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unus supra
15-05-2011, 04:49 PM
This is designed to build off of the last two pieces bearing the title Spirituality 101. Some of the topics discussed you may have heard in other writings of mine, what I am doing is putting it together in a comprehensive and step by step manner with simplicity in mind so we can get a hold of some fundamental understandings that are readily observable in ourselves and others and can be mutually verified, for the sake of convincing what we all know can be an enormously stubborn brain of the usefulness of such knowledge. For some this will be old news, naturally, for some it will not. If one piece of useful information is garnered from this that may assist you on your journey than my purpose is fulfilled. I feel quite strongly that we not need contort our faces to see the Ultimate, rather if we are honest with ourselves and use what is most obvious and right in front of us, we can come to a genuine understanding of what is. I understand that my writings are overbearing. My intention is not to bore you, on the contrary, but for fullness of understanding the desired transmission, and consistency such thoroughness is absolutely necessary.

From the development of the fetus in the womb comes the formation of the sense spheres. These senses are designed to allow the physical body to relate to the environment in a balanced manner that may afford us the opportunity for fullness of experience. The senses work by interacting with an external stimuli and relaying that stimulus to the brain, where it is assimilated and identified and stored for further use in the future. From the sensory mechanism first contact with an external stimulus comes the resultant appraisal of the stimulus as being either pleasurable, uncomfortable or neutral. At the same moment of this first appraisal comes the formation of what I call the Primordial Misidentification. From this point forth the being in questions relates as if

1. The stimuli is the source of the feeling, ie the object is the feeling.
2. The feeling is separate from oneself.

This is the prime moment of delusion. From now on, from the way you tilt your head to read these words, from the manner in which you lay in bed tonight, from how many steps you take up the stairs, to how many bites of pizza you consume, to how many blunts you smoke, each action is perpetually geared towards.

1. Increasing the source of pleasure.
2. Decreasing the source of discomfort.
3. Remaining in a state of neutrality.

From a deranged murderer to priest. From a multimillionaire to a pauper, each is living their life in pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain, to a greater or lesser degree and in accordance with each distinct and highly individualized value system. Aside from those in a state of complete realization, actions are primarily taken towards the same goals. There are of course, individuals, and im sure many amongst you, that have done the work to realize genuine selfless action on some if not most occasions. Not in moral terms, but in literal terms. Actions taken without regard to anything other than the action itself, in union with the action.

This in itself, realizing that we each are only after the happiness we deserve, that which is our very birthright, well for me, it was an eye opener, it showed me just how close and how similar we really are. What is interesting to note, is whats called the feedback loop, the loop between action and gratification. In terms of society, we look upon those that seek feedback in a relatively short span of time, ie the drug addict, or sex addict in a relatively unflattering light. While we view those who seek pleasure and happiness after a long delay in the opposite manner. Ie, the pastor, or the successful business man. What we fail to notice is that they are each pursuing the same object via different means. Once again the various objects which are completely benign alone, are taken as the direct source of the feeling they induce themselves.

Each person, is ultimately seeking the most complete unbroken and sublime happiness that they can. And each does so according to their knowledge and their own preferences and values. But the object remains the same.
Here we run into a problem This problem is one of the primary Spiritual Laws. The law of impermanence. The law, simply stated, directly points to the fact that no object or phenomenon lasts forever. Each has a beginning, a middle and an end. You can liken it to vast variety of waves in the ocean. Even for the die hard Academic, who finds their pleasure in the subtle nuances of philosophy, even the philosophies are subject to impermanence, as a whole and for the individual. I strongly encourage that we really look at what we can see, what we know is here in front of us right now, and verify it for ourselves. Not what we think should be, or may be there, but what is actually right in front of our eyes. Life will show us when a long held belief no longer affords us the opportunity to live life with ourselves and others harmoniously. At which point the person evolves. Are we honest enough to know when to let go? I think we are, no, I know we are. You see, so long as our happiness is tied to something that is transient, that can not last forever, so to will that happiness be subject to the rising and falling, the coming and going, the formation and dissolution of whatever object it may be. Make no mistake, we are from a Singular Entity, we are all going there. Each object we play with, even the most subtle and liberating of beliefs is there for the purpose of ultimately showing us what it truly is and truly is not, and for showing us how to let it go in favor of the one thing we are all truly searching for. Perfect, unbroken, unblemished happiness of the highest grade. We have incredibly high standards for ourselves and we will accept nothing less than the Absolute Best. Word to the Most High, Aint no Lie. You will absolutely evolve until you reach that Highest Place, at your pace and at a time of your choosing, because friend, believe it or not, this whole show is ALL about YOU. Not anyone else reading this but YOU. And there are legions of Bodhisattva's the universes over that are sacrificing life and limb, to ensure you get there. You are indeed in good hands, and your timing is perfect. Good Job.

Part and parcel of this is the realization that we can achieve freedom from suffering, but in order to do so we must find the one object, the one thing that is not subject to impermanence. When we do so, we are free.
Since we can through logic and common sense alone see that everything is subject to impermanence, thus what is impermanent, be they drugs, sex, money, or even beliefs are the source of our bondage.

Then, using that same simple logic we can come to the conclusion that what we seek is nothing. Nothing is the source of our liberation. The problem we encounter is that while we may say “nothing”, and that doesn’t do it, but common sense tells you it’s the only possible explanation, you are absolutely right. The question is what is nothing? What is emptiness? How do we take a being that is designed to relate to “things” and afford it the opportunity to know experientially, the exact opposite? Clarity. No thing.

How do we teach ourselves for sure, that the objects outside of ourselves, especially beliefs, are not actually outside? There are not two? To truly get the mind to disavow long held beliefs we must first cast those very beliefs in doubt. In order to do so, we must come to a genuine understanding of how and why everything is One. Not metaphorically, not in a flimsy ephemeral manner, but directly, and obviously, using the simple tools of common sense at our disposal. That will be the topic of the next piece.

I applaud you on your journey, and I hope that this proves a useful tool.
Again i stress, that this path is simple. It does not take heavy intellect. The one thing we all seek, whether we are aware or not, that thing that drives our search from the depths of depravity to the heights of saint hood and so called goodness, the only thing that can give us complete and utter freedom is absolutely the simplest to find. Hidden in plain sight
with open arms and a loving embrace

for your return home.