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  1. Astral Projection
  2. Out of Body Experiences
  4. Blocked
  5. popping out of your body
  6. Near Death Experiences?
  7. Astral projection my way (By Auricman)
  8. Astral projection.
  9. Astral catalepsy
  10. Astral Projection : HELP
  11. not sure what happened to me...
  12. I have no idea what I saw during A.P
  13. wot did i experience
  14. Tips?!
  15. my astral travel is getting a bit weird
  16. Astral Form
  17. Astral Projection/OBE
  18. One point focusing
  19. What am I doing wrong?
  20. controlling your dreams..
  21. How to astral project?
  22. My own technique (untried)
  23. I saw the cosmos
  24. Was this astral projection? or NDE?
  25. I was summoned
  26. The Astral
  27. My out of body experience
  28. Overcoming Fear Of Astral Projection
  29. Astral Projection or not ?
  30. Astral Projecting in my sleep?
  31. Astral projection during sleep paralisys
  32. What is it?
  33. My Astral Experience Last Night.... (Need Advice)
  34. An AP related query...
  35. Can you help me understand this experience please?
  36. Am I stuck?
  37. Couple of questions from a noob
  38. spinning- What do you think ?
  39. Which dream?
  40. Astral projection vs lucid dream
  41. Cyborg OBE
  42. Is this Astral Projection?
  43. Dream Assisted Projection (DAP)
  44. Astral Travel, the Buddhist connection
  45. ~ Out - Of - Body ~
  46. My Physical Body During Astral Travel.
  47. Breathing difficulties
  48. Weird experience last night
  49. What is the cause???
  50. cosmic travel
  51. Still alittle confused
  52. Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Astral Projection, OH MY!
  53. Astral Travel and OBE Experiences
  54. Astral Projection and Sleep
  55. Astral Projection - Challenges and Somethings to Try
  56. Had my First Exit Last Night
  57. Astral Projection Resources
  58. a p experiment
  59. interesting experience..
  60. Astral projections through sexuality
  61. What's going on with me?
  62. Astral projection?
  63. It does work
  64. Having some trouble
  65. My projection this morning
  66. Astral Projection Aids
  67. meeting others?
  68. Still feel awake?
  69. AP Question
  70. Are people real in the astral?
  71. Your first astral projection
  72. Trying to AP before bed
  73. Again lastnight.
  74. Very very odd!
  75. Visiting Other Members
  76. Experiencing the Higher Self through AP
  77. Is this experience AP?
  78. Do you have a shadow when you AP?
  79. Last Night's Experience
  80. What Do You Do When/If You're Jumped?
  81. Where do You want to Go?
  82. Fighting on the Astral
  83. My Experiences So Far
  84. Any Advice?
  85. What do you do when AP does not happen?
  86. OBE, has this happened to you?
  87. Astral travelling back in time.
  88. How To Stop AP Experiences
  89. Two in a row
  90. Paralyzed while conscious?
  91. Manifested a Bowl of Spaghetti Whilst About to AP!
  92. Fooling ourselves?
  93. Near Astral body separation experience
  95. What is the difference between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming?
  96. Recommend Binarual beats for OBE?
  97. Trusting your first image spiritually is it astral?
  98. "Strange Coincidence"
  99. A little help....
  100. Is this all in the mind?
  101. Is it possle that you AP and you dont know?
  102. Akashic Record Problem
  103. The Urge to Move
  104. Possile AP?
  105. Nearly There
  106. Parasites and Symbiotic Relationships
  107. It was so easy
  108. Trying to AP; getting everything but.
  109. New Ap Experience
  110. Binaurual Beats to Astral Project: Has Anyone Done This?
  111. What is phasing?
  112. shivering when trying to ap
  113. my ap story
  114. When AP does not happen
  115. New to AP
  116. Reverse AP?
  117. Realm of Cyborgs
  118. Physical body floats, non physical doesnt
  119. Dream Recall to Astral Project
  120. dream senses vs. astral senses
  121. Desperately looking for insight.
  122. Scary astral projection attempt
  123. My closest attempt yet.
  124. The importanace of atmosphere.
  125. Don't seem to travel when hubby is next to me
  126. Rumblings in the deep
  127. New to Astral Projection
  128. Something very strange.
  129. Can you interact with loved ones in the Astral Plane?
  130. This freaked me out
  131. Breathing to AP
  132. Phasing/OBE
  133. Astral Projection Oppression? ? ?
  134. Questions.
  135. Question about concentration :)
  136. Relaxation Is Key
  137. My first OBE experience
  138. Dream of astral voyage?
  139. Some questions about Astral Projection, Help please!
  140. Astral Projection
  141. Astral Projection / OOBE / Dream?
  142. Does Caffeine make AP harder?
  143. Are beings always around me?
  144. A violent jolt back to reality
  145. Someone trying to choke me, should I worry?
  146. requesting comments/ advise in the practice.
