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ACIM guy
12-04-2011, 06:20 PM
The freely shared ideas expressed here are absolutely without limit and fantastic in their potential for all yet quite a lot less painful than being kicked in the, sorry, "backside" with a frozen boot In all seriousness, I think you will agree

After re-reading what I wrote here, it seems kinda funny how I have begun to automatically identify "Me" with the great Christ Itself . . . it would seem this is because our true Oneness with Him is conveyed so wonderfully throughout the talks . . . - - - if we can only read His words here with the openness and innocent simple trust of the little child, who holds out his or her tiny hand for the Lord Christ to take into His . . . (do you think for one second that the great Christ in all His Majesty would not immediately TAKE that child's tiny hand)?

- Wouldn't YOU?

My thought here is wonderful, deep and clear. - directly inspired by the talks. - -Or you could say from His ACIM. - - -( But I've been reading the "talks", most recently . . . ; ) which by the way, thank you D. Coote for forwarding them to Brad a few months ago, who then forwarded them to me. You'll probably never hear the last of it ha ha ha ha ha

, so, can these as follow now also be the words of the Christ - ? - ? : ) or has Graham finally just gone TOO FAR ? (again)

Much as I and the Father would like to, I (we) cannot truly enter into you until you have finally gotten your fill of the world and all its enticements. Likewise, you cannot truly ever consciously know Me, and come to know the perfect and pure happiness and joy and bliss which ever sings deep inside the heart of All, until you have had enough of your fascination with these peripheral worlds and any meaning or purpose you think you perceive there.

For we, the Father and I, cannot compromise with anything "other" than a Totality, a complete Oneness. God in His Highest (truest) form cannot even conceive of anything but a perfect Oneness, a perfect Totality of All. Know and become aware that this high and perfect state, this high and perfect bliss, is now available to you. In fact it never left you; it is the very birthright you turned your back on so long ago. If in any of your thoughts you ever think you perceive any kind of separation of anything or any being anywhere in all of Creation from its original pristine Oneness with the All, God must seem to leave you then, to a degree, to let you learn that this is pure error, for why would we compromise the perfection of God's Kingdom? For if it does not stay absolutely pure of any kind of consideration of duality / separation, it is no longer the Kingdom to which you aspire and truly belong.

Yet since I and the Father are truly One, I have been given absolute power over ALL the worlds of God, even these which so fascinate you and which in your "outer" or peripheral creations / perceptions you have called home or otherwise somehow identified with strongly. So if you would be free, STOP IDENTIFYING WITH YOUR PERIPHERAL MANIFESTATIONS! - And come home to the Center of Everything, and return as the prodigal son to the Father from whom you sprang and to whom all must one day return.

"One day?" Absolutely. As the Course in Miracles puts it, it really doesn't matter when, in time; that's entirely up to you. But eventually you will forgive yourself of all guilt, shame, anger, hatred, fear, resentment / rejection / regret etc. which are the very attitudes which hold you to your peripheral world of duality and have kept you bound also to the nineteen thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-nine forms of suffering which reign there.

"19,999" ? rilly?

So what is it that keeps calling you back to your worldly or physical entrapments? For this always results in suffering, you must know this by now. Look around yourself at the world you have created with your physical senses. Do you not perceive suffering of seemingly thousands of different kinds everywhere you look? Do not then think to separate yourself (again) from that suffering, for since in the absolute truth of it you are One with all your fellow beings, if you seek to hold yourself apart from them and their suffering, you only worsen for yourself the delusion of separation. - In attempting this you only help create the illusion of separation for yourself and for all around you and so only increase the suffering.

For YOU CANNOT SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM ANY SINGLE OTHER PARTICLE OF LIFE ANYWHERE, (especially your fellow man), SINCE YOU ARE ONE WITH ME, AND HIM, AND SO WITH EVERYTHING! To do so, and "obey" the "dictates" of the physical world and the ego and its "laws", only strengthens and increases your suffering and the suffering of all life anywhere near you and the delusional plane of this kind of thinking.

Now here comes the frozen boot part. ("I" said that, not the great Christ : ) ha ha - but are you ready for this:

Neither try to claim unawareness. For the degree to which you pretend unawareness within you of the things and conditions that control you only multiplies the degree of your suffering - , and thus your suffering becomes your greatest Teacher

Whoa. I musta got too much of the "talks" last night. For a while there I was dreaming I actually was, the Christ. I mean, DUH . . .

If any of you invited attend a sharing, do not expect me to be anything but the "listener." I am not the teacher or lecturer or "authority," I am the sharer, that you can learn or teach yourselves by association with your own inner Christ, not by outer "instruction" or lecture. Do not expect anything less of me. And also, do me the favor of not lecturing me. Instead, share with me your experiences / unfoldment / your Love for God, how-ever or by whatever path you have grown into and come by it. You will never have anything I will ever want until such time as you can offer me this, which alone is completely beyond price. Like God, with whom in my best moments I Know I am One, I am interested only in this from you. So bring your love, not anything else. And bring the great Christ. Or only a little bit of the Christ, if that's all you have honored yourself with (or since you yourself are the God in form, you may call It whatever you like; the Buddha, or Muhammad, or the Krishna, or the Creator of all that Is, or Sugmad, or the great Spirit, or Yahweh, or Jehovah or God or God-ess or Mother of God or whatever word you want to put on it), or lacking any of these, whatever truth you have come to know. But not your ego.

and don't tell anybody. If "they" knew how NUTS I was about this, I'd probably wind up in the rubber room. : ) But that'd be OK because then I couldn't watch TV and would have nothing but the great Christ, sometimes called the "Christ of God" (wow) to hold in my attention.

and like Gary "the cool" said, "I don't wanta hafta pay the price" omg : ) - Amen. : )

unus supra
12-04-2011, 08:22 PM
right on, dont stop the flow keep it going

ACIM guy
12-04-2011, 10:41 PM
Thanks for your interest and response. I find that I don't get much response to my little enthusiasms unless it is something blatantly against what most people believe . . . then the response is fast and furious. People LOVE to get "righteously angry" when they find a cause to attack some idiot's stance.

-Either that or if people find there's n o reason to argue, they don't respond:smile:

unus supra
12-04-2011, 11:05 PM
ah right, poking the bear i get it hahah, and i dont usually get it
cause im an idiot to haha

not my cup of tea but to each his own right.

13-04-2011, 04:34 AM
Thanks for your interest and response. I find that I don't get much response to my little enthusiasms unless it is something blatantly against what most people believe . . . then the response is fast and furious. People LOVE to get "righteously angry" when they find a cause to attack some idiot's stance.

-Either that or if people find there's n o reason to argue, they don't respond:smile:
Or people are genuinely busy with thier own journeys and they only have X amount of time to do so many things.

I always think this way when sharing.
If I share, I never concern myself with how many read it or respond.
I share because I wanted to. That is my joy.
What other's do or don't do has no influence on this joy.

If no one responds, then no one responds.
I'm not going to cloud my perception with assumptions, theories or expectations of the why's, how's and what's of why another has or hasn't done anything, which then manifests all manner of negative feelings because I have postulated why they have not read or responded.

Sharing was part of my journey, I have no idea what is going on in another's journey, nor do I make demands that others live according to my expectations.