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14-12-2005, 09:53 PM
Although I think I have subconsciously been aware of Spirit for many years, it's only within the last 18 months that my awareness has increased and I'm now at the stage where I want to explore a bit more. However, there's something that doesn't sit well in my mind and that is the subject of protection.

Whenever I've been to a Spiritualist church, the person leading the service and the visiting medium have always said that only spirits who come in love will come forward, and yet I keep hearing from various quarters that you should ask for protection when working with Spirit. If only good spirits can make contact, why should this be so?

This leads me to ask: how does one go about protecting oneself? Is it simply a case of asking the Divine Spirit? I want to call out to find my Spirit Guides and make contact with spirits of loved ones who have sent me messages at church, but I'm dubious of doing so until this matter of protection has been clarified.

Any thoughts, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and blessings,

Jeremy 8)

16-12-2005, 12:03 AM
As time passes I have deepened my belief more and more that any individual can connect with the spirits that are around them. I have the feeling to tell you that the spirits you are wanting to get in contact with would be pleased to do so at any time and in anyway that you feel is the most natural for you. For me when I need protection I always ask the "Great Spirit" directly and always feel in the best of hands. However , I am unclear about one aspect of your writing :? When you write the word "protection" do you mean protection from the physical world or from the spirit world? :roll: I am not a medium but I do believe that not all spirits are "so called" good. When those at your church say only the spirits with love come forward maybe they are just clarifying to the spirits to come forward with good intentions of connecting not using the chance to cause insult. :idea: To go even deeper into the topic of good and "not so good" spirits I have a few "not so good" spirits that surround me. Recently, I (on my own) tapped in to my spirit guides and other spirits that follow me. I have come to know that some of my more negative thoughts are from those "not so good" spirits. BUT I do not dismiss them as all together bad. They have accumulated negativity from there lives and so that is why they are that way. WELL. I am sorry to go on and on. I just love self-discovery in spirituality. I hope that you can find this a little helpful. However, I think that most of the answers to these questions your spirit already knows. Bless you.

16-12-2005, 10:47 AM
A guru in India told me once that a lot of the spirits which surround us are people who
have committed suicide without good reason in their previous life. Through the law of
karma, for leaving their body, they are then given a subtle ghost body in the next life.
Their main motivation is then to try and enjoy through other people's bodies, as there
is not much they can do in their own ghostly form, untill the negative karma runs it's
course and they again take a physical birth.

I've also heard that people who have left the body in an extreme way, such as a car
crash or murder are also often unable to find peace for some time afterwards?

I'm sure the positive spirits out there must help them. :-)

Gouranga !!


16-12-2005, 09:37 PM
that these spirits try to enjoy through those living in the physical form. THAT is something new for my mind/spirit to think/feel about. This kind of information is the reason I have joined this forum. Thank you for sharing.

23-12-2005, 12:12 PM
Hello Jeremy

As a Medium I work in love and light for readings etc but I also as a Paranormal Investigator and when I am doing this work there is a HUGE need for protection. The spirits you are talking about are Earthbound and the raason that the Spiritualist Church ignore is because of the setting and that they do not believe in reincarnation as well as many things which time and spiritual development are showing us to be so.

Earthbound spirts are not 'bad' they are not suicide people, suicides go into the light (no one dies when it is not their time to die) however they are those who are confused because of the nature of their passing, those who have unfinished business and those who enjoyed things such as torturing and they are choosing to remain here rather than go into the light because then they are in some way able to carry on in their habits.

Spirit whether from the light or earthbound will periodically try to enter your body, if this happens you will feel yourself being pushed sideways within your body. Protection is a must and all mediums use protection even when they walk into a church its just something that the Spiritualist church does not like to discuss I'm afraid - and I say that as a Spiritualist.

Hope this helps.

Love adn blessings

26-12-2005, 10:01 AM
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and replies to my original post. It seems to be an area of discussion that has no definitive answer, but reading your posts it occured to me that the issue of protection is a very personal and individual one where we all have to protect ourselves in whatever way seems right and personal to us. I suppose just being aware that a potential threat exists is half the battle.

