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09-04-2011, 09:21 PM
hey guys, bit of a weird tale to tell that happened a few months ago.
It was a complealty normal day and i was walking back from my classes,under the bridge to my house.There were loads of people, one being a dude who looked homeless, getting ready to walk to the shelter for the night, backpack on with a roll matt sticking out. nothing unusual. we passed each other,going oposite ways. I got to my gate, started routing arround in my bag for the keys and saw the guy standing at the edge of the water, by the railings, looking out at the boats. As i closed the gate i glanced back over and he was gone. He wasnt anywhere in eyesite, and theresnoway he could have walked away that fast.and so i went back out the gate to check if he'd jumped/fell into the water. there was noone there. I wandered back under the bridge to the other side, checking, curious. nothing. i shruged it off.

A couple of weeks later i was doing the same thing, walking back from class,approaching the bridge. Slightly infront of me was an oldman on a bike, where im from thats nothing unusual. But the bike was and so were his clothes. Both very old fashioned. at least a century or two out of date. He stopped about halfway under the bridge, got off the bike and stood at the railings, looking out at the water. I thought he might take a photo, i walked passed and got to the gate. as before I glanced back over, and as before he'd gone. remeberering the homeless man i was a bit weirreded out, it was exactly the same place! Andso i went to check if he was in the water or further down the path. nope.

Later that day i went to buy a bottle of wine and when i walked back home there was a woman infront of me, obesely fat with a tweed coat on. I passed her and kept on walking but i could hear her behind me. halfway under the brige (i was near the other side) her footsteps stopped. my blood froze. I turned around and she wasnt there. I checked everywhere, nothing. CREEPY!

That was a few months ago and nothing has happened since but i still get a bit nervous if anyone is around under that bridge!

10-04-2011, 01:40 AM
orli_the_owl - I have had a similar experience with an old woman disappearing on me as well, so I completely believe you story. We were shopping for a new house and drove down a dark tree-lined country road. A woman dressed in all white carrying a white handkerchief was in the road and kept swinging the handkerchief as if she was signaling for us to go back down the road where we came from. She was sauntering so slow she was barely walking. We immediately turned our car around after glancing at the house because the house was a pit. She was gone!!! The road was at least a mile long. We looked in the woods on both sides of the road and could not find her. She simply disappeared. To this day I feel like she was a guardian angel that came to direct us away from the house. We bought a house in the direction she swung the handkerchief and lived there 16 years.

Thanks for sharing your story. :)


02-05-2011, 02:09 PM
Ya know that place on the water could be an energy vortex or portal.....Also it could be likely they are residual energies that could have possibly taken that path or even perhaps taken their lives at that spot and the energy is still repeating the history. Interesting Orli!! Have you ever tried to engage them or just say hello?? Try speaking to them in order to get a feel on intelligence. Let us know how it goes!!

Blackraven it sounds like you were shewed away from that house!! lol....Could have been your Guide or Guardian Angel warning you that it was a bad choice.....