View Full Version : Opening to the light... a radical shift

30-01-2011, 01:24 AM
We " humans" in the noun form
have limited our existence by
the use of , limited concepts , to define ourselves.
engraving and etching these limitations way down to our cellular level.
Generations after generations,.

If we walk around around thinking it is human to be this and that..
By defining something, that which, we truly do not understand.
We don't understand who we are..
We only understand "human" in the noun form.
And so , by defining that which we have no idea about
we limit ourselves.

Instead simply shift your focus to those concepts or ideas.. that you know for certainty..
you know you exist
you know you feel.. experience emotions

In the grand universal scale there is really no good or bad.
but based on our awareness ( our experience of emotions) in the physical plane
one can 100% draw a line between
those acts that bring peace with the self and the surrounding (+ emotions)
and those that do not.(- emotions)
this is the true division of good and bad.

now take a space here.. breath .. lets take this idea further

By using ones inner emotions as the guide , often checking in to see
are my emotions + or -

Perhaps we can simplify it a bit
one could , throughout the day
do a self check..
ask yourself "Am I relaxed?" ( this would require that internal emotions are all in the + vibes)
When one seems to respond Yes more often
to the question " am I relaxed"
something happens within
A change in vibration frequency begins.

Now .. This exercise requires tremendous honesty from oneself.

Please note.. try no to judge your response.
IT truly doesn't matter you see, if you answer Yes or No.
the real influence is the mere act of "checking within oneself"

One starts to prefer the positive doses of vibration with in the body
(which are guided by the acts that one does)
THese positive doses of vibration will keep increasing.
you will come to feel a lightness in your body and mind
you respond more and more Yes
it is automatic
you don't have to force yourself to say yes
the transformation simply happens

From there..
from this state of relaxed body and mind
incredible clarity emerges
information , knowledge, understanding is experienced.

and slowly the universe unravels its mystery to you
in your own language or template
you come to REALIZE
how all this big grand puzzle of the universe
fits in.

and from there
you are the master
the options are infinite