View Full Version : I hate to bring up a holocaust question but ...

21-02-2011, 11:14 PM
To make this short and simple of a question .. to sum it down .. I do not know if my feelings are correct but .. my father always talked about a certain brother he had that he nicknamed "Sticks" and how he one day vanished "off the face of the earth". This was during WWII. He said the last time he had ever seen him he was like sticks and bones. Now, his mother was a gypsy. But I am confused about if an Irish Gypsy would of been taken into one of the camps or not. From what I have been able to read so far .. only roman gypsies were taken .. as far as I know ... he was not roman ... I am confused .... .............. ............ .. ..

22-02-2011, 02:18 AM
Remember that Untermenchen as practiced by the Nazis was fairly broad in scope. It covered 'useless mouths' such as the mentally handicapped and senile. Depending on what year he 'disappeared' he may just have drawn the notice of someone who felt his contributions did not justify his continued existence. He could have been taken anywhere in Europe, especially eastern Europe (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia). I feel this was the case in his instance but he did not duffer very long as it does not feel as though he made it to a camp. He had kept a fairly light hold on this plane towards the end and had very little recovery to do once he reached the other side.