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  1. Man killed God
  2. 666
  3. The truth about Lucifer???
  4. My long term objective
  5. Jesus and Christ Conciousness
  6. Being Poor is Not A Crime
  7. An Interesting Article
  8. Does ANYONE here believe JESUS was a savior?
  9. Faithful Follower
  10. Our God
  11. Seek the truth
  12. Man Is The Self-Realization of God
  13. The Mormons (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
  14. Easter
  15. Religious experience question?
  16. "Original Sin"
  17. The Kingdom of God
  18. The Realm of Divine Consciousness
  19. God and His System
  20. Who are the Sons of God?
  21. How does work, if you're a Christian and believe?
  22. Where is Heaven?
  23. Your Definition of God
  24. Book of Rev inspired - Also in Spiritual Dev as Spiritual Exercise
  25. Feel awkward about public prayer
  26. Fornication?
  27. Gospel according to Paul's use of an "I"
  28. The Way The Truth and the Life
  29. What's the Differences?
  30. What is truth?
  31. Jesus' Humor or wit?
  32. The Bible
  33. Jesus' Second Coming / Judgment Day
  34. The Father The Son and the Holy Spirit
  35. Adam
  36. Christianity?
  37. The better self...
  38. Aristotle’s fixed method
  39. mary magdalene
  40. Is Marriage a Covenant?
  41. On the fence, just don't know what to believe
  42. Can Religious Experience Show That There is a God?
  43. Jesus and Reincarnation
  44. Moses and Reincarnation
  45. Discover The Will of God For your Everyday life Choices
  46. How Should a Christian Relate to the New Age Movement?
  47. Any Other Christians In Here Into A Course In Miracles?
  48. Thanksgiving Proclamation
  49. Scripture Interpretations?
  50. The Greatest Commandment
  51. Chrisitianity vs. Spiritualism
  52. doctrine of jeshua
  53. help and advice please
  54. feeling god?!
  55. Are there people you shouldn't be friends with on Facebook?
  56. I've heard that the Holy Spirit loves when you sing
  57. Ah, Rev 13 - a new interpretation? Wow
  58. UNIO MYSTICA: A Devotional Essay
  59. What are your family Christmas traditions
  61. 3 word sermons?
  62. IS it just me or is this funny?
  63. Matthew 5:38-42 "Do not resist an evil person."
  64. What do you make of this song? Avantasia's Farewell
  65. Not feeling "Christmassy"
  66. Jesus is not God
  67. Satan????
  68. God's Image Man?
  69. "Who lives by the sword, dies by the sword"
  70. True Prayer Is Thanksgiving
  71. Jesus Christ and Mahavatar Babaji
  72. Why are you a Christian?
  74. God vs. LORD GOD
  75. Proof Of God's Existence Has Now Been Documented! ! !
  76. Merry Christmas
  77. The Christ Consciousness?
  78. Why wasn't Jesus a vegetarian?
  79. Christed Planets
  80. any Christians believe in reincarnation?
  81. Praying for Friend Who Passed
  82. Is God Really A Warrior?
  83. My experience with God
  84. My Patron Saint
  85. Prayer for sleep?
  86. Disillusionment and Christianity
  87. imitation equal limitation
  88. Needing some guidance..not sure if this is the right place to post
  89. Vocal Athiest stereotypes
  90. The LEGO Bible
  91. Faith in the Son of God
  92. essenes?
