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  1. What's the secret of allegories?
  2. Sacred Geometry....
  3. most important lesson you've learned
  4. Human Biological computers
  5. What does "Spirituality" Mean to you?
  6. Ana B'koach and other mantras
  7. Weird Wispy Thing?
  8. Free will and quantum mechanical aspects
  9. psychic mediums
  10. How to prove God properly
  11. floating what?
  12. The stink eye....
  13. Self doubt and 'What if'
  14. How to prove "I" properly
  15. Telepathy
  16. "It's All Because of You..." Sukiyaki
  17. We and (our) nature
  18. Clothing holding old energy
  19. Children of the Stars
  20. Interview with God
  21. Psychic Information
  22. What Do You Stand For!?
  23. Feng Shui For Wealth
  24. We apparently have some blocks or something...
  25. Emotional Intelligence
  26. My boyfriend can always find four leaf clover
  27. Empath
  28. Becoming the Buddha, becoming the Christ
  29. reincarnation and homosexuality
  30. What does it mean
  31. Why believe ?
  32. difference between spirit and soul
  33. Emotions
  34. Simplicity
  35. What is god?
  36. Karmic debt from movies?
  37. Fear of Mirrors
  38. Fluff
  39. Connected or Disconnected
  40. Why do you believe in reincarnation?
  41. Pause, think and then send or open your mouth
  42. having a hard time believing we are one collective consciousness
  43. Once A Victim Always A Victim
  44. Can you burn sage as incense?
  45. Matt Warne...a Beautiful Soul...
  46. Multiple Personalities and The Collective Conscious
  47. Breathtarian
  48. is esp 'special'?
  49. Your definition of JOY
  50. The end of the world as we know it!
  51. Is praying for answers during a test cheating?
  52. Dark Angels & Demons
  53. Demoness turned Goddess.
  54. How does a spirit know..
  55. The Power of Music
  56. Being OK with the Universe
  57. Religion and Profanity!
  58. What is the New Age of Aquarius?
  59. Deja vu occuring when with a particular person
  60. Metaphysics
  61. Flower magic - what do we know?
  62. Attention - Spirit-of-Intention - Attraction
  63. Beliefs
  64. Just feeling different
  65. Tom Campbell-My Big Toe
  66. Mark Possi-What On Earth Is Happening?
  67. Christian mother found out about my Kundalini
  68. Can spirits incarnate into humans?
  69. Information
  70. How does Tantric sex related to spirituality?
  71. Birthday Calculator
  72. Resentment
  73. Walls
  74. do microorganisms have soul?
  75. The Root: were does Low self esteem come from?
  76. breaking a voodoo curse or spell
  77. Consciousness-where does it go during black outs or dreamless sleep?"
  78. STDs
  79. Ancient Purana might knew about all the species
  80. In need of guidance.
  81. i need of some help
  82. If you Beleive in One you have to Beleive in the Other
  83. Genetic Hybrids
  84. Psychiatric medication -- Is is bad for your spirituality?
  85. Someone looking back when you close your eyes?
  86. Blessing/crystals for baby
  87. The Next life after this one on Earth ?
  88. Am I off-track somehow?
  89. Spiritual spouses vs.incubus/succubus-any difference?
  90. Resistance
  91. What Happens After a Psychic Attack? (Receiving End)
  92. We are of Creation
  93. Nirvana
  94. The feeling of wanting more.......
  95. Can cosmetic surgery & spirituality coexist?
  96. Akashic records & predictive programming in tv & movies?
  97. C.R.E.M.E.
  98. Interview On Ancient Mysteries - Graham Hancock
  99. How do you know what you believe?
  100. What would Jesus's vibe be like?
  101. After completed Kundalini-Awakening...
  102. Why is nothing working for us?
  103. Do evil souls dissipate?
  104. Studying metaphysics
  105. Energy & Earth.....what gives?
  106. Numerology
  107. Stowe's Bible Astrology: The Bible Founded on Astrology
  108. Dark energies, latching, spirit possession?
  109. Hearing baby cries before sleep?
  110. Transformed ENERGY NEEDS to be directed~
  111. Aliens and shadow people
  112. A woman strolling in a garden. She is unaware that she is being watched by elves.
  113. Technology and Frequencies
  114. Virtues
  115. Blame
  116. Exit points
  117. Non spiritual people with dogmatic beliefs
  118. The Astorlogical Ages
  119. Capitalism is inversely correlated to love?
  120. Can you build too much energy?
  121. What do YOU do to get into Alignment???
  122. Daily rituals?
  123. Oneness
  124. God Is Energy, Not a Person
  125. Could I be an energy vampire?
  126. what's wrong with my beliefs
  127. What is going on in the world.
  128. Being Spiritual, one becomes removed from the 'real' world
  129. Devils highway!
  130. apparitions..
