View Full Version : Do pets come into our lives to teach us something?

08-04-2011, 05:14 PM
I'm just wondering what your thoughts are about whether pets come into our lives to teach us particular lessons then move on ready for the next pet to teach the next lesson.

08-04-2011, 05:22 PM
I believe they do. Last year we adopted a kitten from a barn she was very young probably only 3 weeks, then after we had her strong and healthy which took a month (mind you we kept her apart from our other cats in case she has something they could get) we were told she had feline HIV, we decided to not put her down. In the meantime my husband and I were getting very very close to her, then she got sick, really really sick related to the feline HIV, it would've cost us thousands to get her back so we decided to put her down. I think the lesson for us is from now on to adopt from agencies, and also our lesson is to keep our cat family down to two cats, as my one cat has now opened up (we had three cats die on us last year) in ways she never has because one of the cats that died was really against our cat we have now. So now we have two very happy and calm cats, that little kitten helped us to learn to not have more than 2 cats at a time for their emotional and our emotional well being.

08-04-2011, 06:23 PM
While we may all learn from one another during life (including pets), what is seen as ''lessons'' is only how it appears to us after something significant has happened.

This means there is no predestination. There is just continuous flow, constant process.
What we see as lessons are just our picky moments during that flow.

08-04-2011, 06:40 PM
I truly believe that our pets are indeed here to teach us.
I have had over the yrs many animals in my life, including dogs, cats , birds , fish and even a few hamsters ! But the best teachers in my mind at least are our canine friends .
I can think of many examples of "fur friends" loyal to the end, loving unquestionably, and just "being there" for us. But two in particular stand out :
My family had many dogs in the yrs . us six kids were growing up. Some were not that great, didn't get along with rowdy kids, got ill and went on their way. But one in particular, one special girl named Ginger was the best dog a person could ever want . I remember many a night in the throes of teenaged angst just huggin her neck and cryin into her soft red fur. She'd stay as long as was needed , and even offer a lick or too, many times right in your eye socket , to help ease the sadness : ). My mom never was crazy about any of our pets, but seemed to tolerate the dogs at least. Ginger was often in the way , or had hairs all over stuff or such, but we got to keep her anyway. Mom was ill from when I was about ten. She stumbled over the dog many times and we always heard " that dang dog" !! after. But you know ... when Mom was at her worst Ginger would go lie on the floor in her room until she'd stir and one of us would have to go in and help her up to start her day. And if we got too noisy or someone came in Ginger didn't know or like she'd growl. She protected Mom, looked out for her, and shared her ( I believe ) healing energy with mom, 'til the day she died.
Then there was Radar. A big likeable hunk of a mutt. Anyone who ever met him loved him. Even folks who didn't particularly care for dogs. He was a gentle soul and his eyes well his eyes spoke volumes ! We had him over 9 yrs. He helped me thru the sudden death of my husband, he traveled with us across country and kept us safe. He calmed other dogs and made friends with other people. He was amazing! So yes we can learn much from our fur pals . I know I did : )