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06-03-2011, 06:09 AM
I like to do this basic prayer or mini ceremony as often as i can and thought i would share, and my spirit guides want me to share the love :) I am from the buffalo nation, the seven teachings of white calf buffalo woman are in order, and should not be learned out of order -

When I do a ceremony with the teachings of the seven directions, I start with the yellow of the east, which represents humility, to be humbled with oneness of creation which is ignited in the east, Mahegan (wolf) is the best animal to look to for teachings of humility, and then we do a gratitude prayer round for all of creation and all of our relations, as we are one and related to all things, even the plant beings are alive and one with us, and i like to give thanks and honour the wind spirit, the winged ones, thus i offer pine.
When I move to the red of the south i think of Honesty, and ask my brother Raven to help me truly understand, and i honour father sun and the fire spirit, the reptile beings, thunderbird and all mythological beings, thus i burn some cedar. When i move to the black of the west, i honour respect, and look up to Buffalo for that teaching, and i honour the water spirit and all the water creatures, thus i burn sage. When I move to the white of the north, i look for Courage, and Bear is very good for teaching courage, and i honour the storm spirits, and the thunder beings, thus i burn sweet grass. When I look up to the blue of Grandfather Sky, I search for Wisdom, and Owl is a great teacher of wisdom, and i give thanks for the sky and star beings, planets and grandmother moon, and ancestors. When i look down to the green of mother earth, I seek for Truth, and honour all the plant beings and four leggeds, and give thanks with tobacco. Then I look within and honour myself, and find the end teachings of love for myself, therefore the rest of creation, and i honour Mikasu (eagle). and of course to honour any of the ones that were forgotten!
and afterwards i always eat some food, and offer some to the spirits!

This book is for sale at the I - Hos gallery I work at on my hometown k'omoks rez, but i found it in pdf version available free on the link below, and it is the buffalo nation, these teachings come from white calf buffalo woman, and the seven teachings are all written in this book better than i wrote them :wink: : hope you guys enjoy this pdf,


06-03-2011, 06:19 AM
Thank you so much for sharing this sacred teaching. I look forward to learning and growing from this ceremony. The link is going in my files for sure.


06-03-2011, 09:48 PM
Your very welcome nightowl :)