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17-10-2006, 03:34 PM
I would like to address the Ascension process from what I hope is in a less aggressive and argumentative way, if you will oblige me. I simply have some questions that hopefully will really help me understand the goals of ascension. Though ascending in consciousness is a practice that is a natural result of what I do, I will be quite honest that I’m not very familiar with the type of approach that Mikron, Pounamu and Lapis take. I would like to make some observations and opinions of what I have observed so far on a very limited basis. I’m sure that some of my conclusions I am about to express to you will reveal many things about the practices and beliefs of people who read Karen Bishops stuff and such that I do not understand. I would humbly ask that you please correct me where I speak incorrectly about the process. I have said some of this in other posts but I would like to bring it together with this subject. So please, I want to learn about this, not argue about it. I feel the best way to do this is to tell you what I know and let you go from there. Below is my feeling about ascension, and other things:

The true master does not sit on a mountain top or in a cave his whole life experiencing oneness with god. If so, why incarnate in the first place? You are already one with god. When you ascend to new levels of consciousness and experience you bring your awareness to the levels at which you already exist. Taking this step of experiencing is very important, it helps you remember who you are. To be conscious of it while walking in our meat suits gives us a tremendous advantage. However, our soul already knows this. Your purpose for incarnation was not to go where you are already in communion with god/soul, but to have the courage to go where you are not, so that we may surrender our resistance to love in this area.

If ascension is used as a tool for contrast to identify how to align our SELF with soul, it can prove very useful. However, no matter how high you ascend, no matter how many paradigms eclipsed, even if you make it to god/soul itself or whatever your highest goal is, you can not escape the process by which you must face that which tethers you to earth. Every single aspect of divinity must eventually unfold/transmute/manifest all the way down to the lowest plane, the material and physical world. If discord exists in the physical, that is a direct reflection of what remains unfixed in spirit. Experiencing spiritual bliss and enlightenment in the highest planes is almost effortless, but executing the principles that create bliss down here is no picnic. It is the ultimate challenge, to integrate a constant expression of the highest love within the physical state. This is not accomplished by ascending past it, but rather being with it where you are now.

The result of trying to skip this step by rising above it is a karmic effect called disillusionment. When you do not integrate your higher spirit with your lower self, when you neglect your lower self, the consequences will reveal themselves both quickly and over time. How many spiritual escape artists in the process of describing their experience of ascension or projection or whatever apparent new awakening they have, testify that they then have many road blocks set before them in life. They may have health issues, loose their jobs or run into any number of things that cause discomfort here on earth. This is immediate disillusionment. The immediate karmic effect that is telling you to not neglect what must be addressed down here on earth. The more you ignore, the stronger and more pronounced the road blocks until they are addressed. The other long term karmic effect, as you already know, is re-incarnation.
Lack of abundance, Disliking your job, dis-ease or health issues/pain, suffering of any sort, emotional pain or the experiencing of any negative emotion, loneliness, sexual dysfunction, unhealthy relationships among other things are in every circumstance examples in your life to show you where you are not in alignment with god. Each one must be addressed one by one until there are none and only then will the physical body no longer be needed. The elevation in the number of DNA strands is the result of progress made in your physical, emotional and mental bodies, nothing more. It is the transmutation of an elevated level of vibration in your lower bodies of energy. It serves as information no more valuable than the number of lifetimes you’ve lived on earth, who you were in a past life, what paradigm or spiritual threshold you have surpassed, what your calibration is according to Dr. Hawkins, what your sign is, how advanced your skill is as a psychic or medium, or that you can kung fu 10 bricks with your head. These abilities are all nearly irrelevant! These experiences, bits of information, or skills may serve to show the difference between where you were and where you are, or they may provide you with information. But they do not give you the courage or ability to apply it at the source. Use the law of attraction as an example. Is everyone who knows the secrets of this law now abundant? I will tell you from experience that this is generally not the case, with, of course a few exceptions. Why is this? It is because you were already applying the law even before you were conscious that you were doing it. And the same things that were blocking your abundance before this knowledge are still there once the knowledge is achieved. Knowing how the law works does not allow you to circumvent the issues that prevent you from full prosperity. The process is still the same. You must find the original wound/ fear/ thought form(s)/ misalignment and change/fix/align it with the divine before you can proceed to reap the benefits of your knowledge.