  131. Flaws with Instincts?
  132. Why we're all going to be fine.
  133. For those who think God/spirituality Afterlife is fantasy
  134. What is True Self
  135. Have you Ever felt Inferior or inadequate of someone elses level of Spirituality?
  136. Empath-y?
  137. Before I get too deep...
  138. Consciousness/Mind
  139. Ever wonder "why" ?
  140. How to live your life in one sentence!
  141. Healing symbols and the links between different belief systems
  142. Charisma: nature vs nurture?
  143. If the multiverse theory is real...
  144. Giving-up
  145. For Computer Techs!
  146. Intuition: song lyrics
  147. What is this fox?
  148. Spirit and Evolution
  149. Reading Each Other's Energy (Problem for me)
  150. Being Human
  151. your Reality is real ?
  152. Succubus
  153. am i really alone or really insane?
  154. Electronics affected by mood?
  155. We are cells which create life
  156. What is "the tree of knowledge of good and evil"
  157. Happy Days! Are Here Again
  158. Theory
  159. The Creator has a form
  160. strange beliefs about abortion
  161. Sovereignty
  162. What God is to me
  163. Nothing seems to work out - do I need to be doing something else?
  164. living a different way from how humans do now
  165. Just had the strangest happy experience
  166. Ethereal
  167. Rituals, traditions, and other things
  168. A question that stands between delusion and truth.
  169. Holy Pictures or Symbols
  170. Inbetween the Light and Dark
  171. How does it make you feel? Episode 1. Heart Sutra.
  172. Pictures & Images
  173. Entity that is attached to me? Who is she?
  174. safety, accidents, and incidents
  175. The Future Arrives in 2045
  176. Life Story of Abnormal Events
  177. My own logical reasoning as to why there is a higher being
  178. Visions - what's the purpose???
  179. Merry Christ Mass!
  180. Hi. I have autism and I have problems with a support agency!
  181. I believe in degree of truth
  182. Breaking Glass?
  183. Mixing with crowds / public places
  184. Stages of development and Awareness
  185. How do you tell the difference between a vision and your imagination?
  186. Messianic Age
  187. Spirituality & Life Problems
  188. Cuirious about our universe.
  189. Later life.
  190. The Order of the Dawning Sun
  191. When you reach the level of transcending
  192. Psychic Twins Predictions 2015-
  193. Incense or..
  194. Are people with gender identity issues really born in the wrong body?
  195. Feeling weird energy and getting dizzy!
  196. MBTI and Soul Incarnations
  197. GOD. What does it mean to you? Humanoid being in the sky ? Energy ? Creator source
  198. Defending the Masters
  199. Angsty at night
  200. Angsty at night
  201. Finding God after throwing it all away.
  202. I feel like I am watching myself, is this ok?
  203. Rejecting Dangerous Realities - Mind Controlling Reality
  204. I seem to believe I am a spiritual/universal spirit.
  205. water and bad luck
  206. Beliefs vs Delusions
  207. Any differences with necromancy and YHWH raising a army (Ezek 37:10)
  208. Oversoul Aspect?
  209. Spiritual Kung Fu
  210. Feeling better outdoors?
  211. Intuition
  212. voice of God
  213. What is the Hightest Good?
  214. Superstitions
  215. Don't have to be a "Big Shot"
  216. Love, compassion, understanding and advanced souls
  217. Understanding our life lessons
  218. What exactly is The Dark Side?
  219. Is ISTJ a controlling personality?
  220. How do you deal with negative people?
  221. The Universe is Virtual - idea
  222. Is advice shallow?
  223. What do you think of this gut feeling?
  224. spiritual names
  225. Saving the Earth
  226. The Gods
  227. Pattern Integrity = Soul{?}
  228. An Earthbound Spirit Is Showing My Girlfriend Visions/Memories...?
  229. Working with God and positive people
  230. Birthday Days
  231. Personal Dilemma
  232. Today, They Gotta Deal with me on my terms.
  234. SAY YES
  235. Age of Regeneration
  237. Every Child is born of a Virgin
  239. beeja mantras, do they work and should they be tried at all?
  240. LIFE
  241. Sensitive Sometimes?
  242. Waking up
  244. Love is the fundamental energy, Fear is the primary emotion
  245. How are we different from computers?
  247. What is Inner Beauty ?
  248. How do we escape suffering?
  249. Judge not, that you be not judged
  250. The coming darkness