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29-09-2006, 06:37 AM
What some Think About Existence
Soulular Travel
2006 09 28
By Ron O. Cook | enigmni.com (http://www.enigmni.com/Roc.writingsdeep.htm)
Thanks to Light Eye for this article
http://www.red-ice.net/specialreports/2006/09sep/existence.jpg Soulular Travel is the physical leveraging of Time/Space for the benefit of knowledge and wisdom to the spiritual soul, the eternal jiva. It can only be accomplished by the higher being existing within and throughout the realm of perceived existence. That higher being is ever changing and monadically multifaceted in expression. It has been said that it is almost holographic in its emulation, what some refer to as holo-spirited. Mankind is the progeny of this multifaceted generator or God.
Movement of the soul issues forth from unknown sources or means as it is understood from this the physical side. Advancement out of Timelessness is as a "Godly" broadcast of potential that is generated out of "His" order and unity, which are the products of the elements and principles of Deified Nature inherent within all we discern. Mind or creative thrust builds from potential and feeds back upon itself to amplify changing potential in the assembled matrix of existence/s.
Through event sequences, linked via connected feedback networks, memory becomes localized within the light vehicles (which makes up every physical form) manifesting in dimensional Time/Space. This collection of animated particles or carriers fabricates localizations or singular vehicles within a moir