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29-10-2006, 12:19 AM
Hello all:smile:

Basically I'd give you some description of a close friend who is concerning me a bit-I've known him for 2 years...please read on and please advise:icon_frown:

Ok so we've had a bit of a falling out, ok sometimes happens...

He went through a tough time and I was there for him. I picked up on his insecurities and problems-most of them come out of the blue, but it's a bit weird how strongly some of his insecurities come to me when I'm not with him almost like he tells me in person...I have empath abilities.

Ok so I've been shown or picking up insecurities off of friends/people/lovers/family members all my life so it's not a new thing to me.

The thing that concerns me is what I've been/am picking off this particular person. They are the weirdest sensations and they don't make sense-but in a sense they do if you understand what I mean.

I remember we were once talking and he told me that he thinks that others don't like him and that he has a fear that people will find him out and discover that he is not real but fake. I told him about my empath abilities as he was curious as to what I had.

I have helped him out a number of times and I also further explained to him that as an empath I like to help people...then last week he turns around and asks me how I help people-weird as he has seen me helping him and has even acknowledged it a number of times.

Now I'm going through a rough patch at this point of my life-and being a good friend, he says that he wants to be there for me...

Now when you're going through a rough patch, you're not always friendly and reasonable to those around you, it's not like you don't care for them but you aren't your normal self and you get angry sometimes-which I have with him but I have always realised and appologised to him about and explained that I'm not my best or normal self. He attacks me for being angry/unreasonable/unfair etc...but I am going through a rough time.

He wants to help by meeting me-so that I can go out and forget about my problems and see the world etc-which is nice but he's been attacking me for being unreasonable towards him-my reason for being so is that he is detached and distant naturally and lets nobody into his personal life and I'm a human being too and I cannot stand the way he wants me to open-up and yet he's so distant towards me-what the

29-10-2006, 12:49 AM
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29-10-2006, 04:18 AM
hi ljepotica

i understand your turmoil. i had a friend like this when i was 21 and he went so dark i had to leave him to protect myself as i couldn't help him any longer. i was too weak.

he too put me on an unfair pedestal and i fell off hard when i went through a period of depression and then, shallowness as he called it. i discovered dancing and joy and clothes etc and just wanted to be an unburdened "girl" for the first time in my life. at the time he hurt me as i didn't have enough self love but now i see it as his issue not mine.

it sounds like your anger is because you are rebelling against being restricted as you grow and accept yourself. warts and all. we are all humans with egos. it's sad when this is not accepted by ourselves or others. when you have strong gifts people tend to place certain expectations on you and are always surprised to see you are still human and developing like everyone else. it is their belief systems that are being challenged, not really you.

as for your last last impression about him being controlled...i'm afraid i can't help you there but i hope you find help with that. i'm sure someone here can offer more insight in that particular concern.

yay for pounamu and hugs. i add to it and send you much love. kia kaha (stay strong) and love yourself. i'm so happy there has been a lot of talk on this board lately about the heart chakra and there have been many excellent and different visualisations given that will help you give you self love and protection...and send him love. and eventually your own insight on how to handle your friend.