  147. what do i do?
  148. Very strange
  149. One question.
  150. Poll: How long did it take you before your first successful Astral Projection?
  151. Does tiredness affect Astral Projection?
  152. Conscious Dreaming
  153. Relaxtion Positions
  154. Forget your body ?
  155. How can I stop sleep paralaysis?
  156. should we not cutivate our ethics first?
  157. difficult reentry?
  158. Astral projection?
  159. Astral Projection
  160. Eliminating Egos In The Astral Plane
  161. Connection between astral dimension and the secret?
  162. Finally...
  163. Xan's Thread on AP
  164. I feel Im living in two worlds at the same time
  165. Sleep Paralysis question
  166. AP help
  167. Seeing through closed eyelids!
  168. Energy balls
  169. AT LAST!...
  170. Bad dreams and energy
  171. Help please!
  172. How to.. ?
  173. Can't Astral Travel Anymore
  174. I need some help
  175. Law and Order on the Astral Plane?
  176. Could this have been AP?
  177. Success !
  178. I seem to be getting no-where!
  179. Creating new planes
  180. Astral confusion...
  181. Working towards AP can be just as rewarding
  182. Xanth's Phasing Primer
  183. Most Useful AP Preparations
  184. Tense Muscle Problems..
  185. Something to listen to for Paralysis?
  186. Did I astral project during sleep paralysis?
  187. Fear Of Astral
  188. what happened? (please read.)
  189. Weird one
  190. questions about astral projection?
  191. 2 Questions about AP?
  192. About no time in the real time zone...
  193. Are you having an OBE when you dream that you are falling..
  194. I guess this is where to being on my bizzare journey
  195. Traveling in Spirit
  196. A small question
  197. visiualisation
  198. Still Can't Astral Project
  199. Fear in the astral plane
  200. Crazy Eye Flickering!
  201. Getting my bearings straight
  202. A close encounter to obe and fear...
  203. Describe the Astral Plain? I need to get accustomed to it...
  204. I may be tired the next day
  205. Relentless Astral Attacks, More Protection Needed!!
  206. confused..
  207. Astral Projection Question
  208. spontaneous astral travel experience
  209. conquered by fear!
  210. past and the future travel?
  211. *Some Guidelines About Astral Projection*
  212. Tips for preparing for astral travel?
  213. Disbelievers
  214. How normal is it for people to see astral ore spirits while awake?
  216. False Projections?
  217. Simple Lucid Dreaming Techniques (Can also be used for AP)
  218. Am I on the right track?
  219. My FIRST AP!
  220. AP Vibration Stage some advice pls
  221. AP in the distant past
  222. Unexplained vibrations
  223. Is there pixie girls on the Astral Plane?
  224. Epic Astral Travel Music!!!!!!!!!!
  225. Spiritual Paths of Astral Travellers
  226. Started to use the Phasing Method for OBE's
  227. Astral Projection: Voyages of the Mind
  228. Karma and Reincarnation-Skeptic
  229. An Experience
  230. question from an ex astral projector
  231. Tantric Sex During AP
  232. What is astral projection?
  233. Near AP....I think
  234. Giant Jewel on Ceiling!
  235. I APed for the first time, now I cant get even close! HELP!
  236. I'd like to learn how to get to this step...
  237. Astral Projection Problems Questions and Experience
  238. Ever see aliens or UFOs?
  239. Will meridian chakra healing help with AP?
  240. Has anyone tried this method?
  241. Where does astral projection take you?
  242. One of My Projection Experiences.
  243. Getting uncomfortable lying on my back
  244. I've had a very profound experience~
  245. I reckon I'm Warrioress! I figured out who I am! :-)
  246. Notes on Teleportation
  247. Astral Projection help for a beginner? :D
  248. Astral Projections or Lucid dreaming?
  249. More Notes on Teleportation
  250. aha! I figured out what sound I'm hearing~