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  1. Where do you get the energy from?
  2. Energy colors
  3. How do you know what your element is?
  4. Supercharged on energy
  5. Spiritual properties of pyramid structures?
  6. I was told to heal.... the earth?
  7. Fire energy
  8. Ley lines
  9. Energy
  10. Engery or Awareness
  12. Energy Manipulation
  13. A shift?
  14. Energy: could I really have blown all the lights in the kitchen by touch?
  15. Taking on the energy of others?
  16. Feeling energy so intense
  17. Intuative & Observation skills
  18. feeling energy,how to get better at it ?
  19. Maladhara (root Chakra) constant tingling??
  20. Energy Blockage - Above Wrists
  21. Shielding
  22. Basic Tools
  23. medication causing energy problems
  24. Energy threads during inner work
  25. I'm curious
  26. Meditation for Energy Work
  27. spatial awareness
  28. How do you know when you're using energy works?
  29. Help with boosting energy
  30. I want to stop draining others
  31. Problem maybe?
  32. Excess Energy
  33. Why not visualize?
  34. Does this happen to you?
  35. More problems???
  36. how to know if you are becoming a demon.
  37. can some1 really destroy some ones else ki channels?
  38. personal magnetism or charm
  39. What will it take for the average person to awaken?
  40. How to protect your room from negative energies.
  41. Matrix Energetics-experiences?
  42. undoing energy work?
  43. Interesting energy healing video
  44. I want to learn healing
  45. Electromagnetism and Bioenergy
  46. energy in legs
  47. Looking for some advice from advance practioners
  48. ying and yang energies.
  49. Energy / spirit self.
  50. Healing Touch vs. Reiki
  51. Energy work to assist with kidney stones
  52. Measuring your voltage with a multimeter
  53. How To Raise Energy
  54. sending & receiving energy
  55. Can healing over the internet work?
  56. vampire question
  57. Energy blockages?
  58. Energy work on houseplants?
  59. Eyes Rolling
  60. Am I draining my boyfriend's energy?
  61. im looking for something new
  62. Exploring taoism/tantra/daoism
  63. Energy Shift Question
  64. DNA Activation
  65. energy amplification?
  66. Super curious in your opinion - Grounding to Earth at this time = Not Good?
  67. Help needed for the weekend please
  68. diff between men&women energy workers
  70. Vibrational Frequencies
  71. Best method to not absorb energy around you?
  72. Passing Psi Balls
  73. Healing Hands
  74. cold hands
  75. has this happened to you??????
  76. Psi Ball
  77. Strange effect on clocks!
  78. Energy Rush from 2nd up to 7th
  79. After effects of energy healing
  80. what i've noticed about my brother's energy
  81. new to energy work! suggestions?
  82. What is going on? Am confused
  83. Universal Energies
  84. Feeling blocked. How to raise my energy levels?
  85. Help, please I have shut down!
  86. monsters under the bed...oh my!
  87. Sensing other people's energy
  88. Purple energy
  89. Energy sources
  90. golden light healing
  91. Disease energy colors
  92. Guess what color i am thinking of
  93. Self Defense Against Psychic Attack Energy?
  94. Amazed by Pendulum....
  95. Energy 101: Whats is a healing ?
  96. My parents both have abundance energy blocks...
  97. Coming into awareness
  98. Whats happening now
  99. My kundalini
  100. raising my vibration
  101. Energy experience questions
  102. Help dealing with.. energy feeders
  103. How to send someone a psi ball?
  104. Energy sending with crystal help.
  105. Seeing Energy
  106. Kundalini and the Transmutation of the Physical Form
  107. High energy people!
  108. Energy colors and sources
  109. energy drained plz help
  110. Bombarded by energy?
  111. Pain playing with energy
  112. Orgone Pendant
  113. Seeking guidance/direction
  114. Shame energy?
  115. Can nightmares drain your energy?
  116. ADAM (McLeod) "Dream Healer" - Book & Clip
  117. Sparks coming from fingertips?
  118. Cord with an energy
  119. Really bad cramps. Could this be something spiritual? Menopause puberty and kundalini
  120. The Grand Sextile August 25th The Solomon s seal
  121. Able to move energy through body
  122. Was this energy
  123. Feeling sick when I go to large stores
  124. Vibrations, expanding and waves of energy intense
  125. Shielding techniques
  126. Obtaining chi
  127. Chakra Armor
  128. Absorbing energy
  129. Does I make psiball? Help!
  130. Psychic attack
  131. Help with Psi Balls
  132. Energy Tendrils
  133. Does negative magic return?
  134. I'm lost in Energy!
  135. what does heart energy feel like?
