View Full Version : Interview with your Soul

28-12-2006, 05:34 PM
Beyond all the labels and opinions, and beyond the material world, there is the 'us' that is pure consciousness. This is what is often called soul or spirit.

What are your real ambitions -- the ones that underlie your conditional self -- that you may hope to meet?
Find your authentic vision in life which can reveal your truth, by interviewing your soul as follows:

Close your eyes and breathe into your heart (the seat of desire).

See yourself as the spiritual essence in the place before your conception into this manifestation. A place where you were wholly a part of the pool of conscious energy which suffuses the whole. Explore that feeling of connection for a while.

What does it feel like to be you at that place? What were you aware of before this manifest life got in the way of pure knowledge? What have you forgotten about yourself that you can use this opportunity to re-member?

Now see yourself at the point where your spirit-self made a choice to dis-integrate from this universal pool and enter this manifestation. You had a reason for this, an intention. This was youur souls' mission, your purpose in being here.

What was this reason? What did you come here to experience, and what gifts and abilities did you bring to enable you?

What apparent burdens or handicaps did you also set yourself to enhance your experiental awareness opportunities? What did you need to know?

What yet is there still to do?

When you have your answers, breathe out, relax, and open you eyes.

Now make three notes to yourself:

The reason I am here and my true mission is. . .
The gifts and abilities that I have at my diposal are. . .
The challenges I have to enhance my experience are. . .This is here for your enjoyment and your benefit. Do not make it your trial or burden.

Finally, if at first you do not find a response to your enquiries try again at a place and circumstance that are comfortable for you.