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david graham
20-03-2005, 01:30 PM
Is it my imagination, or are our eyes like fish and chips?

I've never been religious, due to my upbringing. My parents decided to allow me ( and my 2 dear sisters) the choice in my own good time.
I suppose their beliefs are personal. As they are to all of us. Yet, I had a good upbringing and have always been good and kind and considerate to others.

At 19, I encountered a Spiritualist Medium. I sensed peace in her presence, and was suitably impressed as I never doubted her kind. The seed was sewn and Spiritualism grew within me!

Now 32, and having had some spiritual experiences of my own ,I notice the differences between many people.
The most striking of all, is their eyes. So many people appear to have their eyes permanently closed! Closed, to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those around them (non family). It makes me angry sometimes, that some people have no thought or compassion for others. Except of course, when someone is bereft of a loved one and it is socially expected to at least be sympathetic.

Thus, my analogy to fish and chips begs the question.

When it is so easy, to think how our words and actions affect others, then why do so many still close their eyes?

Your thoughts would be sincerely appreciated, as I'm tired of pondering such things alone.

Spirit and love are eternal!

20-03-2005, 06:34 PM
Hi David ,

I do agree with you, it is difficult to think of the world in a spiritual way when everyone around you doesnt care.
I myself feel very alone sometimes as I am mostly surrounded by people that only care about money, fighting with each other etc. and they are people that I really care about. I sometimes ask them why they even start stupid rows about silly things and end up hating each other , while there are people suffering in the world. If only they can use their time caring for each other instead of wasting it away on hatred.
I usually see the good in everyone as I know everyone has their flaws and accept it as most people had/has a hard life due to different circumstances.
I usually meet lots of friends but the problem is they start to argue and end up hating each other , me on the other hand is in the middle I enjoy both friendships and know both of their upbringing and hard lives theyve led so I understand why they are reacting the way they do, because of that Im trying to be the peacekeeper and try to let them understand that what they are argueing about is silly and worthless compared to other real problems in the world. But it just goes through the one ear and out of the other and I end up being called a two face and weak because I tried to talk to both of them and did not choose sides. I sometimes just end up in front of the mirror looking at myself and asking myself "Am I alone in all of this ? Does no one care for each other anymore except for themselves ?I dont know I just end up crying on my own with no one there to confide in. I feel like leaving everything and everyone just to get away from everyones anger and hatred.But it doesnt help to run away as there is probably lessons that I should learn from all of these situations . But I am glad that there are more people out there that feels the same.

11-04-2005, 01:32 AM
I too have found myself in the middle between opposing forces ~ I have spent many hours trying to be peacemaker! I finally made my way to some teachings that explained to me in simple terms, non jargon, non religious, clear that I could use to bring myself more into balance. First, be concerned with Self, first and foremost ~ to respect Self and love Self first, then to the degree we respect and love Self, we can give that out to others. Know also that each of us is at a different point on the spectrum with regard to respect of Self and love of Self ~ some will have a greater awareness of them than I, others less so ~ all energy is equal ~ we only differ in terms of our level of awareness. There is no good or bad ~ just different awareness levels, different lessons, different percentages of lessons to learn! So why waste energy and give power to others in their struggles to learn lessons? Only be concerned with your own and what vibration you are giving out. Keep reaching for the joy and what feels good to you ~ try not to judge others, for you don't know what point they are on their path, nor should you. We truly do attract to us the situations/people that are for our benefit ~ to teach us what we came in to learn! This is a joyful thing when you understand the process! Begin to relax about it and reach for lightheartedness!

david graham
11-04-2005, 12:59 PM
Hello Solara,
Thanks for your reply i found it most beneficial. It's funny how my first visit to the p.c in a while brings me to your reply only hours after your posting it. SPOOKY !

Your description of awareness levels did it for me. I visualise it like a horse race. If you imagine we are the horses and our position in the race reflects our spiritual awareness, the answer is simple. We cant all be neck and neck otherwise we would all be the same.

