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unus supra
25-05-2011, 04:53 PM
Hey folks,

This will be the last piece of Spirituality 101 that I have presented. I promise you this, it is long winded, but it will bend your mind. this will bring it all together, using ancient understanding mixed with modern science in a manner that will not be found elsewhere. In the previous posts the pursuit of happiness was discussed. I mentioned how while we pursue happiness in objects that are subject to impermanence, which entails that happiness is bound by the object thus by the arising and falling of that object. We spoke about how logic would dictate that then happiness must be found in the one object not subject to impermanence. We also spoke about the mis conception that objects are perceived to be outside of ourselves. What is here? What does now encompasse? What is emptiness?

This will provide a definitive explanation as to the saying that All is One.

First off, we will touch briefly on the concept of dependant arising. This is an incredibly simple topic that has been vastly perverted and misconstrued for whatever purpose. But it is simple to understand.

Take an object, any object, say a pencil. Now, common sense tells us that the pencil is composed of parts. Brass, lead, rubber and wood. Agreed?
In terms of dependant arising, this means that the concept we have of the object, a pencil, is seen as independent and self sustaining as an entity. It is not. The pencil is dependant upon the aforementioned conditions. Without those conditions being met, the object known as a pencil would not have being, in its known formation.

Now, take this simple understanding and apply it, at the base level to absolutely everything that you can lay your senses upon. What will quickly be realized is every object is likewise conditions based.

Now here is where it gets a bit tricky, and mind bending. Take the conditions of the pencil. Each one. What are the conditions for each of those conditions? The brass, the lead, the rubber and the wood, are likewise subject to conditions. Follow close. Now those conditions are likewise subject to conditions.

Ad infinitum.

What that means in a nutshell is, logic would dictate that the conditions that allow the pencil to exist in its current form are infinite. Unless we speculate a root cause that is devoid of causality. Lets put assumption aside in favor of what we can simply see. That is all we need.

That means in the most literal sense that you are, by default and mathematically speaking, one of the conditions of the pencil at the moment in which we view it. All things are based upon infinite conditions in this moment, thus your heart it upheld at this moment by the Infinite. Your heart upheld, given being, by Gods hand.

This in simple to understand terms is the important aspect of dependant arising. This explains how, we are all, very much dependant on each other and each thing thus very much unified. Not by cheesy nonsense, but literally. Likewise the concept of emptiness points to the dichotomy of the minds tendency to view an object as being sustained under its own power yet it is not, it is dependant, thus it is inherently empty of its own existence. The word we use to identify various phenomenon hides the fact that the object alone does not exist, unless in our mind we draw a point of reference that is not actually there.

Heres where we bring this understanding to a modern light. Each of these conditions is constantly arising and falling. From your pulse, your breath, to night and day, to the formation and dissolution of this universe. At no point is any aspect static. It does not exist. Each object and the components of it are in a constant state of flux. Speed up the planets around the sun, what does it look like? A vibration. Every object and every component perpetually arising and falling. Vibrating. Now, we see space between objects. The truth is, what we perceive as space is chalk full of the very same energy of the objects, the only difference being a rate of vibration that affords an object the opportunity to be sensed by any one of our senses at any given time. that upholds the forms we behold. It only appears defined, it only appears static. That what we call space, is likewise conditions based. To the extent that in between each of these infinite conditions, perpetually rising and falling, there exists no space between them. That space is a condition and every condition is built upon infinite conditions. That means even the words and descriptions we use are of the same essence as everything else. There is no separation at all, they are completely unified, if one were to argue this, those very words would also be conditional, thus would only support the understanding.

Now, if we are imagining this understanding, as the mind does, we will be seeing it through the concept of time. Heres the thing.

Time, while abundantly useful, is in the final stanza a frame of reference, a system of measurement used by the human mind to put sequences of events into a relative understanding. Time does not exist. The sequence of events is a continuum that is perpetually and infinitely unfolding, at this very moment. Ie each condition is arising right now. The moment we stop to think about the object we are not longer observing it in the moment of its manifestation. This is the meaning of spiritual separation.

One more thing to put it all together. In relation to the big bang, there is whats called a singularity. In simple terms a singularity is used to denote the precise point in which A turns to B the precise point of the transfer of energy from one form to the other. It is said at that point, language, physics and mathematics lose meaning. Here is why.

Imagine two dominos side by side. Knock the domino into its neighbor. What is the precise point that the energy of domino 1 is transferred into domino 2?

The point does not exist. Because the moment we stop the action from occurring, to mentally dissect it, we are no longer witnessing the actual event, which has not stopped, thus the precise point is infinitely reducible. It is not there. Like points in space, useful for our relation, but not real. Thus when we try to use language, or physics or math, we are doing so to a static event that we are holding static only in a conceptual realm, the actual event did not stop to be perceived by the symbolic representation of our minds.

Thus in relation to dependant arising we see dominos serving as conditions. But the point in which the conditions change from one object to the other does not exist. And the conditions are always changing.

So what do we have? We have One, completely unified whole, perpetually unfolding, right now in an absolute perfect balance. As one domino shifts, so to do infinite dominos shift, at the same moment, thus no shift actually occurs!. There is in the most literal sense One, and this One is perfectly still and perfectly balanced for ever. Its One flavor. Clay, unfolding on clay, clay clay. Or Ice cream, ice cream ice cream. Whatever you call it, it is undifferentiated. That is why this moment is so important. It is in plain terms where the action is. hahah.

Its all the same, its all One. Right here, right now. Perfect in every way. Be still and know that i am God. Make sense?