For want of any other guidance, I tend to just ask the Divine Spirit to pretect me when I try to connect to Spirit, and I imagine a ball of white light surrounding me, connected to my chakras. Also I try to imagine my aura expanding to create a protecting bubble.

I'd be interested to hear how other people go about protecting themselves.

Jeremy 8)

30-12-2005, 03:40 PM
Spirit whether from the light or earthbound will periodically try to enter your body, if this happens you will feel yourself being pushed sideways within your body.

I have experienced this three times, when relaxing after a period fo intense meditation (the meditation appears to open me up to such things..). When it happens it is a very scary experience, something trying to possess you. For me it felt like they were choking me and tryng to enter my head. In each case I got the better of the attacking spirit through visualising golden spiritual light and merging with it (for me that light was God - this is open to interpretation) - ie filling myself with spiritual love - as soon as you start radiating love and light, the attacking spirit disappears... it appears that if you are in a high spiritual state you are protected by that state. 8)

07-04-2006, 02:44 PM
I thought I'd resurrect this thread, as last time round nobody could actually address the issue quoted below:

This leads me to ask: how does one go about protecting oneself? Is it simply a case of asking the Divine Spirit? I want to call out to find my Spirit Guides and make contact with spirits of loved ones who have sent me messages at church, but I'm dubious of doing so until this matter of protection has been clarified.

So, can anyone tell me how I go about protecting myself, if I'm not doing so correctly, and is there anyway to tell if protection has actually been given before going delving into Spirit?

Thanks :smile:

Love and Light,

Jeremy :cool:

frequency builder
07-04-2006, 05:30 PM
Hello Jeremy, this is my first post and although i am not an expert i can only share with you what i have been taught , experienced and what works for me.
I believe the way that you ask for protection is correct and try and visualise the light "bubble all around your body.". from over your head to below your feet... some people use a visualisation of crystal also.
The reason for protection is because we our spirit and minds are basically a transmitter we send and receive messages and thoughts .
The chakras (key energy points) in our bodies allow energy in . The fuller they are open the more we respond to spirit and other "energies" on a higher level ( think of a flower that is opening) the point of protection is to stop other energies from influencing/having an effect on you .. different energies have different vibrational levels.. can make you happy can make you sad or depressed ie positive and negative influences. Protection is a precautionary measure to prevent outside influences intervening with your state of mind.

I hope this helps you


07-04-2006, 05:37 PM
Thanks frequency builder :)

I just needed some reassurance that creating protection wasn't some complicated process and that what I have been doing hasn't been leaving me open to negative energies.

Welcome to the forum, by the way. Hope you enjoy it here!

Love and Light,

Jeremy :cool:

frequency builder
07-04-2006, 05:49 PM
You are welcome and thanks.. the thing about spiritual growth is that it is an isolated journey.. it's almost like a quest with huge bits of the jigsaw missing.. and it's weird - it is impossible to speed things up sometimes, it like your not ready to know that yet.. so you may have two thirds knowledge and zero experience. BUT once you have confidence and get rid of the doubt and fear WOW .. things really start to happen. Good luck and keep me posted (excuse the pun) on your experiences


08-04-2006, 12:38 PM
Hi Jeremy, i was happy when i noticed this topic ty for reserecting this , i also have been aware of spirit from a young age, only it has only been over this last year and half that i have sat up and takin notice , was like a switch had been flicked inside me,
When i ask for protection i always ask my angels/guides to surround me in white light, i visualise this around me in like a bubble also, then i also ask for a golden dome of protection around my white light also, and ask for no negative energies to be able to penetrate through this . this works for me, also when i begin a meditation, i also bless my white candle before meditating, i found this also helps......
Alot has happened to me over this last year, and as you say, some tyms takes time, im am learning pateince, somethink im not very good at, but am becoming acustomed to it lol, i find that when am not thinking about things too much and i free my mind from anythink, thats when i find i have alot of my experiences then. as whilst having it on your mind, seems to act as a block, this is my thort anyhow lol.
patience is a virtue, and virtue is a patience lol,{THIS I HAVE TO CONQUER LOL, ].
thanx Jeremy gr8 topic.........

