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03-04-2011, 08:03 PM
Just want to share this here since I haven't to anyone but the 2 most important persons in my life, one which don't understand what I mean with all this. And my journal. lol So I decided to share it here :)

About a year ago, I got what I believe is my heart chakra opening. I was reading A Course of Miracles. It is funny how complex that book is, yet when you are ready for it you can actually read it. Well this was one of those rare occasions when I understood the words. Call it maybe divine intervention or inspiration. Was the chapter on love and it's energy. It's my favorite so far and here is why.

As I read it I felt at peace and incredibly happy. I read it in the morning. I spent the whole morning till around 1pm repeating "Everything is love, only love is real". In a very matra way. To this day I use it as such to keep me balance and at peace. That day, I went to take a nap, with a smile on my face, it was a perfect simple day. And as I drifted into sleep I heard the rushing sound of vibrations you usually hear when you are about or are in the astral plane. And then literally felt an explosion in my heart.

It was like this bubble getting filled up with love until it couldn't hold it anymore and it just exploded. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. It was beautiful, and I couldn't stop smiling and crying while holding my hand on my chest trying to understand what just happened.

Through that week I search for the meaning of my experience and I found out I had a heart chakra opening.

Now some questions as I am not a chakra expert.
1. it is possible for the chakra to "close" again after an opening? And if so, it should be easier than the first time on opening again right?
2. How should I apply this same procedure to my other chakras? I know my crown chakra is open too, my third eye not so much but more than the average.
3. It was my understanding one had to have the other chakras balanced in other for the others to open. Are my other ones aligned then? As this happened completely unintentionally.

:) I might ask more later as this is a subject I am not so good at.

03-04-2011, 10:02 PM
I'm no expert on chakras and related experiences, but that was a beautiful description of how your heart chakra opened, sounds wonderful.