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  1. personal experiences.
  2. Kiffik, my Pleiadian son.
  3. Check out this newscast
  4. Foo Fighters
  5. Ufo's In Surrey
  6. Double-abductee?
  7. ideas on UFOs
  8. Alien TV?
  9. UFO Picture Over Larnaka Bay Cyprus
  10. I think I saw a UFO
  11. Spiritual UFOs
  12. Open To Alien Attack
  13. Horizon Tonight BBC2
  14. Not sure what to believe....
  15. my bedroom window
  16. What Have They Looked Like To You?
  17. Abductions: Real? Imagined? Spiritual?
  18. My personal Contact with Wanderers/lightworkers
  19. telosians, agartha and other subterran races
  20. French organisation releases UFO info
  21. The abduction-sleep paralysis link
  22. ministry of defence
  23. Possible alien?
  24. Air Force Officers Press Conference-UFO's exist
  25. Reptilian Agenda
  26. speculation that China is about to reveal details of UFO from last year
  27. Oct. 13th 2010 UFO's Over NY, Ohio, Malaysia, Russia and More- Videos
  28. Pretty Cool Documentary...
  29. 1947 Roswell crash
  30. Experiences
  31. Awesome UFO Site
  32. :O I saw a UFO!!!
  33. My experience.
  34. Has anyone had personal experiences with Aliens?
  35. Alien Implants
  36. Bizarre experience
  37. Blue light- UfO's
  38. 3d triangle with colour
  39. Some Sees A UFO Every 3 Minutes?
  40. Spirit helpers "play" alien abduction
  41. ET disclosure imminent? (warning: channeled info)
  42. Humans that aren't really 'human'.
  43. Aliens.
  44. Martians
  45. Looking for any info on implants~
  46. Alien Symbols
  47. Arcturians
  48. real long loud noise
  49. pleiadians??
  50. aliens?
  51. To those of the "starseed" persuasion...
  52. Glastonbury Tor Experience(Oct 2002)
  53. The Sealand Skull
  54. Mass sightings
  55. Dark Skies
  56. Odd Dream
  57. Naughty or nice?
  58. calling ufo's
  59. NASA Scientist Finds Evidence of Alien Life
  60. Book about astral UFO and ET: Psychonauts Journey
  61. Jerusalem UFO
  62. Are aliens more intelligent than man?
  63. Do you feel you've been abducted?
  65. Metallic Craft
  66. Thank God For My Heart
  67. Seeing Things while trying to sleep
  68. Colorado UFO - Any thoughts?
  69. "Indrid cold"
  70. What's Up With All Of The Lights In The Sky?
  71. What alternate theories about Area 51 do you have
  72. Extraterrestrial Beings - how does it make you feel?
  73. FBI Vault Discloses Roswell Documents and More
  74. what if
  75. What Type of alien could this be?
  76. Fukushima ufo
  77. Things that might attract an extra terrestrial?
  78. UFO? Angel? Fake?
  79. ufo over chile
  80. Are we doomed, if aliens arrive?
  81. Angels, AAs, Ascended Masters, God, & ETs
  82. Military disclosure on UFO's
  83. Anyone from Leicestershire?
  84. Reticulan Awareness Overview & Abduction Prevention
  85. Alien Encounter and Healing/Mind Control Machine
  86. Theory on propultion system
  87. Alien Abduction Experiences
  89. UFO over UK?? What do you think?
  90. North East Leics/South West Lincs sighting?
  91. Should we show up?
  92. The Zeta Reticulans or "Grays" possibly a version of us?
  93. New Stonehenge Crop Circle
  94. UFO Sightings and Nuclear Tests Correlation
  95. Summoning UFO's?
  96. Alternative History: The Genetic Manipulation Theory
  97. Questions about aliens/extraterrestrials
  98. book about waves of ET volunteers coming to earth
  99. belgian u.f.o.s
  100. Have you noticed the increase of sightings in the sky lately?
  101. In regards to alien invasion ideas...
  102. Future Humans Among Us?
  103. Hypersonic flight for USA
  104. The end ?
  105. Experience still unexplained
  106. MESSAGE
  107. Staged Alien Invasion
  108. crop circles
  109. North Leics sightings
  110. Light Being~
  111. ET Contact In Dream
  112. Rods
  113. Theres a round, huge "star" formation...
  114. There are two shuttles outside my house
  115. you wanna know the truth?
