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11-12-2006, 03:06 PM
Hello all you lovely people:hug:

I am going about developing spiritually bit-by-bit which is fine...

The only thing is that a week or so ago I leafed through a book on recieving and also from other places read information which basically suggests that in order to gets things that you want you leave your wishes open to the universe and the cosmos...
It has also been suggested to me to recieve, as I always give but am not good at recieving...

So 2 things I'd like to know are:

1) How can I leave things that I want in life open to the universe/cosmos without fear and doubt?

I fear/doubt as I feel that the universe/cosmos is too powerful for me and am afraid of recieving from such an amazing and powerful force-almost feel like I don't desere it.

2) How to recieve?
Again I just feel like I don't deserve to recieve. I know that you will suggest to let go of this fear/doubt-which I know I must-but HOW?

The thing that bothers me the most is that when I ask for something I use positive words and a few of my own affirmations-but after repeating them I sometimes get a voice saying "you won't recieve X" or "it won't happen"

I just want to get rid of all of this-so can you please give me some suggestions?

11-12-2006, 04:45 PM
I had the same thing and it got worse after i found out about the law of attraction. The best advice I can give you is to trust in God/your highest self and don't think too much about the things you want - concentrate on being really grateful for the good things in your life, feel really pleased and thankful when good things happen no matter how small and more and more good things will flow towards you. Show your gratitude, feel your gratitude this is the best way to get what you want.

The other thing i would ask is why do you not deserve nice things? You sound like you are the type of person who if you had a friend just like you - you would say she deserves all the luck in the world. Learning to love yourself can be very rewarding. You are given what you believe yourself to be worth after all and there is no doubt that God wants you to be as happy and fulfilled as you yourself would want to be in your wildest dream.

You are in essence divine - there is no doubt that you deserve all the joy the universe has to give, no need to be frightened, ask with your heart for what you want, ask with your heart for help, be grateful for everything good that comes you way and know that anything "bad" is just a bridge you must cross to get to higher happiness and things can change so quickly it will amaze you.

11-12-2006, 07:53 PM

We are children of the Universe, each no lesser nor greater than another (paraphrasing Desiderata).. each person deserving of ALL of the gifts of the limitless bounty of the universe.. the universe freely gives these away, just like you ask, but.. in order to receive you must believe, really believe as in Know, that the Universe will give.. There's also that annoying notion that there isn't enough for everyone, so.. either we hoard or we feel to guilty to take, both based on a notion of a weak Universe, a Universe that can't provide for everyone.. and, that's a poorly thought out notion.. "ask, believing, and it is already done", available to ALL.. believed by few..

Be well..

12-12-2006, 01:26 AM

Oh my word ... I too am going through this process right now. For the longest time I always believed that life had to be a struggle and that I didn't deserve things. I think we all suffer from this to some extent - though some more than others. The first thing I want to say is to congratulate you on your insight. It is so wonderful and crucial that you know it is fear that is the problem. It took me the longest time to work that out. Half the journey is working out what you are actually doing when you ask for something. Learning to recieve is the key. Now I have no idea what I am doing - but here is my strategy that I am learning from poking around and gathering bits and pieces of information. Someone else may have better insight to offer you, but here goes.

Firstly, I have stuck up a little poster on my bedroom door. It has three words on it: Ask, Answer, Receive. You ask the universe for what you want, you will always get an answer to that question, but then you have to be able to accept and receive it into your life. (you already know this)

When I meditate I focus on the outcome - on seeing myself with/in/at what I have requested - not looking at myself from the outside - but being in the visualisation.

I then focus on the emotional feeling I have in response to that visualisation - the joy, the happiness and fulfillment I receive. If I am feeling unworthy or fearful I know the visualisation is not going to work. Dreamer is right - you need positive thoughts and gratitude. You must fill yourself with joy and believe you can create and accept good things into your life. TzuJanLi is correct - the universe can provide all things for all of us. This is the beauty of the Law of Attraction.

12-12-2006, 02:52 AM
Hey ljepotica,

Here it is, the simple truth...

From my understanding there are laws of nature, or particularly, SPIRITUAL laws of nature. There just so happens to be “laws” referring to receiving (MANY laws encompass receiving actually). When one gives, one “sets oneself up” to receive automatically. The reception may not be immediate but it will happen. This is balance. This applies on many levels. Fearing the “cosmos/universe” would be fearing one’s self, as you are an intricate aspect of this cycle/energy flow. This is how the “laws” work, the REASON they work; we are intricate aspects of the universe/cosmos/energy flow (some call this God). As an “aspect” we all inevitably interact with this “force” (we have little choice in the matter), thus we all give, receive and influence the “energy flow” (this is my term of choice), I mean, it happens no matter what. We really do not have much say so, as this is the universal “law”. Please don’t fear this cycle/energy flow; it’s just the way things are! In my opinion asking really won’t influence the reception, it happens because it happens, regardless of whether or not you think you deserve it. The “flow” will return to you what you have “put in”, PERIOD. I suppose it is possible to disrupt this with enough fear and doubt, but if/when one realizes that the universe is “set up” this way one may begin to forget the fear and doubt. The fear and doubt is unimportant. There ARE universal spiritual laws, and these laws are “not up for debate”. Now there are plenty of nice ideologies for asking and then receiving, I suppose those are fine; BUT the simple truth is, well….simple: the laws of nature prevail. The realization of this has helped me, and many many others, PROFOUNDLY. My “monk” takes over as long as I realize that these laws are truly universal, unquestionable and quite undebateable. :D

12-12-2006, 04:30 AM
I agree that we are all deserving of everything and all energy that we need to live our lives and evolve as spiritual beings of the Universe. The Universe will provide anything for us if we ask.

