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10-04-2011, 02:09 PM
okay. let me start off by saying that though i've experimented with "crafting" i've never been Wicca. i've had many Wiccan friends and i find the religion quite lovely.

now here's my query ... when i was experimenting with "crafting" i, of course, had my set of magic tools. if i misplaced one of my tools i'd panic. i'd become fearful that i'd incur some psy damage because so much of my energy was imbued in the lost tool. i mean, "oh no! what if some other witch finds my athame?! yikes!". it was because of this constant need for viligance protecting my magic tools (as well as the unintended side of effects of successful spells) that i decided "crafting" wasn't for me. it even occured to me that i wouldn't progress spiritually because my attachment to these material objects might hold me to them for as long as they endured in the physical realm and thereby stall my progression until they disintergrated with time.

do such concepts ever occur to you Wiccan folks?

10-04-2011, 03:09 PM
I started off in wicca before rejecting all the ritual and reverting to the Craft form. I never bothered with formal tools, I just used what was to hand. Like most countryside wanderers, I carried a Swiss Army Knife so that was my Athame. The "magic" is in you, not some inanimate object.