  116. Could I Have Been Abducted?
  117. James Gilliland
  118. Why are Aliens flashing us???
  119. My meetings with the grey´s
  120. Now when Im ill..
  121. Contacting aliens for help
  122. Todays event of shuttle
  123. Blue Lights/ Yellow Light/ Calling UFO's- Being Chosen For Something? I Cant Stand It
  124. meeting pleiadeans
  125. UFO picture over Monastery
  126. Reptilian Encounters
  127. wiki leaks and u.f.o.s
  128. ET Council: War With Grey-Draco Reptilian ETs Is Won, No False Flag ET Invasion
  129. Weird Theory on "Cloud Ships"
  130. Review of News Events Relevant to Disclosure and Open Contact, 2011
  131. Alien Abduction Or Sleep Walking?
  132. Lost hour (mods feel free to move this if this isn't the right place)
  133. Exorcism needed.
  134. Aliens/Religion Documentary TV series
  135. Atlantean Aerodynamics
  136. Have friends who don't believe in Aliens?
  137. Unexplained Scar
  138. Aliens baring the Omega Symbol
  139. Small UFO appears in pic
  140. The Fourth Kind -- Movie
  141. Chip Removal,
  142. Did my Dad see a UFO?
  143. London Olympics 2012
  144. Alien tech used by military remote viewers
  145. The Phoenix Lights
  146. Ingo Swann
  147. Take flight to France.
  148. 20 years on ....
  149. UFOs in the Canyons
  150. do you think aliens can take human form
  151. Does anyone recall an alien interupting TV broadcast in England mid 70s?
  152. The Passover Passover
  153. Response to eyewish (sorry I couldnt answer you in a private message.
  154. Links to decent UFO websites
  155. Fires landing from the sky...?
  156. The UFO I saw just made a humming noise, it certainly was not an Airoplane
  157. What are these things in the sky?
  158. Mysterious object nearly downed plane over Denver
  159. Alien Technology
  160. Moon Rising (Full Disclosure Version) - By Jose Escamilla
  161. UFO Sighting on Moon Caught By Amature Astronomer in Italy While Cleaning Telescope A
  162. Galactic Federation of Light
  163. Blimp Shaped Object?
  164. UFO Healing - Unsolved Mysteries - UFO Healing
  165. What Remote Viewing Tells Us About UFOs and ETs (Part I)
  166. My last nights Chemtrail UFO sighting!!
  167. Terrified of the 'greys'
  168. UFO's in the News
  169. Public Service Announcement
  170. The Galactic Federation of Light For Dummies
  171. Positive ET experiences
  172. …and the veil is lifting
  173. Missing Time
  174. Andromeda Galaxy
  175. NASA and Conspiracies
  176. "Abductions"?
  177. Excellent UFO-ET documentary
  178. I don't know what to title this as...
  179. strange noises in the middle of the night and lights
  180. Abduction?
  181. people who really witness an ufo
  182. Its hard to say, whats going on...
  183. Sounds of the planets
  184. When do you think we may publicly meet ETs
  185. Is there a link between Aliens and triangles?
  186. Just dreams or...?
  187. what was that in the sky!?
  188. green ball of fire in sky?
  189. UFO's seen by thousands in Victoria, BC, Canada
  190. Maybe not all UFOs are Alien.
  191. UFO Witness Decleration
  192. Crop Circles
  193. UFOs and the psychic connection
  194. Disclosure update
  195. UFO - UK Sept 2012 United Kingdom
  196. 10/04/2012 UFO Sighting Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
  197. Project at Earth?
  198. What do you all think of Billy Meier?
  199. GFOL photopocket
  200. Secret UFO NASA Transmissions Documentary
  201. Attraction to outer races
  202. Teal Scott came out of closet yesterday
  203. U.F.O.s seem to be everywhere nowadays
  204. UFO's Around The Sun
  205. Arcturian Custom Wallpaper
  206. Supposed ET message (should we show up or not?)
  207. The Lion Race ..
  208. Encounter
  209. This really happened to me.
  211. Feel it but can't see it
  212. Contact in a lucid dream
  213. heard a UFO
  214. original jews
  215. what do u think
  216. Sirius Documentary
  217. Latest Ufo's
  218. A beam of light
  219. First Contact
  220. Calling Mr Whitmore
  221. story outline
  222. Roswell Alien Autopsy..
  223. Col. Richard French of the USAF States his Job was to Debunk UFOs
  224. UFO's revealed like you never IMAGINED.
  225. Why would aliens want to come here?
  226. Strange lights in the sky - can anyone explain what they are???
  227. Sirius Documentary and Dr. Steven Greer's true agenda
  228. What REALLY created us..?
  229. 2 UFOs Caught on Camera Over Bracknell, Berkshire
  230. The Metal Described in Roswell Crash
  231. Is this a "species?"
  232. Eye see you.
  233. 5 Red Lights in a Tree
  234. Has anyone had an experience with pleiadians?
  235. UFO and dream
  236. Signs of abduction
  237. Grey Aliens
  238. Weird creatures...are they Aliens?
  239. We have all made E.T. Contact. Gone are the preconceptions! stop creating fear.Bashar
  240. an orion space ship picture
  241. How Blue Alien Encounter Experience was Looking like
  242. UFO or shooting star?
  243. frist ecounters
  244. Slanted trees are a sign of vortexes, find a vortex and meditate by it!
  245. new poll
  246. What is this E.T. race???
  247. Alien Agenda
  248. Strange Dream About Gray
  249. Where to begin? Trying to figure if I have an ET connection
  250. life on venus