Thus, ascension, astral projection, transcendental meditation, religion etc. are not paths to enlightenment, they are only instruments that assist with the identification of what is not aligned with your soul’s divine intent. They are lights that shine upon the road signs of life. Use them all, but with caution, as the ego wants you to think they are the key to enlightenment itself or that thy will allow you skip certain challenges in life that prevent you from achieving your spiritual goals.

Can you expand or add to what I have said? That would be great! Does the above, in some ways, not apply to the ascension process??

Inquiring Chadley's would like to know!

17-10-2006, 04:03 PM
oh, and, I have mentioned before that I like to back up what I say with how I know these things. I will do this later, if needed, as this was a very long thread.

17-10-2006, 04:12 PM
That was a great post chadley and you have clarified and added to a lot of things that I believe about the process of ascension. I have not really got any thoughts on ascension in the sense that I see it as just the same thing as spiritual development. Were you to think about it, then every person ever since the start of existence has been ascending...I don't really see a difference between ascension and spiritual development but you have made some excellent observations chadley.

17-10-2006, 05:22 PM
hmmm..............i can't see any difference either to be honest just a shame so many people choose to descend

17-10-2006, 08:32 PM
The only thing I can add to what you've written, Chadley, is that the whole "ascension" topic/theory/belief encompasses not only our own individual spiritual path at any time throughout history, but specifically for this particular period upto & around 2012.

IMO, this is a special period where many particular cycles of time are all coming to an 'end' at the same, or similar point. Humanity is being affected by these different energies, planetary allignments etc.. and it is helping a great many of us to wake up & seek answers to the age-old story of mankind.

I also believe there is a global elite who are and have been controlling the fate of the masses for millenia, and just recently they have been in a desperate frenzy trying to dumb us down, brainwash us, track our every move, introduce micro chips etc..etc.. because they know that we are at a critical phase in history! A time where many of us will see through what is going on, which goes hand in hand with our spiritual awakening - ie. realising who we are, and how the laws of manefestation work, rather than having the truth supressed from us & distorted. They are trying to stop the light, and are distorting our concious realisation that we are all connected to eachother with things like a 'one world religion' and a 'global village' where we are all meant to think and act the same.

My own studies concentrated alot at first on this global control & the reasons why it could be....and then I began to wonder what I could do to help change or even fight this situation. It was not long after that when I realised it was all spiritual in nature, and I had to look within & change myself (raise my vibrations/ascend) in order to help my fellow humans. This is why I would also call myself a lightworker too.

TBH, I can't see how merely studying the ancient religious texts can give a person a clear overall picture of what is going on in our lives today. We have to take into consideration the political, social, and historical aspects of our lives too - which is what I understand many people who believe in & talk about ascension do. Yes, we are all on our own individual spiritual paths, and the ancient texts contain teachings to help us with that journey, and yet I can't deny that something else is going on, and that is in part why so many people are also on their own spiritual quests at the same time as me now. That's also why I think certain past-lives/our origins are very important in helping us see the over-all truth of who we are, and how we are affected by everything that has happened to us as a race of beings.

I do agree though, that we need to bring spirit down into our every day lives in order to improve them & the whole of society. But for me, the ascension process doesn't involve missing out a stage, it's simply helping to explain these unusual times which are triggering more souls to start awakening or progressing on what they have already learnt in previous lifetimes. That is why there are so many souls incarnate here at the moment - in record numbers - because there is an opportunity for much growth & learning.

I've tried to explain my own particular views, although I've never actually tried to explain my current beliefs so much before! I must just add that I don't believe all that is written in the name of ascension, or lightworking - I think alot of it is new-age clap trap to be blunt, but certain things do resonate. I reserve the right to change these views at any time, tho, hehehe!

17-10-2006, 08:36 PM
i have to admit your last paragraph there jaycee resonates with me , the new age clap trap thing, a lot of this stuff wasn't heard of a few years ago. each to his own though and i'm not specifying what i think is clap trap and what isn't lol

17-10-2006, 11:03 PM
I'm glad you did this Chadley, thank you for being so honest and open as to ask for more explanations from some of us people who feel we are "Lightworkers". I've wanted to get into this over the past few days but felt certain things needed to get worked through first so I've been hanging back, waiting to see. I have so much I'd like to share but I know it'd take me personally, many attempts (many posts) to even begin to hack away at this huge subject. So, please everyone, hang in here with me as I try to get a couple of points expressed now.