Also Frequency Builder, welcome aboard the forum, enjoy ure stay. you make a lot of good points.....

much love and light.

08-04-2006, 09:04 PM
Hi frequency builder, I liked your post above. I don't generally ask for protection because i feel that i don't want to unnecessarily shut out anyone who wants to come in but i do intend that any spirit or energy that i allow through me should not be disrespectful and if they are i reserve the right to tell them to leave, do you think this is enough or indeed the same as imagining white light?? The other thing is that it seems everything is just another aspect of evrything else, so is there anything to protect yourself from really? Maybe protecting yourself is actually stopping yourself from being healed?

i am genuinely interested to know what you think and anyone else who knows about these things..

psychic sue
13-04-2006, 10:03 AM
Creating protection is not hard. You can pray or go through complicated rituals and visualisations or just think "I AM PROTECTED" - it's the intent and the BELIEF that count. Remember, spirit is pure emotion and intent, so if you have that belief, you will be protected.

Don't forget to ground yourself when you come back to earth!

Love and Blessings,

Sue x

silver swan
14-04-2006, 06:07 AM
Hi there Jeremy.
I have been reading the above posts and I can give you information that I have learned from both personal experience and other people in my development circle.
Firstly, I am a spiritualist and I believe the reason you were told at church that spirits that work only in love will come forward , is because when mediums give demonstrations, they have already done their own protection.

I myself visualise a suit around myself with a large belt around the solar plexus and a cross above my head. I used to use a bubble but was told that it is perhaps not the best choice as they are "floaty."

I have also learned that before meditation it is essential to ground yourself to mother earth. Before I did this I used to sometimes feel disorientated and had trouble coming back from meditation.

I do not have any personal experience of possession but I have been told about circumstances when this has happened. I do believe that elemental low level spirits like to interfere with you if you are not protected. I am currently learning what to do if this happens in my circle.

I have myself been pushed sideways by spirit and have witnessed this happening to my friend starlight. However, this was not a possession as such, as the spirit in question was full of love and simply wanted communication.
I believe that just as there are people on the earth plane that are not pure of heart, the same goes for spirit.

I cannot stress enough the need for protection, but if you are yourself working with love and light , this should then protect you .
I hope this has been useful.

14-04-2006, 12:31 PM
Hello silver swan, thanks for your post, it has been most useful.

I like the idea of the suit with the belt over the solar plexus, that seems very sensible. When I'm trying to protect myself I always say that I'm creating a shield in the name of the Divine Spirit, and I ask that only spirits who come in truth and love should be allowed to enter my aura.

You spoke about grounding. I have a little knowledge about this, but would appreciate any tips on how best to achieve it.

Thanks :smile:

Love and Light,
Jeremy :cool:

silver swan
14-04-2006, 03:23 PM
Hi again Jeremy.
Well when you ground yourself you are keeping yourself connected to earth so to speak. This is so important as sometimes it is difficult to leave your meditation.

I send down roots from my base chakra and imagine them going through all the layers of the earth. I then visualise tying them to the centre of the earth , and bring them back up again, letting all the goodness of mother earth inside my body. I visualise this moving up through all my chakras and then visualise a wonderful bright white light coming out of the top of my head. Then after the meditation I again re- ground myself.
I always say prayers before and afterwards, and send out healing thoughts to those who need it.

14-04-2006, 07:14 PM
I've always found that if I am troubled in my own life I used to have difficulty in reaching the right spirits in my life. At one time I had to walk out of the house just to enable myself to walk back in and declare that the house was mine suggesting (kindly) that the spirit leave. I now protect myself always by knowing that I am me and am in control of anything that may happen or appear in my life. If I have a feeling of negativity around my space I INSTANTLY call the name of my guardian and I feel secure.

Hope this may help you. My main guardian is Shekinah, do you know yours?

The Tree Lady

14-04-2006, 07:21 PM
Hello The Tree Lady,

I believe I have 3 guardians with me currently, though one of them seems to be the principle one. I have names for all 3, but would love someone to verify them independently, so I know that my imagination hasn't been playing tricks on me!!!

