what you say,that the drug "alcohol" is opening your inner senses to some extent... it has been used in that way since ancient times; but there is something you can know about this that may be important for your onward journey.

Alcohol (ethanol) can and does take on and store a multitude of vibrational energies - which is why it is so good at making flower essences and gem essences and homeopathic medicines. However, it also has entities and dreamtime planes associated which are less than helpful to those who are trying to evolve themselves to be in better contact with their Soul and their Truth. If any alcohol that one takes is first blessed, by making the intention to clear all the unhelpful entities and planes associated and ground them to the centre of the Earth for transmutation, then intending to fill the drink with the blessings of Soul, your sensitivities will likely be better served. Taken in moderation with a view to enhancing your sacred pathway, I believe there's nothing wrong with having a little alcohol at times.

Tobacco is similar - the North American Indians used it this way, again blessing it first and using it in a sacred way.

Hope this is helpful... Have a blessed New Year!

multidimensional being
30-12-2006, 10:40 AM
Hiya Rozi, I think drink just lower your barriers so its easire to communicate with spirit. But you can atteive the same thing just by setting the intension. and the same is true for the the things that scare you just say to spirit in your head that you don't wanna experience that kinda thing untill your ready. If you wanna talk more you can alway send me a private message