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06-11-2006, 10:32 PM
be yourself, express yourself. learn to see past the illusion of programing. many look at themselves and gauge who they are by; where they have been, what they can do, what fantastic stories they can tell, the ammount of respect they get for there so called deeds. these "things" are not you. these things do not express who you really are. many times these are nothing more than fantasies, stories, illusions. how are you when you are alone, when no one is watching? the answer to this question is a good place to start. how do you feel day to day?

one must express ones self also. to express or project aspects that are not truly yourself, is to lie. to lie to everyone. do what you feel. act out in a way that expresses your inner self, your desire, your passion. it is too easy to fall into the trap man has made for himself: where respect is what is craved; that somehow respect and the validation of pride will bring the pleasure so desired. but this is a futile quest. one will never experience oneness, "ascension", whatever, with this sickness. to live "seperate" from who you really are is sickness of spirit. you were "made" as you are. anything to alter or temper, dull or hide that, is utter sickness, wrong and debilitating. you are not stories, fantasies of grandure, illusions. these work to dispell who you are. this trap is very successful because it uses your own mind and spirit against you; emotions and responses that are programmed in. be warned, and be yourself. this is the most important thing.

07-11-2006, 07:45 AM
hiya BLAIR2BE,

nice to know that you are looking at the way things are and there are many truths in what you have posted. However, doing what you ask is a difficult task form most people, for example someone might want to scream out they love someone while passing a care home and so would keep that bottled up until later or perhaps even never. Can i ask do you follow your own advice that you have posted to the very extent that you would do anything and everything your inner self makes you feel the need to do? Do you express yourself to the full extent?

It will be interesting to know your reply as what you have mentioned in this post can be very deep if looked into well.

Blessings and love to all

07-11-2006, 08:36 AM
BLAIR2BE, this is just my opinion, but you would sound a lot less preachy, and people might listen to your message more, if you added an I Think, or In My Experience, or something similar. It's human nature to dislike being told what to do, and overly preachy posts do just that. Do as you see fit, I'm simply speaking from experience.


07-11-2006, 10:56 AM
Thanks Blair2be you are so right it is difficult these days to separate people from their possessions, job, activities, all of who I am not.

The loving person I am will change with the guard. The Guard is both positive and negative. I would love to find the middle ground within and maintain being there, I'm either hot or cold, nice or nasty, I feel much better about life when I walk in the light of things. In the spirit of honesty I've seen many dark days some gave me pleasure. "Still I remain teachable".


07-11-2006, 11:17 AM
Hi Blair, nice post. I would add that the illusion that needs to be seen past is that we are not "divine" whatever that means and to start realising that we are literally infinite being capable of creating in whichevr way we want. Once you realise you can have anything it does not take long before you start only wanting one thing and that is the feeling of bliss/freedom/joy/ecstacy etc. We are one ~ we are the one.

07-11-2006, 09:35 PM
hi makoorakoo,
good question. i do not follow my own advice perfectly. i once did, when i was a bit younger. as i grow older i find that there are more "distractions", more "political correctness". i do, however, strive to maintain loyalty to my self, to not conform to "the norm". so this advice is just as much for me as for everyone else. ive worked towards living as a thinking individual, which modern society works to prevent.

i appreciate your comment. i usually do tend to use words such as "one" instead of "you", and "it seems to me" etc. so, to not sound preachy. on this particular post of mine, though, i used words like "you", "your" etc. to intentionally advocate this point, as there isnt tons of room for debate on this topic. i have found that most do in fact know these things in the depths of there hearts already. sometimes, blatent re-statement is all that is needed to "water the seed". thus, the "weight" of my wording.