Thank You :)

12-04-2005, 01:14 AM
Hi! I am so glad you caught my reply! The horse race analogy is a good one! If we were all the same, then we all would be back in the Universal Consciousness having a boring time, with no duality to work with! I look forward to dialoguing with you and others!

26-05-2005, 03:46 PM
Hi all..I'm new to this...This meaning the BB...Well also on my spiritual path....I enjoyed all of your readings...It helps to hear the spiritual thoughts and growth of others as I too am on that same journey...The thing that really gets me is currently it seems as if the path that I am now on has detoured...I feel as if I use to be on this really straight path but for some reason every time I think that I'm moving forward in the right direction someone always turns my angle...I know that it really is about ME not about anyone else but it's hard when I'm constantly around these people...Not sure how to correct this problem if it even is one...Would someone be willing to lend some help here???

27-05-2005, 01:13 AM
Hello! I know how frustrating it can be when things keep happening to you to detour you from your path. At least you recognize that there is a pattern ~ you are continually being surrounded by people who cause you to detour. What you need to ask is ~ what is that pattern trying to show me? What can I learn from this? Only you know the answer to that. It is different for everyone. Perhaps they are there to strengthen your resolve to continue on your path ~ to be true to your Self purpose. Don't give up trying to understand your Self. Go within ~ keep asking for answers and be ready to hear them! They will come. Guidance from Self and our Guides is always there. Trust in Self that no matter what.

27-05-2005, 05:58 PM
Thank you very much for your words of wisdom....It really helps to chat with people that are on that same spiritual path that your on...It's a lot more complicated then I lead on but staying true to my self is the most important thing...I continue to stive for that daily...Once again I appreciate the confidence that you have provided....

david graham
31-05-2005, 05:26 PM
I have come to realise that the path we each travel is largely one of free will. It is true however that what we do, think, and feel can be influenced by those in spirit world. I know this from personal experiences I have had.

The path we follow is largely dictated by the choices we make. The path we follow from birth is straight (I believe) if we make the right choices. If we make the wrong choice then we veer from the path. It is up to us therefore to recognise where the straight path lies and to recognise how to return to it if we veer from it.

Those around us can only influence us if we allow them to. Destiny is in our own hands unless spirit world sees fit to intervene. It is up to each of us to realise for ourselves what we have inside us and change bad for good. We cannot change those around us for the better, that is up to them.
When we know what we have inside us we can better understand what it is that's inside others.

Some people learn little or nothing from life simply because they don't realise that life is for learning. This must be understood before anything else. I was once told by a medium that I was in tune. After nearly 14 years I finally realised how, because I now have the ability to recognise how and when spirit world helps me out. It happens to all of us but the trick is knowing it.

Seeing the connection for instance, between one event and another or oftenly a long series of events with cause taking years to culminate into effect.

If you remember how and where you met your partner you can trace it back to one event possibly caused by spirit world. Try it, you may agree. But the steps are usually quite big jumps.

We come in and out of each others lives. Some stay, some go but the purpose is to help one another in some way.
All we have to do is the best we can.
Spirit and love are eternal [/img][/b]

11-11-2005, 09:04 PM
Hello everyone! I know its an old post but I just wanted to add something........ hope you don't mind!!!

I believe that there is no wrong or right path there is however a hard and an easier path. When we create from the soul we choose the easier path but when we create from the ego then we are choosing the harder path. All paths serve our purpose it is just a case of choosing how we go through the experiences to trigger the memories of who we are.

When we repeat experiences it is usually more to do with what is happening within ourselves, what you experience externally is a mirror of what is taking place within you and a 'lightbulb moment' for me was when I discovered that no-one can do to you that which you are not already doing to yourself.

Well I will get off my soap box and leave you with my views!!!!! :lol:

Love and blessings x

25-09-2006, 12:49 PM
A big thanks to each and everone of you.I have learnt from you all and enjoyed reading all your postings.
Like each of you i believe in free will and the law of karma.
We make our own choices in life and have to live with our descision.We all know the difference between good and bad,even as children.
Light and grace.