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  1. Radionics
  2. Telepathy
  4. Science of ESP
  5. Anyone have any experience with psychokinesis?
  6. The Smell of Roses and Death
  7. Precognition
  8. Coincidences? Signs?
  9. Which Power would you prefer?
  10. The Real Secrets Of Remote Viewing
  11. Is this man psychic?
  12. Dowsing for water.
  13. A telepathic experience
  14. Clairvoyance What is it ?
  15. Developing Clairvoyance
  16. ESP - Extrasensory Perception
  17. Articles Show Satellite Can Read Thoughts
  18. can anyone help?
  19. Remote viewing
  20. Looking for a telepathic partner
  21. Esp?
  22. i want it to STOP
  23. How Common Is Telepathy?
  24. Dangerious Skills. Insight is welcome.
  25. how do i develop telepathy
  26. Thoughts
  27. Is something going to happen?
  28. Empath
  29. new here...a horrifyingly fascinating experience..
  30. Telepathic relationship, I'm being abused
  31. Do you see ESP as a power or smthing tobe used?
  32. inner voice and telepathy
  33. Telekinesis
  34. Dangerous thoughts
  35. "Feeling" Eyes on You
  36. is my buddy dead or an imaginary friend
  37. visions intensifying
  38. Binaural Beats Phantom Frequencies Solfeggio etc..tips?
  39. Telepathic Ability
  40. Psychokinesis
  41. Objects transmitting information?
  42. What do you think of this guy?
  43. A Psychic or Telepathic Display Wanted
  44. San anyone that can do remote viewing help to locate a lost cat?
  45. Empath in Dysfunctional family
  46. Imaginary Friends? Schizophrenia? Telepathy?
  47. Telepathy is out of control! Please help if you can
  48. Am I crazy?
  49. dangers of false incriminating telepathy
  50. Receiving other people's thoughts - I HATE IT!
  51. Need some input for the capabilities of ESP
  52. Is Uri Geller really a psychic?
  53. You can relate to this! And I believe this!
  54. Looking for guidance.
  55. need advice on an internal thought block shield
  56. can someone lecture me why its important to keep thoughts private?
  57. Visions
  58. anyone with a high degree of visual ESP?
  59. Are there ways to develop one's mind despite externally forced thoughts?
  60. I made a psychic ability test
  61. My tests for psychokinesis
  62. can telepathy be blocked out?
  63. Decode Reality quicker? Binaural Beats..?
  64. sceneries through telepathy
  65. Haver you ever?????
  66. Are there any disadvantages to developping telepathy?
  67. A slight Premonition of death.
  68. Book: Twin Telepathy
  69. How does telepathy-empathy work?
  70. The recieveing end
  71. Flight, illness and telepathy
  72. Telepathy test
  73. Missing Chakra Rocks
  74. Communicating with lost sibling
  75. Telepathy / schizophrenia take a glimpse at this and you'd wish you had neither
  76. Good Software for Binaural Beats?
  77. Describe the person above you- ESP Test
  78. How Does ESP Work?
  79. Telepathy the person above you
  80. Remote Viewing vs Psychic Readings
  81. Magnetic bracelets
  82. Can it be fine tuned?
  83. RV or clarivoyance? Anyway to become more accurate?
  84. Spoon Bending?
  85. ESP Schools
  86. Controlling "Abilities"?
  87. unwanted telepathy curse
  88. i need advice/help with my telepathy. thank you
  89. Playing with a deck of cards and always get the one i think of
  90. Is This Empathy?
  91. My story
  92. I'm a beginner to telepathy
  93. Selective Empathy
  94. The Empath In Me Is Warning Me
  95. Psi-ball
  96. Radios and electronic devices
  97. Not too sure...
  98. My story
  99. Was it Telepathy?
  100. psychic effects on electronics
  101. Visions and left ear beeping noise
  102. Involuntary ESP
  103. anyone else have thought broadcasting?
  104. Good with electronics?
  105. Realizing a new ability.
  106. Do we interact with physical objects in other ways besides physical touch?
  107. Dandelion tea
  108. Esp messages..
  109. ESP Test Online
  110. am i unwittingly reading others thoughts?
  111. Any ESP thoughts about my house?
  112. What do you call it
  113. Okay, what do we call this?
  114. Could you help me find my memory card?
  115. Clairalience
  116. Empathic Transmission?
  117. friends baby trying to communicate with her
  118. The real deal
  119. Pet telepathy
  120. Can I make her to call me..
  121. Can someone help me remote view or remote view for me?
  122. come together
  123. Anyone willing to try and help me locate my cat?
  124. About Tele/Psycho~kinesis
  125. Symbols seen during remote viewings and similar
  126. "Telepathic" Experiences?
