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05-03-2011, 04:26 AM
Hi all :D,

I'm very interested in spiritual development and chakra. I've read a lot on both and meditating states and I hear a lot about getting vibrations but I'm not exactly sure what those are or if I've had them.

I'll probably sound a bit crazy here so just go with me... please :D.

My experience:

I am a very emotional person, most people don't see this and would probably say the exact opposite of that. Most would say that it's rare to see emotions from me, but inside that's far from the truth, the one person that does really know me will say that I am very intense to be around. Btw, I'm only saying this stuff so that maybe it will help you in your responses to this post.

Now, as for my experience, after meditating for somewhere between 10-20 minutes I can reach a very relaxed/restful feeling state. After a month or so I had a unique experience, what I first felt was an overwhelming surge of energy or a wave of something consume me. From the back of my spine area, as I was laying down, a wave of energy came up from the back side covering my whole body like a shell then disappeared. This was very fast and lasted for about a second. The wave would come about over and over feeling more and more unstable, all this would happen in about a 10 second period with about 7 or 8 waves, then stop.

The first time this happened was just very fascinating to me, I can now induce this but only in this relaxed state. I can focus on certain feelings/thoughts to force these sensations to come about.

It's very intense, in a normal awakened state when you get a massive adrenaline rush, it's like that but much more intense and it's like a wave that keeps coming over and over again, but like I said it only last for about 10 seconds, it's very hard to keep control of it. No matter how excited I've been or hyped up I've never felt anything like this in my normal life.

My question here is what is this? Is this the vibrations that I'm having? Has anyone else experience this?

Edit: I wanted to say thanks, I don't think there is anywhere else I could talk about this kind of stuff without feeling or sounding really crazy :P!

05-03-2011, 04:44 AM
You are sensitive to energies, this sounds like you could be beginning to experience kundalini energies which are the energies within your chakras, they lay dormant at the spine, you could check out the auras and chakras section here and read up on it. It could also be your own tuning in to energies surrounding you. This is how energies are felt.
I also experience the same thing, on a regular basis though, (however my kundalini is awakened so it could be that) and sometimes i think it's my higher self reacting to positive things, like intuition that feels energies. i get intense vibration waves whenever i sense something pleasant. Different not so good waves when i sense something bad. It's all just feeling energies. If that makes any sense. You can also feel your aura, and chakras, perhaps the enclosing wave is your aura you sense.

05-03-2011, 05:32 AM
Hi StarmanX7,

Sounds like the beginnings of an Astral Projection to me.

I've been trying to promote that same phenomena from books, and what you describe sounds very similar.

I'm not having much luck, but one can only persevere.