But that said, doubt or fear that this is not so is saying to the Universe that we do not really feel we do deserve what we are asking for, and please don't give it to us - it would be against the laws as some part of us understand them. This will probably be found upon investigation to be due to a circumstance of the past in which we felt we "cut ourselves off" from the gifts of the Universe and became thus undeserving. But this is just a belief. Some call it a "karmic record", which has to be somehow resolved / forgiven / erased for it to be lifted, and the flow to be re-instated.

Certainly Gratitude is a great amplifier of the flow of gifts towards one from any source! :smile:


12-12-2006, 06:54 PM
Hey ljepotica,

It occured to me that by not receiving well maybe you are stopping people from enjoying the gift of giving...seen this way maybe your feeling not deserving becomes slightly selfish which doesn't seem to be you at all...so maybe receiving is actually giving and knowing this will make receiving easier for a soul like you, after all as a giver you must know the best way of receiving from those (probably few) people who have really appreciated your giving in the past...so maybe receive in the way you would like others to receive from you and show em how its done??

19-12-2006, 02:01 PM
Be comforted in the knowledge that you're not alone. I'm personally going through the same thing...this is good! Part of the process of manifestation is understanding what it is that we don't want to create. Sometimes we get so attached to those ideas that we hold them in mind long enough to see them manifest.

But it doen't have to be that way. Fear is a natural response to the changes we are going through. The way out of fear is acceptance. I've found the Emotional Freedom Technique to be an enormous help in releasing fear (www.emofree.com). The basic premise of EFT is: The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.
EFT removes the disruptions, allowing us to release fear and doubt and replace it with love and acceptance.

Know that we're all pulling for you...you're being helped every day. Acceptance makes everything so much easier. Remember that once you set your intentions to love and acceptance, things will get easier, not harder, because the universe reflects back to you what you send out to it.
The fear you feel is of your own potential...you know (subconsciously) exactly what you can do, and it's overwhelming. Trust. Even though things seem dark and murky, be assured that you are exactly where you're supposed to be right now. God doesn't make mistakes...but only because She always checks Her work. ;)

You are okay. What you're doing right now is okay. It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to let go of the fear and doubt too. You are loved, and that's okay too. :D

19-12-2006, 02:44 PM

The Universe responds to our every desire, it grants our every wish.. according to the degree we "believe" it will.. not unlike mailing a letter, we address it, we put a stamp on it, and we put it in the mail box.. we, generally "know" it will reach its destination.. we don't make daily calls to check on its progress, we simply "know" the process works.. The same is true of manifesting our realities, we must have the Faith in the process that allows the Universe to complete the process.. "Faith without works is dead", or.. once you have "released" your intention into the Universe, conduct your life as if it is already done, this includes being grateful for the Universe's gifts.. to the degree we question the process we exhibit our lack of "Faith" in the process, it is such a fragile process that even wondering when the manifestation will appear is to question the Universe's wisdom and push ourselves further from the manifestation.. By way of example, the remarkably enlightened being Jesus always (read the accounts) thanked "God" before even attempting the miracles, then he performed great feats "knowing" absolutely that the Universe would respond, NO DOUBT!!.. doubt, is expressed through impatience, through questioning, through settling for something less than you "created" in your intention.. clearly created, clearly beleived, it will be clearly manifested.. Fear and unworthiness are different issues..

Be Well..

19-12-2006, 06:10 PM
You've received some lovely wisdom here, Jepotica!

Are you familiar with the Abraham material (please see Abraham-hicks.com if not) One of the precepts that Abraham teaches is The Art of Allowing. We can visualize. We can intend. We can write down our desires and practice

20-12-2006, 01:04 PM
Thank you very much for your replies...

Some fascinating replies here.

dreamer: I see what you mean. Thing is I met and went out with-well it seems like a soul destroying person-he was too negative and dark, it was too much for me...I do feel sorry for him...I don't believe that I've met anyone who lies to themselves as much as him...I have to build myself back up-and I will, for I've always had the belief and know for sure that no-body can ever break me-I am far too strong for them. I fall sometimes but always rise and know my own strength:)

Ok for some things in life that I want I have always had strong faith and have visualised and can feel the emotions that I'd feel if I had that thing-I just know it to be true and I just know it's real and it will happen...

The thing is I know you can get rid of these doubts and no doubt I respect the amazing advice I got here-but it takes time-by this I mean I understand and believe in what you have told me but it does take time...but I am aware that I have to get rid of these negative doubts...

I have recently been looking at why I think I don't deserve and have been using acceptance...the thing to do is to forget to compare yourself to others and just concentrate on your needs-this competition and comparison is what destroys people...

Thank you very much for replying and giving me invaluable advice,

God bless and lots of love and positive energy your way:)