  127. Remote Viewing Trial
  128. whats the best way for development?
  129. Reading Emotions(?)
  130. Hello everyone!
  131. Have I Started To Develop Remote Viewing?
  132. Telepathy and Dreams
  133. telepathic connection?
  134. People reading my mind
  135. Where do Visions take place?
  136. telepathy problem
  137. In Need of DESPERATE Help
  138. best friends . . .
  139. What is this called?
  140. Negative energy is present.... how can I fight against it
  141. Is this telepathy ?
  142. I really need advice ..please help
  143. Precognition Vision problem, help?
  144. Occasional, one off visions escalating - requesting help
  145. why is this ?
  146. Just Wanted to Share.
  147. Calling all experienced Telepaths
  148. Calling all experienced Telepaths
  149. Anyone see shapes against closed eyelids?
  150. *spin off - Anyone see colors against closed eyelids?
  151. Reading Thoughts
  152. I know this was not my imagination, but I am not sure what is was & what to do?
  153. Need an unbiased opinion
  154. How to tune into empathy...
  155. not sure if what I heard was real
  156. Developing esp
  157. Clairvoyance
  158. Help, Telepathy
  159. Telekinesis
  160. Telepathy 101?
  161. Clairvoyance, Gift or Burden?
  162. Telepathic receiver creating Tulpas
  163. What was your first teelepathic moment/experince?
  164. Psi and ethics.
  165. Took an online ESP test
  166. Street Lights turning off
  167. The Dance of Gaia
  168. telepathic boundrys to prevent harm
  169. For Fun- Color Game
  170. This could explain a lot of things.
  171. How to know your family diety through ESP?
  172. anyone else notice their thoughts going out very far?
  173. Do you know about Ingo Swann?
  174. A period of hightened sensitivity...
  175. Thoughtforms
  176. ESP
  177. telepathy with an ex
  178. Curious.
  179. Mesmer and the development of hypnosis.
  180. Sending and receiving successful telepathic messages
  181. Simply Calling out to a Friend
  182. Psychosis / Telepathy / Evil Spirits
  183. Hello All
  184. Which part of the brain to concentrate on?
  185. To Prove Scientifically / Doubts
  186. Is it an ESP moment when?
  187. HELP ME... please :)
  188. Looking over your shoulder
  189. How to differentiate between psychic phenomena and brain activity
  190. Is anyone really telepathic?
  191. Forum/Chat Room for telepathy and other supernatural
  192. My Query,
  193. Bad Emotion
  194. Long Distance Telepathy help?
  195. Remote Viewing ESP
  196. A little help with a bad communication
  197. Reading a lion's thought-feeling
  198. Strange tale
  199. Preventing broadcasting?
  200. help making the connection stronger
  201. What is this is it Telepathy?
  202. A scientist explains levitation?
  203. Speaking to Another's Subconscious
  204. YOUR psychic abilities
  205. The scent of baby powder
  206. Negativity & Abilities?
  207. These thoughts aren't mine!!!
  208. psychic powers with gambling????
  209. Resident Psychics needed by Hollywood
  210. My Protocol for Using Telepathy
  211. Definitions
  212. The Psychic Game :)
  213. My telepathic messages come in the form of...
  214. Are some Psychics simply Telepahic to Another ?
  215. Autosuggestions and Affirmations - Harnessing the Power ?
  216. how do i get rid of a energy?
  217. Is it possible to be telepathic and not know it?
  218. When close to death
  219. ESP & Spiritual Experiences in Mental Illness
  220. Mind over muscle...
  221. Psychotronics
  222. Telepathic Activations on 12-12-(20)12
  223. can you "hear" energy
  224. the book that answers it all
  225. Block my Unintended Telepathy?
  226. Getting info from an object
  227. Do you see good things?
  228. does stranger danger apply to psychics in public?
  229. Online ESP Tests?
  230. Psychic Challenge
  231. In great need of help with telepathy
  232. Telepathy and ESP Beyond My Control
  233. Telepathy causes psychosis
  234. More than just a dream!
  235. Urgent help with telepathic abuse!!!!
  236. Seperating yours and theirs
  237. Psychic abilities opening and spirits wont leave me alone! Help please!
  238. would like to hire a telepath
  239. Psychometry
  240. Clairaudience development
  241. Help Urgently Needed
  242. I need a psychic telepath
  243. Unsure of psychic potential
  244. Telepathy test: which number did I write?
  245. ~ Challenge ~
  246. Nullifying / Spiritual Voids
  247. sending/receiving and third eye
  248. Guess my favorites
  249. Telepathic energy healing?
  250. Interesting Remote Viewing Experience