First of all I'd like to try and clairify what "Light" is and why its used the way some "Lightworkers" do. The first time I read this quote I thought.....hum, does that mean what I think it means? After many years of further learning, I finally do feel I understand what "Light" is, especially in our current world. Here's that quote first:

"Light is information; love is creation."

"Light" is information, information/knowledge/wisdom/knowingness etc. that comes from outside or beyond what's been the "norm" here on this planet for many thousands of years. Jaycee's post above talks/hints about this. One step at a time though.

This is so hard for me, because, to talk about the Ascension process means that I've got to talk about 16 other connected things (like astrological Ages, cosmic and galactic cycles, past lives that are directly connected to our lives today, the Mayan Calendar which is really a Galactic calendar mapping huge ultra long cycles that most of humanity has long forgotten, higher dimensional Beings and other dimensions that are directly involved with all of us and what we and the earth are currently going through and so on and so on...) but they're things or subjects that many people don't believe in either! Frustration......

Back to "Light" and what it is and isn't. To many of us "Light" is higher information/knowledge that we've been, and continue to receive, through ourselves and not through controlled religious or political sources and belief systems. Many believe, for personal reasons, that humanity has been totally controlled for a very long time, but because many of these huge cycles are coming to completion soon, other higher energies/consciousness aka "Light" has been able to finally break through these old lower vibrating energies and consciousness (that was me being really polite!) to allow far more to be available on Earth now. Light is higher information that comes from outside this "box" of reality here.

Moving right along......

I want it known that for most of my life I've had some personal feelings of anger, frustration, and confusion with certain other humans who spend so much of their lives trying to excape their being in their "meat suits" as Chadley called them. Very funny BTW! People who from this earthly point of view, spend years and years in meditation, or prayer, or whatever they can figure out that helps them to get outta here and somewhere else!

I've personally experienced being conscious enough to remember what happened (to me at least) while "dead" or not in a physical incarnation. "Me" and a handfull of other nonphysical beings worked very hard with "My" Higher Self in working out a time period in physicality where I would have the greatest potential to acheive the different things my Higher Self wanted the next version of "me" to work on and integrate in that particular incarnation. What I'm trying to say is that from higher levels our Higher Selves and other nonphysical beings work very hard to help us get inserted into this physical world.......not to then, once here turn around and do all sorts of escapist type things to get out of here!

Moving right along.......

A few years ago I first heard the term "Fluffy" and about laughed my azzzz off! It was such a perfect term for that particular group of people who, IMO, are really just old Christians/Catholics who've replaced certain past Age (Pisces) belief systems with more modern (Aquarian Age) ones! They're still functioning from the old structured belief of utter "disempowerment" and "no personal responsibility" to now things like.....ET's and Angles and Galactic Federations and Guides and flying unicorns and pink sparkling fairy dust and whatnot that's going to "save" them!!! I apologize for getting rather colorful there but that's how I personally feel about that particular group....the "Fluffy's" as they're called by some.

So, by my being rather frank, you can see that we're all coming from a far more similar place than many of you here had thought. At least I sure hope I've expressed myself correctly enough to get this point across. I've brought up the "fluffys" only to show what I personally feel they are expressing and why. To each his own and all ways will get us where we need to be eventually. There are no "wrong" ways in my opinion. Just slight detours on our "Path" of unending learning.

Chadley you said - "It is the ultimate challenge, to integrate a constant expression of the highest love within the physical state. This is not accomplished by ascending past it, but rather being with it where you are now."

You're right! It propels, squeezes, literally pushes one right out of one lower vibrating reality (in this case the old controlled physical world we've all been living in) into another one that perfectly matches what one is emanating. It's a direct result of doing different things in oneself......it's not a goal. :wink:

"Ascension" is not something that anyone can use to get from one point (reality or dimension) to another to avoid the very reasons why we incarnated in the first place!!! That is exactly the opposite to what the "Ascension process" really is.

This is getting really long so I'll end here. Thanks again Chadley for asking for more clarity about what the self proclaimed Lightworkers mean about ascension.