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04-04-2011, 12:17 PM
Developing our distanced observer or witness skills is beneficial for our spiritual growth. Distanced observer uses self awareness & discernment to make empowering choices. It can be applied to countless situations in daily life.

Using distanced observer is to provide a bit of useful separation for self to discern & consider before reacting to a situation or taking in energies from the energy environment (all external energies). This is one of the first ways we begin to actively manage our energies. Automatically reacting to the inconsequential drama is disempowering, lowers our frequency, wastes our time, is distracting, & likely results in having to use releasing procedures to discharge negative energy from our energy field. Giving self a split instant for assessment before reacting is empowering as it instantly places us in charge of actively using our innate wisdom, assessing what warrants a reaction & how we respond.

Being a distanced observer isnít about being disengaged, reducing desirable emotion, or interaction, but about recognizing the insignificant matters that donít merit wasting our energy. This conscious editing improves our ability to connect authentically w/ our self & others by intentionally taking charge. Declining to lower our frequency w/ emotional reactions to trivial drama makes it progressively easier to be positive, focus on meaningful issues, & increase & maintain a desired frequency.

Developing distanced observer discernment is useful in managing our energies as we determine what energy we allow in to the sovereignty of our personal energy field. Whether we realize it or not we actively allow/invite/choose the energy we allow into our personal energy field. It is often discussed how to protect our self from negative energies, but the real question is why do we so willingly giving up our power & sovereignty to others, allowing their energies into our personal energy field? Distanced observer is very useful energetic separation when empathizing w/ others as the objective is to fully appreciate their position w/o actually making their energies ours.

Developing our distanced observer skills is a learned process that anyone can achieve. Persevere & KNOW that you will progressively develop this the more you actively use it. As we develop our distanced observer skills & establish energetic sovereignty previous drama that we would have allowed to disrupt our energies becomes something that we observe, even when we consider it appropriate to engage in it, but keep it separate from disrupting our energies.

In exploring the metaphysical/spiritual subjects we often come across information that is unfamiliar or about which we have questions. Some of it is worthwhile while other information is inept or even irresponsible fear mongering. When reviewing information from any source, regardless of who the source is said to be (earthly or not) or how knowledgable they claim to be, distanced observer is useful to give self the appropriate separation to fully consider it prior to accepting its energy. If it contains any negative, disempowering, or fear generating component or imparts a feeling of anxiety or feeling less than in any way it is dubious it is from an enlightened source. Information about which weíre not sure can be put in a mental under consideration type of file to remain there as long as necessary.

As distanced observer is used, we become accustomed to managing our energy field until this is a natural part of our thought process. This technique is one of the ways that we begin to actively manage our energies, evolving energetically. Taking 100% responsibility for our energies is a necessary step in our energetic/spiritual growth process.

31-07-2011, 05:03 AM
>Whether we realize it or not we actively allow/invite/choose the energy
>we allow into our personal energy field
Sadly I'm learning about that one first hand.

So, Mattie, how is this possible? How can someone learn to block out these energies or everyone's to not let other's affect our own?

not human
31-07-2011, 05:15 AM
I have identified it with being in what I call the witness state. This is the state I have been aware of more & more with the aid of meditation.
As with meditation one watches & witnesses the thoughts & energies as they arise. More & more this state is manifesting outside of formal meditation.
I have never had much success with incorporating techniques on a concious level apart from say breathing. I still get my buttons pressed in the witness state but to a certain extent there is much more space to operate outside of programed responses.

31-07-2011, 05:34 AM
The witness state is a desirable state to be in, but one still has to incorporate grounding techniques as well. Once one learns how to employ it without too much interruption of multi-tasking their day, then it becomes a 2nd-nature ability. One can also partially reach this peaceful state by using focus through a mantra. Pick a short power phrase and when you find yourself getting caught up in stuff, repeat this phrase over and over till it lifts you away from the doodoo of life and refocuses your mind.

31-07-2011, 06:57 AM
mattie, That is really profound. I appreciate your ability to put these thoughts to words. Much of what you said was already part of my understanding, but I never could have put it into language as you have. As for the rest...bonus material......

31-07-2011, 02:01 PM
The more present you are, the higher your frequency becomes.