I do speak to them a lot, and occasionally I feel them around me, but as yet I'm not sufficiently developed to consciously decipher what they might be telling me.

Love and Light
Jeremy :cool:

14-04-2006, 07:59 PM
Hi Jeremy

I speak to my Guardians constantly, here's a poem I wrote the other day when I was communicating with them.

Dear Angel of mine, please hear my prayer.
I need to know that you are there
By my side, to guide and teach me,
Can you give me a sign to say I have reached thee?

Dear Angel of mine I feel you are near,
I feel your warmth, are you here?
I felt your presence, I felt your touch,
Please can you stay a while I need you so much.

The Angel Replied

I am always around, you just need to call
Whatever your needs, big or small.
I love you dear child and always will
So settle your mind, keep it still.

I will be by your side forever more
To nurture you with a love that's pure.
To help you in your times of need
because my love for you is guarenteed.

Copyright * 2006 Jacqui Coleman... www.treesandkeys.co.uk

The day after I wrote this I was walking out of the door when I looked down and found a pure white, fluffy feather, and I live in the middle of the town where only sparrows dare to venture.

I always find that if I speak to my Angels in verse they reply so sweetly.

What are your Angels names? maybe I can help.

Love, light and Serenity

14-04-2006, 08:06 PM
Your poem is wonderfull, Tree Lady. No wonder your Guides were moved to respond in such a poetic way!

As regards my own Guides, I believe their names to be Adam, Jennifer and Ben, in order of "seniority". Most people's guides seem to be native American warriors, Roman gladiators and the like.... the names of mine are very ordinary in comparison lol. I know they won't mind me saying that!

Love and Light
Jeremy :cool:

Ascended Master
30-07-2006, 07:52 PM
Hi Jeremy

Probably a bit late, but here's some input...

In principle, if our aura and "being" are full of "light", ie, filled with positive energy, negative energies can't remain. They may be there temporarily, but intense positivity washes it away like butter off a knife when you run hot water all over it.

The principle in a spiritualist church is all loving, and seldom do they deal in negative thoughts emotions or spirits. This is many practitioners way. Some deny the existence of negative spirits and believe that there is no such thing. And in some cases this is a protective mechanism in their own spirit, which keeps them buzzing along a merry path? Or it may just be that they consciously avoid the subject.
They may know about it, but not want to know about it if you know what I mean?
Or it may also be the case that they are truly unaware of that part of life.

I once had copious amounts of grief with a dark whacko (I mean no offence by that) and thought the church would be the ones to speak to. So I asked for some information on how to protect myself.
It was suggested that I put myself in a light bubble, before the conversation quickly shifted onto something else.
Well, the light bubble didn't work, so this alerted me to the fact that the church had its purpose in my life, but not that one!
Great church it is too, lovely people...

Protection can be achieved using the positive intent of the mind, and maybe a little bit of help from those upstairs, depending on how much protection is needed. And its all about working as a team. With them on the energetic side, us on the physical. If we ask with the right intent, we will get, unless there is a learning experience involved.

I tend not to worry about it too much, as I've had copious amounts of experience with dark energies, and dark spirits, so I click my fingers, fill myself up, and away we go. And I also know when I'm being buggered with, and how much of that I can sustain, so it's all about practise really.

But alot depends on your individual path too? If you chose to work in the really heavy arm, then you will be presented with the opportunity to come across the more negative side of the fence, and be wholly supported while learning from it. ie, you will receive just the right level of protection at just the right times? So in all honesty, there is absolutely nothing to fear.
Unless you purposefully climb the negative side of the fence and sit on it.

In general terms, its wise to keep a full and light aura as often as possible. As it fends off the general negativity you can pick up on a day to day basis. Thought energy etc. And when you open yourself up in meditation, this is why the procedure always begins with filling yourself up with light positive energy. To give you that level of natural energetic protection, and so you resonate with the correct types of spirits.
And if you practise caution and absorb these protective routines into your daily ones, you will learn the easy and gentle way.
But if you're stupid like me and decide to rugby tackle a big pain in the **** (without divine assistance) you'll learn like I do! :D

Best wishes