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21-02-2011, 07:41 AM
Hi, I am just wondering if there is a spell that can make everyone see what someone is really up to. She pretends to be nice she is very cunning and as a result, even though i am not doing anything wrong, she is painting me in a bad light with my boyfriend. it is causing him to not trust me. i just want to know if there is a spell i can use to make my boyfriend see what she is really about and for him to realise the seriousness of what she is doing and our situation as a whole. Please help if anyone has any advice. I am so desperate. I don't wish to harm her, I just want her to stop trying to ruin my relationship. I am convinced she has also put some sort of binding spell on my boyfriend.

Please please i really need help. I am so tired of this situation and I am getting lower and lower each day.


21-02-2011, 08:18 AM
Tally, I can see and understand your frustration but two words of caution.
Firstly, you must never try to influence a person's thoughts without their consent.
Secondly, what is your level of knowledge and experience in spellcasting ? It is not something to be undertaken by someone just starting out. Maybe I am wrong but you seem to be young and these things can so easily go wrong.
Maybe a better approach would be to work on your own self-confidence and your own powers of persuasion. You might also want to ask yourself why your b/f is so easily influenced against you.

21-02-2011, 09:17 AM
Of course I understand that and it is not my intention to offend anyone by saying I can perform spells. I am very new to this and have been reading up on the ways of wicca and magick ever since I have come to realise that there were other forces at work in my situation. The thing is she is my boyfriend's ex and has done everything in her power to make him come back. I know she has been to see some local people who practics black magic which is why I say I am certain she has done something to tamper with his own mind, which is why she is having such an influence on him and why I am having the opposite. I don't wish to interfere with his free will, I only want something that will help to clear the clouds from his eyes that she has put there. He needs to see that she is not the sweet and innocent person she is pretending to be because otherwise I don;t know what else to do. He won't listen and talk to me like before. Please I am asking for your help. I don't want to harm anyone, just help my situation.


21-02-2011, 10:14 AM
Hi Tally

With spell work you have be very clever in the way you work them and you have to be very specific too. I'd work a very simple, protection spell over yourself from negativity. If she has performed a binding spell then this is affecting your free will as well as his and wonít be good news in the long run for her. This is why when working magic you think about every aspect and who your magic could affect. By honing the intention over you, you are protecting yourself and losing the danger of linking people by association. Black magic is no more powerful than any other magic. The danger she faces in performing darker magick is the personality types of spirit she will call upon and the effects they have on her. Itís like mixing with the wrong crowd at school. It may seem cool at the time mixing with the bad kids till you're older, unemployed and unable to make lasting relationships with people. Keeping your heart pure, working in the lighter side isn't weak.

Personally if it was me I'd follow Norseman's advice of preparing yourself mentally. Magic(k) is wonderful but I always feel it shouldn't be the first thing you turn to as it itself is so final. You'll learn that life is like being in a boat on the ocean. Sometimes you're scaling great waves and all you can think about is the wave. The tension of that building wave takes all your focus till you reach the break point when it all levels off and calms down. Life is every much like this one minute you're totally immersed in something, unable to see beyond it then all of a suddenly it breaks and the world opens up again. This happens in both good and bad aspects of life. I believe that certain situations are sent to try us - a life lesson - you could really use this as an opportunity to develop yourself, protect yourself and have faith that what goes around comes around and people should be careful what they wish for.

Having a balanced mind, belief in yourself and the ability to think rationally is a great defence.

21-02-2011, 10:42 AM
Hi Kramer, thanks so much for your reply and your advice. Believe me though, I have tried everything else. I have tried reasoning with him, sitting down and talking to him, trying to respark our romance, agreeing to everything he says, everything, but I just don't know anymore. I realised this was my last option as soon as I came to know what she had done. I don't know if she has performed the stuff herself, I think maybe she went to a relative of hers or something, I'm not sure, but I still believe she is up to no good. I have thought about a spell to protect myself from negativity but I don't know which will be a good one. I just wish my boyfriend could have the wool pulled off his face to see the person she truly is.

21-02-2011, 10:54 AM
May be hard to take, Tally, but let him go and find someone more deserving of you.

22-02-2011, 10:41 AM
kudos to Norseman for saying that. Its probably very hard to hear but I do agree with Norseman too.

Your last post was so telling. About how you agree to everything he wants and how you've tried your best. Have you heard the phrase 'Treat them mean, keep them keen'? I think you really need to show him that you have your own life too and that you don't need him as much as he thinks. Its so effective and really does work. Doesn't have to be much, just don't be at his beck and call. Thats probably the attraction with this other girl, the fact that she isn't always around creates mystery.

Have you tried going out with your own friends? Being a little less available for him? Put very simply if you eat your favourite meal everyday it soon becomes boring and samey and you crave something else.

Please do not fall in the trap of thinking you'll never get anyone else and stay with him because he is the safe option. Have some confidence and leave him to it. Trust me if you pull away you'll suddenly become and whole load more attractive to him.

good luck

22-02-2011, 12:53 PM
The spell you are looking for is called communication. Talk to your boyfriend and tell him what's going on. If your relationship can't handle some open, honest communication then it isn't going to work out anyway.

22-02-2011, 04:13 PM
instead of a spell I would suggest that you surround yourself in the mirror technique. picture yourself inside of the mirror from head to toe with the mirror on the outside. that way when anything negative is said or comes your way it will bounce back to who ever said it. trust me, karma isn't far away for people that spread lies. practice, practice, practice......i guarantee you'll start to notice a difference.

04-04-2011, 06:14 PM
basically norseman and Kramer have said what i would have but if she has done a binding spell it's going to come back to haunt her when she least wants it as it is tampering with someone's will which is a no-go in my opinion

there are some really good protection spells around one though so you cast one to protect you and your boyfriend...this might reverse the effects of this other girls magick but im not to sure as im basically starting out myself but i do try help other people