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15-04-2011, 12:52 AM
Hello to all. So I've been away from this site for a bit, but needed to come back on. I haven't been feeling good at all, I feel surrounded by negative energy, my head is cloudy and I feel angry and tired all the time. I sleep a lot and don't have motivation to do much, my stomach always hurts alot (I'm getting tests done to try ruling out Celiac, Chron's disease, see if it may be IBS, etc.). I have rheumatoid arthritis and stress and negativity isn't good for me, it makes my arthritis worse and it drains me.

I also seem to attract bad guys. They all seem nice and sweet at first but then they show their true colors and end up hurting me so I leave them and feel so confused and even more tired afterwards. Will the right one come along? How will I know who's the one?

Any advice and help on how to make my life more fullfilling and genuinely happy would be great... I don't feel my angels when I ask for them anymore and I feel out of balance.

Thank you so much guys

15-04-2011, 01:09 AM
Spiritual tools.. I offer you..


I would say you should work on the grounding line, center of your head and the rose might help some..

These tools with practice do make big changes.. my teacher says this about these tools.. "these simple tools work but don't confuse simple with insignificant"

15-04-2011, 01:48 AM
I hope you feel better soon kindheart. I find that one way to give an overall lightening up and positive boost to my daily life, is to say a sincere prayer right in the morning when you wake up, to set the tone for the day. And also a prayer right before going to sleep as well.

I usually just kind of affirm my intention to be good to people, do my best, aspire to the highest, etc. etc., and ask that my day be blessed, and that the highest good Spirit guide me.

Another piece of advice that i could give you is to meditate on love. When i am in my worst states this is what i will turn to as the final emergency resort (though really i should do it more often). Yep, just stop thinking and worrying and everything and slowly, calmly, gently, meditate on love in its purest spiritual form.

It has been a miracle cure for me, and it is my ace in the hole.

Be gentle and kind to yourself. Perhaps also look up some heart meditations or yoga techniques. Don't get too discouraged. Keep going. Do what you can, and let the rest take care of itself, have trust in the overall process.

Stay the course!

May blessing of the highest be upon you . ~ *

Hope things start looking up soon. :)

Take care ~

15-04-2011, 01:54 AM
i always say that negativity will not leave you - you must leave it. so starting with that thought, i'd think of what in your life you feel attracts the negativity (negativity attracts more negativity) so perhaps there is something in your life you are doing or thinking or someone that is around you that is the core of your negativity. maybe you are clinging onto some part of your past or a situation that you replay in your mind that was negative and don't know how to overcome it. whatever it is, allow yourself to FEEL, accept however you feel - sad, upset, hurt, mad, angry, betrayed, whatever WITHOUT judging yourself for feeling that way. accept yourself and your own feelings. then imagine those feelings and that situation turning into bubbles and floating away back to the universe so that you can let go and move on.

i hope that helps and you can find some peace. love & light to you!

15-04-2011, 03:40 PM
I think that feeling as if you are surrounded by negativity, is caused by your perception of the world. I firmly believe that the universe is full of love, because God created the entire universe out of love. While negativity exists, it only has power over us that we allow it to. Negative thoughts are caused by your ego which needs to feel special in some way, which often directs your attention into a victim mentality in order to accomplish this.

I agree with CJ82Sky on this one, in that I would recommend delving into your psyche and figure out what you are holding on to, and why you are feeling negative, or like a victim. Then come to terms with your feelings and release them.