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  1. Tarot Cards!
  2. Need your stories...
  3. Help or explanations, please.
  4. Evidence for murder case found.
  5. seeing orbs and spiritlights
  6. repost-need some insight please
  7. voices in the night
  8. IS THIS POSSIBLE?????cat purring?
  9. shadow hovering past a man.
  10. where in the world is this site based??
  11. seeing orbs as a child...
  12. herb question
  13. sorry guys
  14. puzzled
  15. this is wierd--things startin ta make sence
  16. David Blaine
  17. I know i sound crazy but........is it possible to turn into a super sayin?
  18. unexplainable
  19. Black Hole Information!
  20. please help
  21. Empath queries...please help
  22. Strange Light Phenomenon (On Film)
  23. Isn't this being genius... brilliant
  24. A Survey
  25. Articles: something for everyone.
  26. 1:11
  27. Help me figure this one out...
  28. doomsday clock
  29. Surrounded By Orbs
  30. Orbs
  31. Unseen Forces
  32. Voodoo curse
  33. Clearing Karmic debts?
  34. Finding feathers
  35. orbs found in temple premises
  36. energies.
  37. Interperating orbs
  38. The Fourth Kind
  39. Conspiracy Theories...2012
  40. The Blue Pearl
  41. Seeking help.( Demonic incounters)
  42. Paranormal Investigation Equipment & Tips
  43. Is this spiritual or should i see a doctor?
  44. So what do you think will happen in 2012
  45. unexplained scratches
  46. pictures/ videos of real ghost encounters
  47. what just happened to me!
  48. Awesome Paranormal show
  49. Are these orbs???
  50. Did it work?
  51. James Van Praagh personally commented on my orb photo
  52. Possibilities
  53. stealing another's energy/breath
  54. Unexplained ticking noises
  55. disappearing bugs?
  56. What happened to me and why?
  57. Been feeling asymmetry in conciousness since born
  58. Random Time distortions
  59. Possessions
  60. Will doing a banishing make you sick ?
  61. Shadow People
  62. 3 angry giants
  63. Why don't I ever experience...
  64. Energy in places
  65. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  66. Being attacked in my bed..need guidance and wisdom
  67. issues with some things
  68. Things going missing, why, how?
  69. Opinions needed please!
  70. Internal Shaking?
  71. Seeing shapes in the air
  72. Portals?
  73. negative energies (violent post warning
  74. Wake up drowning
  75. When I was younger.......
  77. Black orbs
  78. waking up and seeing colors floating around?
  79. levitation?
  80. ouija board..
  81. shadows...
  82. evil entie will not leave me alon and is fearfull of me at the same time.
  83. Unsure what I saw was a orb or something else?!
  84. Ball of light
  85. Psychic or not?
  86. Dismantled Photograph
  87. sensation
  88. I need help with my "Doppelganger"
  89. How To Send a Text Message Using a Ouija Board!
  90. Are humans better lovers or fighters
  91. Family captures poltergeist on camera!
  92. Amazing "ORB" Experience!
  93. Question??
  94. Sense of impending doom
  95. Advice needed, dont know what to do or how to react.
  96. Explaining this story
  97. The 'Evil Eye'...
  98. Strange Clip Capture from a security camera
  99. Non-optical vision
  100. Bloody Sun
  101. Orb
  102. Paranormal happenings.
  103. William Pawelec Interview
  104. Something next to me.....
  105. "Sensing" Force/Weight
  106. Visits from the other side?
  107. seeing faces out of the corner of my eye
  108. I have held back on this experince untill now
  109. what is a morphogu(e)s?
  110. Something invaded myself??
  111. The angel without eyes
  112. I believe I have started seeing visitors at night
  113. not sure what to call this one...
  114. Fiction Now! Reality Tomorrow!!!
  115. Crop Circles!!...truth or fiction?
  116. Question+hi all :)
  117. Sounds that repel and attract spiritual energy?
  118. sense
  119. Black pin lights
  120. Paranormal Saturday Check This Out!
  121. Ghost trying to scare me.
  122. Dont know what to think!
  123. The Hand
  124. Big Foot?
  125. ghosts & aliens
  126. Gettysburg, Pa
  127. "Purple Woman"
  128. The skeptics answer
  129. Electrical Anomalies
  130. Poltergiest Activity?
  131. Shadow spirits and Succubus
  132. Hearing things from the past.
  133. Need Help - Can I Be a Cursed?
  134. Movements
  135. What is this. Crazy story.
  136. Not sure where to post this, but here goes....
  137. Orion & Other Universes
  138. is this a negative energy in the home
  139. What is thi?
  140. Seeing writing
  141. confused...
