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21-03-2011, 08:24 AM
I was tired yesterday and noticed that I'd accidentally started Scanning/reading/sensing the energy of the keyboard, not sure why, and then I got hit in the face with an idea.

I decided that I will poke around at the energy of everything around my computer desk and describe what I feel…so here goes nothing. :P


Light, ridged, medium energetic vibration.
Energetic Temperature is slightly warmer than neutral.
Slight air resistance in energetic field, but no magnetism.
Aura is gray/white, artificial.
Energy circulating inside the keyboard….gives me a fuzzy aching headache upon contact. Oww.
Emotional content….none other than the “fingerprint” of whoever has made contact with it in the past couple of months.
The scent of the energy is…indescribable due to the headache being in the way. If anything I’d say its neutral if not a bit stale.
The taste of the energy is (I’m gonna hate myself for trying this)….hmm, the consistency of a marshmellow full of splinters, makes my eyes water, want to sneeze….and if there is any taste to it I’d compare it to dust or grit. Ugh.

*Makes a sick face* I’m hoping this next one will be nicer to me.


Energy is firm, pulsing at a quick rate, slow vibration.
Energetic temperature (with light turned off) is slightly cooler than neutral.
No air resistance in energetic field (energy moves freely through hand when tested), slight energetic pull that is…somehow not magnetic in nature.
Aura is white with a pale blue shadow, mostly artificial.
Energy circulating inside Lamp (with light turned on) fast paced, flows freely through, or around anything that makes contact with it and makes my skin crawl in a not-so-pleasant way. Strands of the energy feel like they move in streaming and looping patterns, doubling over themselves. (My arm aches after contact with the energy.)
Emotional content is…generally the same as the keyboard, though I do get an additional pressure on the upper surface of the center of my forehead (half an inch from my hairline) when I attempt to mentally/emotionally connect to it, so it could somehow be "defending" itself...I have no idea.
The scent of the energy is stale and automatically makes me turn my head away and close my eyes.
The taste of the energy is the same as the keyboard, but lighter (possibly because it simply holds less energy altogether) and its consistency is more of a buzzing sensation than anything else I can describe. Causes my skin to feel tight, as well as the inside of my head an inch above both of my temples.

Ok, for now that’s about all I’m attempting because I feel ill from toying with that stuff (it’s not a natural thing for someone like me to do….in the same way its not natural for someone to eat hot metal.)

Feel free to sense something on your own computer desk and let me know whatever you get from it. (You don’t need to use the same descriptions I do, a few words and impressions would be just as interesting.)

21-03-2011, 07:00 PM
Interesting, i don't often enjoy sensing the energies from electronics, especially computers, because i feel "negative" and rambunctious energies, sort of like radiation energies, and they are unhealthy for me to take in, make me feel sick, which is why i often put crystals to soak it up, around electronics to make sure those energies don't seep into my house. Though i spend a lot of time on my lap top, it gives me prickly energies of uneasiness, and i don't much like the feel of energies from technology.

21-03-2011, 07:44 PM
My iPhone has a soft and warmish feel to it. It draws me into it, but it is not necessarily magnetic, I think the attractive quality is my contribution because I love my iPhone so much! It feels yellow in color and generates a bit of a spherical bulging, very elastic but only experienced from the screen side. When facing down, the energy from the other side is flat and very thin, but not "dead". It is a light blue grey and seems to have a motion that is so smooth, it is almost undetectable, but the motion is creating a texture of millions of long, hair-like perfect straight lines in different shades of the grey blue. Neither repels not attracts.

Love the experiment, but absolutely *must* work now!!

24-03-2011, 08:49 AM
I'm glad you both enjoyed it.

I don't think I'll continue on with looking into artificial energies. I am pretty sure that this little experiment was the reason I found a huge sludgy blockage in my head/third eye, which was easily the most painful thing I've ever removed and I'm still pretty imbalanced because of it.

Long story short - Getting close to the energy of man-made objects makes me very ill, so I won't be doing it again any time soon...(until curiosity gets the best of me.)