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  2. Getting serious about Soul
  3. twin s-elves
  4. Glennat
  5. meeting my twin flame
  6. fidning people through intuition?
  7. soul mates
  8. Angelic love
  9. Souls/Oversouls/Twin Flames etc...
  10. A soul mate who I think I mistook...
  11. Soul mate wanted.
  12. Twin Identity
  13. Twin flame question...
  14. how to know soulmate from other emotions?
  15. Twin flame v's soul mate
  16. amount of soulmates / twinflames
  17. Do Twins share Twin Flames & Soul Mates?
  18. Which is he?
  19. soul mates
  20. Soul mates and intuition
  21. Accepting Soul Mate Connection
  22. Soul Mates
  23. When Ye Just Click with Somoene
  24. Soul Mate as a Friend ONLY ?
  25. Soul Mates and Twin Flames
  26. Soul Families
  27. Does Having A Spiritual Awakening And Dark Night Of The Soul Mean?
  28. Questions regarding twin flames and soul mates?
  29. Are twin souls always opposite gender?
  30. heavily corded and soemtimes feeling drained
  31. I'm losing her!
  32. I cant make him understand.
  33. soul mate
  34. why am i thinking about him so much lately? dream interpretation please
  35. I know this has been brought up before
  36. I'm way to obsessed with brown eyes!
  37. Oh God I can't believe I'm being so open with this. Do U See Anything In Us? TF/SM?
  38. Age difference in Twin Flames/spiritual connections
  39. Help please after 2 and a half years of emotional turmoil
  40. all those who met their tf plz read this
  41. so you can' t run but you should not force things
  42. My differing (yet humble) opinions,...
  43. How can you make the pain stop???
  44. thinking of them and just crying suddenly
  45. anyone ever tried methods of bringing things to a head and did they work
  46. thinking of them with love and then feleing you can feel them in spirit
  47. feeling their moods
  48. Can you find your twinflame through astral travel?
  49. my journey with my twin flame
  50. his feelings im feeling>??
  51. Do Twin Flames share physical traits?
  52. when you grow, they grow ??
  53. so this cord, and the proximity thing
  54. twin flame , past life question,
  55. rationalisng the feeling never works
  56. my meditation , re twin.. confused now
  57. Signs From the Universe
  58. I Met My Soulmate. Why is my life...?
  59. ok, I know it is about growth and not the relationship but, has anyone else continued
  60. reconnecting dream
  61. The Sacred Contracts between the twinflames.
  62. Past life connections.
  63. Anyone have a twin flame who is married (but not to you?)
  64. the indecisive factor
  65. What has your twin bond taught you spiritually?
  66. I am already healing very Fast. How long does it needs?
  67. He gets my feelings more than I do? why?
  68. Wonderful article on Twinflames
  69. Where Did you Meet Your Soulmate/Twin Flame?
  70. my discoveries :)
  71. Spiritual love dealt with Physical love
  72. why doesn't my Twin get any dreams of me??
  73. The turmoil continues.
  74. dedicated songs
  75. nothing but twinflame
  76. The beauty of the soul.
  77. Did An Experiment
  78. celebrity soulmates and soul families/groups
  79. soul-group dream? What are your thoughts?
  80. soul group/cell division animation
  81. Can free will interfere with chosen destiny?
  82. Would this be the "right" thing to do?
  83. When "Soulmates" Happen To Be Brother and Sister.
  84. Just Friends?
  85. how twins make u feel , philosophically
  86. do u leave a current partner for a twin
  87. Can a twinflame be your brother or sister?
  88. Posing an ultimatum to my twin flame...
  89. An important observation in this connection
  90. Soul Families
  91. Arguements for and against the soulmate/twin flame thing
  92. sometimes dont feel the pull/them at all ?
  93. i felt the cord pull when I got near and then not as much when I saw her
  94. my dark night of the soul
  95. did you ever feel there days when it was all an illusion, the feelings subsided and t
  96. a one sided connection ??
  97. Tell me in which phase are you with twin now..?
  98. the spiritual link/cord, between souls, or a third entity from the universe
  99. pushing with ego is the worst but withdrawing too mcuh dont help either
  100. Similarities
  101. twin or the mother , im confused
  102. Definition of love and twin flames by Silver Birch
  103. Sexuality and Twin Flames
  104. People who know about this please help
  105. Changes Encountered Since Recognizing My Soul Mate/Twin Soul
  106. wondering about tf and soulmates
  107. TF level
  108. experiencing mixed emotions...
  109. Letting go of wanting/not wanting
  110. my lyrics dedicated to tf
  111. has anyone read Karen Crystal The Twin Soul Survival Guide: Working Towards Reunion
  112. Metaphors!
  113. Questioning my connection...was it obsession?(long)
  114. And today I am grieving?
  115. Is your twin still on your mind 24/7 after all this time??
  116. Desiring Love
  117. so if you feel them, do you feel their complete self or
  118. MY TF is a weirdo
  119. Why do we love?
  120. Are we alll seeking for our twin flames fruitlessly?
  121. this hurts so bad. do twins ever reunite?
