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  1. Dreams about time travelling.
  2. Time travel IS possible
  3. experience with time traveller,saj
  4. Any of you ever actually experienced time travel?
  5. UFO's and time travel
  6. A mobile phone in 1928...
  7. Ok, is this an example of time travel?
  8. Time is Relative
  9. Time travel - sine waves frequency & light
  10. can the past be changed?
  11. The Last Mimzy
  12. Time Travel:Fact & Fiction
  13. You do time travel, proof of that you did is the experience called: Dejavu
  14. Time Slip?
  15. What place/period in time would you visit?
  16. Is it possible to 'bend' time?
  17. The Future Timeline
  18. Wondering if this is a time thing or perhaps a coincidence
  19. Time
  20. Switz watch found in Ancient tomb
  21. Time as a Frequency
  22. Did time slowed down or was it just me?
  23. time stopped on the drop zone
  24. Was time broken?
  25. If there is no "time"
  26. Time, Space, and Declutching Time
  27. Time flies when youre having fun.
  28. Alien races vising from the future?
  29. I have t-traveled w/o a flux capacitor
  30. Where would you go? What would you want to tell your young self?
  31. future
  32. Time Runs Parallel
  33. The Bermuda Triangle
  34. i wish there was a way to travel back in time
  35. Donnie Darko & timeslips
  36. Would this be considered time travel?
  37. Shifting through parallel realities/universes?
  38. What has Happened? with the time.
  39. 'Reality Shifts...' Ever Have One? A Humble Investigation.
  40. What?
  41. Spectral analysis and quantum time shifts and the rabbit hole
  42. Multiverse theory is making sense to me now...
  43. Andrew D. Basiago
  44. DejaVu movie, parallel universes New Orleans
  45. if you could go back in time what era would you be most at home with ?
  46. Seeing...this.
  47. time travel
  48. Pellegrino Ernetti and the chronovisor
  49. Who believe john titor?
  50. receipt vanished into thin air!
  51. If time travel will ever exist...
  52. T-Travel?....a human loop
  53. Going to a future life
  54. Time Seem Different to You?
  55. Seems like I should be able to go back to the 80's
  56. "The Time Machine", by H.G. Wells, 1895
  57. Teleportation.
  58. Very strange
  59. Time travel
  60. All timelines exist side by side
  61. Question on Things Viewed During Time Travel
  62. I disappeared for 2 hours when I was five...
  63. Telepathic time travel
  64. Ever notice when and if things have changed?
  65. Would you go back in time?
  66. time traveler
  67. Time doesn't exist, only you.
  68. Am I Lucifer ... have I lost it?
  69. Past life/Time Travel
  70. My theory of Time and Time Traveling
  71. how to go back in time to change the future
  72. Has anyone noticed a missing Minute in there day?
  73. Reality Shifts
  74. Steven Gibbs HDR Time Machine
  75. Noticeable Changes
  76. Telescoping effect and time perception
  77. Does the past seem surreal to you?
  78. Accesing the future and the past by accessing information.
  79. Time warps
  80. parallel universes
  81. Any Good Fiction or Fact stroies About Parallel Universes?
  82. the late iron age
  83. Baltimore 1893
  84. Butterfly Effect - could it be done (in part)?
  85. Time for me goes so slowly all the time
  86. 2525 2.5 2525
  87. hi
  88. dream
  89. Time Travel to past to observe
  90. Is mental time travel possible?
  91. Time manipulation?
  92. 1990
  93. Changing the Past?
  94. Rules Copy and Paste - Commercial Links
  95. Physical Time Travel
  96. Déjà Vus
  97. What if it happens by accident?
  98. What if Ghosts are Astral Time Travelers?
  99. Is This You? Teleportation/ light worker / dimensional hopping / Time Travel
  100. Today, the calendar on is November 12, Monday.
  101. The Grandfather Paradox
  102. Re: Tour with family!
  103. Re: Niagra falls
  104. Re: Need to know about Toronto.
  105. New York
  106. Boston Attractions!!
  107. Thailand
  108. Missouri
  109. Summers Plans!
  110. Time travel in Astral
  111. The Chronoscope
  112. New Taipei City
  113. New York
  114. Parralell Time
  115. New zealand
  116. Opal Pool
  117. Using Crystals To Time Travel
  118. Things Out of Place/Different?
  119. Is time travel real?
  120. Omnipresence
  121. Article i thought should be shared here
  122. The God frequency
  123. Bangalore
  124. Taj Mahal
  125. Time traveling (to the past)
  126. Jasper National Park
  127. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
  128. Shanghai tour
  129. Opinions about Bruce Goldberg's time travelers and parallel/alternate universes?
  130. time travelling dimensions
  131. any accodental non-linear time travelera here?
  132. Time Travel is Possible
  133. I want my next life to be an exact replica, but with a twist...
  134. John Titor
  135. Time Travel and the SSG
  136. The key, is now.
  137. It's time to travel!!
  138. I cannot stand this century!
  139. I Teleported
  140. Is time travel possible
  141. Is there any proof that someone from a past life, lived in the future?
  142. Is this stream real?
  143. Traveling back to 2015...
  144. some on time relief
  145. How do I travel ?
  146. Time Travel
  147. My dream became my time machine
  148. In seeing future, am I change present/ how much?
  149. Can you really be dead in one universe and alive in another?
  150. A Film You May Enjoy about Time Travel
  151. NO Time Travel to the Future
  152. Psychometry
  153. Shifting to a desirable timeline
  154. Have You Warned Anyone/Changed Anything Significant Time Traveling?
  155. Andrew Basiago
  156. did i travell to 2088 to 8088