  136. symptoms of chi?
  137. pentagram shape have meaning?
  138. ITER
  139. Healing Vs Curing
  140. energy through objects
  141. extremely large amounts of energy to the head?
  142. Interesting energy sensation in hands
  143. Empath Sickness?
  144. Feeling strong and uncomfortable emotions.
  145. Psiball fun
  146. Low energy
  147. how to increase my energy
  148. Excess Yin
  149. determining imaginaion from chi
  150. why so?
  151. Energetic Emotional Shift
  152. My first manifestation
  153. Shift in energy?
  154. Sending healing energy
  155. Sensing my chakra....
  156. Passing energy around....
  157. good schools?
  158. What's next?
  159. What attracts us to anothers energy?
  160. Energy Ripple?
  161. What energy healing is this?
  162. How Do I Make Myself Less Nervous Around This Guy?
  163. Orgone Energy Generators/Pendants
  164. Does the music you have stored on your MP3 player affect your energy?
  165. Energy vortexes causing physical burns?
  166. Energy vortexes causing physical burns?
  167. Where is fear stored in the body?
  168. Energy shooting into & from fingers
  169. Bursting Energy.
  170. Where to get a great aura spray from?
  171. Can emanating a certain kind of energy draw in certain kinds of people?
  172. Ida & Pingala (either side of the Sushumna)
  173. Waves of high sensitivity
  174. Breathing Spirit
  175. Auric Clearing. Clear your Aura of all Occupants, and negative Thoughtforms
  176. Kundalini Rising
  177. Cold energy..
  178. Pranayama
  179. Kundalini and the immune system
  180. Energy affecting electronics
  181. Spooky 2 Rife Machine
  182. Feeling taller after expanding higher chakras
  183. How to replenish energy?
  184. Physical pain from empathy
  185. Longmen pai retreats in the UK
  186. Psychometry
  187. Question involving ability since birth
  188. Seizure during Kundalini Kriyas
  189. Question for experienced healers!
  190. Protecting against a Threesome!
  191. Candles absorbing negative energy
  192. Ways to increase your energy vibration
  193. Borrowing Negative Energy
  194. empathy is killing me =(
  195. My Energy Experiments
  196. using a water shield
  197. how i raise my vibes
  198. Question on Energy work
  199. My energy is making electronics go crazy!
  200. dried flowers = stale energy ?
  201. Balancing body energy
  202. pulling energy from the dream realm, physical, and spirit
  203. Energy in Feet?
  204. Girlfriend feels my energy in left hand
  205. elemental energy used for telekinesis
  206. Easing Symptoms of Empathy?
  207. Can I curb planet energy from influencing my moods?
  208. Seasonal Energy
  209. A lack of energy
  210. Healing through energy work???
  211. Is there such thing as being too young?
  212. Freaky Eyeballs
  213. strange energy feelings
  214. morning wood !
  215. Any advice from psychic attacks and from negative entities/demons?
  216. Prepare Myself
  217. Wierd experience Please help
  218. Too many energy workers in one place?
  219. Strong energy swells while doing healings!
  220. Is there anyone who's highly experienced with energy work who could possibly lend som
  221. Barometric pressure??
  222. New shielding method
  223. problems with negative emotions in others
  224. Birthmarks and Energy Vortices
  225. insight please
  226. Energy work, (white magic) spell casting and a related question
  227. A spell/energy work for getting taller
  228. some advice needed much please
  229. Balancing energy
  230. Strange energy exchange with medium sales clerk, what happened?
  231. Traveling Through Deep Outer Space
  232. Free energy healing methods?
  233. Can someone help explain this to me?
  234. nature
  235. What Kinda of healing is this??
  236. defense against negative energys??
  237. How to raise the vibration of new apartment?
  238. Blocked energy!!
  239. Picking up on a specific persons energy
  240. Healing through Consciousness...
  241. Am i seeing energy?
  242. Drainage
  243. Feng Shui Questions
  244. is Reiki energy really effective as cure for severe kundalini
  245. does Reiki really helps in severe kundalini crises
  246. Influencing or manipulating live radio or television.
  247. Detecting Energy & Interacting with it
  248. Freaked out feeling when recieving energy
  249. Ecstatic Energy?
  250. How to do I stop absorbing other peoples energy?