  122. What are twin flames exactly?
  123. Trust
  124. All consuming thoughts
  125. What's his damage I wonder...?
  126. Jedi
  127. Magnetic attraction
  128. soul sister
  129. twin/soul mate causing kundalini to reawaken
  130. How REAL PURE Love should be between a Male & Femaile
  131. heart is breaking
  132. My TF is a doctor!
  133. twin flame or emotional attachment?
  134. cord cutting: did you and what was your experience
  135. feeling bored with the minds fixation but unable to stop thinking on and off all day
  136. despite the various categories, TF,KSM and SM, similiar qualities persist so how ....
  137. more fufiiling life, quitens preocupation
  138. here we go again :(
  139. Missing Your Twinflame
  140. Twin Flame Connection After Death
  141. so the heart pull is the souls tugging you back together ?
  142. Need help with finding a partner?
  143. Someone like 'him'
  144. 6 days later
  145. Twin flames - walking between two worlds
  146. Telepathy.
  147. my view on twins
  148. i guess this letter will cause her to run
  149. twin flame v current relationship
  150. I feel calm, peaceful centred and not thinking of her at all, really
  151. what is love?
  152. do you wish you'd never met?
  154. Effect of separation on physical (and psychological) well-being
  155. Twinflames and full moon
  156. man of my dreams
  157. ptsen nuh: has anyone tried it here
  158. has your twin/soulamte ever confirmed the heart pull
  159. How to manage with a TF, SM and one time sleeping partner?
  160. My "Twin Flame"
  161. well here is the plite brush off to the party
  162. Instant Connection = Soulmate??
  163. feeling him......
  164. I'm confused
  165. Two weeks on...
  166. a poem for this area
  167. Is he more than just a friend?
  168. My story: I decided to stay celibate
  169. physical attraction
  170. A great check list I found from earlier posts
  171. My story
  172. "twin flames" what are they?
  173. ever been lied to ?
  174. Another confirmation-more information !!!
  175. External Sources Ye Ne?
  176. Soul Mate inside of me
  177. no contact?
  178. Funny I think
  179. Attracting your soul mate
  180. Bizarre little story in search of a meaning, Volume the Last
  181. xmas
  182. Fairy Tale vs. Truth
  183. I am deeply confused, insights please.
  184. Twin Flame broke up with me
  185. Polyamorous relationships
  186. relapse
  187. Some Numbers for Ya
  188. Soul Mates - To Believe Or Not To Believe
  189. I am Free ! At last
  190. Soul mate or twin flame I want to know
  191. LOVE... according to Sri Aurobindo
  192. Definitions please...
  193. Latent Soulmate Signs?
  194. I can't forget him... nor do I want to
  195. draining you
  196. Electricity or magnetism
  197. Are you aware of overactive empathy with your twin ?
  198. Blocking negative emotions?
  199. How do you feel, physically, when you meet your SM or TF?
  200. Is He My Soul Mate? (kinda long)
  201. If you see 11,22, 33 etc. all the time?
  202. Near Twin Vs Twin
  203. To those new to the whole twin flame experience.
  204. Frustrated & Confused
  205. Can I find a soulmate in my wife?
  206. Soulmates in Flux
  207. Do you see God personified in your Twin?
  208. How to survive the death of my twin soul
  209. Does anyone else go through this?
  210. Dreams and their significance
  211. breathless
  212. Gay twin soul/flame or soul mate?
  213. Journaling
  214. Telling my TF...
  215. When your soul mate is murdered.
  216. Twin Flames and Twin Dragons
  217. confirmation
  218. Soulmates/Twinflames and Synchronicities
  219. twin or lover/ex lover?
  220. How do you find your soulmate?
  221. Balance Partner ??
  222. broken angel?
  223. I need to share this
  224. The difference between lovers and twin flames?
  225. Telepathy with your Twinflame, does it take two to tango?
  226. Morphing voices
  227. Age Differences with Twin Souls
  228. how do you know your soulmate or twinflame
  229. What is happening to me?
  230. soul scouring ??
  231. My story: seperating...again
  232. he just seems so consumed right now
  233. Can money buy love and twinflames
  234. feeling their pain and they yours: literally tears
  235. Who is this person?
  236. is it possible to be destined to be alone for this life and your soul mate is dead?
  237. merry xmas
  238. What can I do to break his walls down?
  239. help...
  240. He could be the one?
  241. How many soul mates can one have in his or her life time?
  242. past twin flame
  243. 2011 the year of the twinflames.
  244. Sometimes I feel I am a fool
  245. have i got my new start with twin??????
  246. How can I know she is my twin-flame?
  247. Evaluate Yourself
  248. Jesus and Mary
  249. so soul conncections communicate throuh dreams ?
  250. why do some people not meet there soul mate?