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30-09-2006, 07:36 PM
Misty is the path of sin
Keep us away from that path

Lead (us) lighting (the) Dharma path
And keep this path illuminated...

... Savitri, or Prakash is the Light within you. Behold it. This
Light provides a momentum to your intellect. Similarly is the object
of pranayama. A Perfect guru is capable of guiding you in both the
worlds. The surat (awareness) of man first crosses the physical
existence, and then the mental desires and then it goes to the
region of Light from where it finally transcends to the region of
the Sound (Shabad Brahma). He, who transcends to the state of this
Sound Eternal after traversing the lower stages, then reaches the
Unnamed, Supreme Being and is known as the Perfect Guru. This
qualified Guru can guide humanity both in the worldly conduct and
spiritual life. The stage of such saints is higher than that of
those who dwell in Light alone. Those who merge in the Shabad are
known as the Perfect gurus, or the Param (Highest) saints.

Right from my youth I had a craving to realize the Ultimate Reality.
But, I have not as yet permanently merged in that Sublime State,
though I have access to it. On the basis of my experience that I
have gained from this inward sadhana and in obedience to my Perfect
Master Hazur Data Dayal Ji's command; I am stating my detailed
experiences for the benefit of those who seek the Truth. Totally on
the basis of my own experience of life, I have explained in detail
the principles of a positive code of conduct to lead a happy life. I
have also explained a little as to how to abstain oneself from the
evils of worldly (material) life.

This is the age of science (and technology) in which the human
intellect is very sharp. No educated person ever accepts any
argument except when supported by clear-cut logic. Therefore I say
that a man (woman) or a mahatma who dwells in Light can
scientifically help all who seek his (or her) help. Light is the
creator of this world. There is desire behind creation, or desire is
ever the cause of creation. There arose a desire in many individual
minds that the existing state of affairs need reformation and a re-
formation. Thought waves carried this desire to me. The desire in
its latent form is very subtle. It becomes gross when expressed.
Accordingly, my Luminous Self was influenced by those thought waves
and the present condition of humanity. Thus, being deeply moved, my
Self raised the slogan of "be human" or manavta param-o-dharma
(humanism is highest)...

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