  142. Dead or alive? Or both?
  143. Flashing Orbs, Columns of Light, White Mists
  144. Shadows and flashes
  145. Cleansing a home...
  146. Dark hooded figure
  147. how myths can start
  148. So here's my story....
  149. Black shadow in my room
  150. Vortex outside my front yard
  151. Tell me about Seances...
  152. Dogs, next to my bed
  153. I keep seeing something weird
  154. Seeing a vanishing person
  155. Kinetic Energy build up
  156. I cant put my mind at rest
  157. Very strong male presence around me
  158. Halloween
  159. shadow man
  160. Angel of Death
  161. Odd thing this morning..
  162. bed pushed by invisible husband?
  163. Psychics, mediums, what are the definitions?
  164. Depression leading to attachment or attachment leading to Depression
  165. An interesting photo
  166. Strange beings of the astral planes?
  167. walking and shadows
  168. Which kind of “presence” is that?
  169. Could you help me explain please?
  170. shadow and light beings
  171. Dam that moon!!
  172. Moving things in my sleep
  173. baby shadow?
  174. Feeling Residual Energy
  175. Hearing Others
  176. candle giving of a blue beam is this normal?
  177. Is there an energy channel at the front of the big toe?
  178. what are LARGE bright flashes in the night sky?
  179. wonderful feeling today
  180. Can any one help me?
  181. Psychic Detective?
  182. Has anyone done this before
  183. woman making hissing sound. Demon!?
  184. Inexplicable and very upsetting....
  185. Beating Sounds
  186. Should I smash this crystal?
  187. how can i make a porthole?
  188. Objects
  189. Orb on my ceiling ?
  190. Seeing space/time flow, literally
  191. Paranormal Photographs
  192. Dont Forget People's.....
  193. An Elemental or Something Else ?
  194. is it me or the room?
  195. paranormal activity
  196. Aliens/ET's may be "inter dimensional beings"...
  197. Can you call demons or negative energy just by thinking about it?
  198. Daughter is seeing a floating eye.
  199. Crazy as it sounds...
  200. Fallen or lost angels
  201. Strange sounds?
  202. What do you think of this?
  203. Bell ringing sound question
  204. Strange head...
  205. Experience with paranormal- any ideas?
  206. war in the astral
  207. house clearing.
  208. Arizona Roads Strange Lights?
  209. flaming skulls
  210. If you are psychic then please read this
  211. Someone around me with a message I cant get
  212. Please read this post
  213. waking up to voices speaking names of stranger
  214. some thing doesn't want us to be friends
  215. staring at the sky and seeing it move?
  216. Little People in Black Suits?
  217. Looking for help with maps of Ley lines and Vortices.
  218. Strange earth sounds around the world
  219. I made 2 wasps vanish
  220. Saw a Ghost in My House in the Middle of the Day!
  221. Weird & Gross - Yes. Paranormal - Hopefully not
  222. Missing Time
  223. Colorado dark vibrations?
  224. Doplegangers
  225. Hittite Sculpture
  226. Hearing voices when sleepy
  227. somebody knocking
  228. Am I A Medium?
  229. Mysterious Hand Placed On My Head
  230. Cool experience that happened outside
  231. Does the kitchen in particular have any connection to the spirit world?
  232. Spiritual Portals In the Home
  233. Titanic sinking predicted in novel.
  234. who sleeps in my bed
  235. Hearing and smelling
  236. friend asked for help with new house, scary
  237. huge colorful orb?
  238. A request to advanced exterminators
  239. Astonishing Lincoln-Kennedy parallels
  240. Are there people with superpowers ?
  241. Some strange activity happening to me
  242. Red Lights- psychic thriller
  243. Controlling the Weather
  244. Breaks In The Fabric
  245. This strange lady...
  247. Mysterious phone call
  248. 'strange' things happening in my house
  249. should get a camera, strange things happening
  250. has god really abandoned us?