  93. Beasts of the field
  94. Nicene Creed??
  95. All About Christianity
  96. The link between Falun Dafa and the Bible....
  97. Hmmmmm...
  98. Why are there four gospels?
  99. If Jesus Didn't exist, what would you do?
  100. Christian Wicca?
  101. Good Fairy Tale
  102. King David
  103. God is light energy, thoughts and plans.
  104. Psalm 23
  105. Constantine, The Christian Constantine
  106. Looking for some insight/help for a lesson
  107. Did You Know?
  108. We all are Gods creation!
  109. Thats It, I have had it
  110. Alpha & Omega
  111. My Work on Genesis
  112. Part II My Work on Gospels
  113. Plan A
  114. A little linguistics lesson
  115. My favorite part of the Bible: Mark 11
  116. Rebuilding the Temple - Anti-Christ
  117. How Can Christians Believe This???
  118. Can I apply buddhist philosophy to my life, if I'm a Christian?
  119. May 21st 2011
  120. Where did Rabbits/eggs come into easter?
  121. What is the difference between Catholic and Christianity?
  122. Rev. Ike: "I AM Jesus!"
  123. Aversion to god/christianity
  124. Mixing The Sacred & The Profane: Gospel vs Secular Culture...Music
  125. A bird story...
  126. A question...
  127. Contrasting Old and New Testament
  128. Question on noahs ark
  129. THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF APOLLYON THE MAN: !!!!!! And Nibiru the Destroyer King !!!!!! T
  130. Correct way to pray
  131. Relearning Gospel Words
  132. Westboro Baptist Church 20/20 Special...interesting
  133. Good Wednesday
  134. Pauline theology
  135. Relativistic Morals
  136. My view on christianity
  137. Negative Religion
  138. Interpreting the Old Testament
  140. Would God do something like this
  141. All have sinned...
  142. Therefore, as it is written: "Let him who boasts boast in the Lord."
  143. Crucifix/Cross Jewelry
  144. keep gravitating to christinaity
  145. The 1st Commandment - Real Meaning
  146. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
  147. New Heaven and Earth (prophetic scriptures)
  148. Jesus is the messaih. Yes! But for what purpose?
  149. The literality of Noah's ark
  150. The me I will never be
  151. Conflicting Feelings about a brother in Christ
  152. The Maltese Cross.
  153. How does one follow Christianity and not believe in the dogma
  154. The end times
  155. The Thoery of Intelligent design
  156. A Study of Morality
  157. Pastor James Collins
  158. Did the Devil make them do it?
  159. How many pray the Rosary?
  160. Is there an in between?
  161. Swimming to safety
  162. Why stop at the Ressurection?
  163. What if the crucifixtion...
  164. Who walked on the sands of Galilee with Jesus
  165. St. Peter was Satan
  166. Looks like Jesus forgot his own rules...
  167. An issue that bugs me...
  168. May 21, 2011 Judgment Day
  169. Question For Christians Only.
  170. Very Confused About Christianity's View About Dead People..
  171. Saturday; 5-21-11 - JUDGEMENT?
  172. What to say to Christian devotee?
  173. Interesting thoughts on the N.T.
  174. Day of Yahweh
  175. About Homosexuality
  176. Something Interesting That Happened To Me, Classic Example Too Of My Confusion.
  177. Jesus Is NOT 'all knowing' ?
  178. Should Priest's be asked via a rite if they renounce Satan?
  179. Forgiveness
  180. Christianity, a rewrite?
  181. Putting on the Mind of Christ
  182. Atheist Visits Heaven and Hell
  183. Is God a male?
  184. Do u think harm is done believing in the Bible?
  185. Your Purpose, The Reason You Are Here!
  186. Please Watch!
  187. Interesting convent phenomena
  188. % of Fundamentalists
  189. Is it the gift of Prophecy or something else?
  190. Is this now or yet to come...
  191. 2nd Coming of Christ. Has it happened already ?
  192. "I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice"
  193. Did Jesus eat meat?
  194. Visions of Jesus
  195. The Christianity I experience is like...
  196. wondering about something...
  197. …and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
  199. Militant Bishops !
  200. Misery and Happiness
  201. Deceived By The Light
  202. Light bulbs
  203. A Letter From Your Father
  204. how to behave as a non-christian
  205. How do you know jesus really existed?
  206. The Writing of the Bible
  207. Christ's Godhood
  208. Christianity and Tarot
  209. Interesting Vision from Little Girl
  210. a hole of needle
  211. Please Pray For Me..
  212. Soul Recognition?
  213. Why Many Christians struggle
  217. Judas
  218. Is Astral Projection a Sin?
  219. Is it a sin?
  220. Emmet Fox - Sermon on the Mount
  221. Divine Revelations of Heaven and Hell
  222. Presbyterians Ordain Gay Clergy
  223. Wed July 13, Miracles on ABC-TV
  224. Creation - What does the Bible actually say?
  225. Seeing salvation from God's perspective
  226. God's sovereignty and human free will
  227. Do prophets still exist today?
  228. Question for You Ex-Christians
  229. Why are logic and observation insufficient to explain all of reality? Or are they?
  230. What is your experience with Satan?
  231. Does this need deciphering?
  232. Did Jesus ever cure amputees?
  233. The Bickering in Christian Forums?
  234. Pornography is bad for me?
  235. Praying With The Heart
  236. “meat eating and non violence”.
  238. I don't get this
  239. Bible and Law of Attraction
  240. The NDE and God
  241. Something That Really Disturbs Me About Christianity .
  242. Why is God So Mean?
  243. Gospel of Thomas & Females
  244. Lazarus and the rich man - parable or actual event
  245. Sabbath Keepers
  246. Good Samaritan
  247. An Interesting Question That Really Intrigues Me.
  248. Weirdest thing
  249. Catholic Priest Faces Expulsion For Supporting Female Priests
  250. Biblical Forgiveness