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  1. Isaac Newton
  2. Artificial Intelligence?
  3. Science will soon reveal the spiritual world
  4. Science and sprituality.
  5. Science will soon reveal itself to be a fantastic joke.
  6. How do we find the balance
  7. New to here, and need opinions
  8. Quantum Mind
  9. Absolute Scientific Truth
  10. This might be of interest. PRAAH project.
  11. This might be of interest....
  12. Ancient skies
  13. What would be a heavenly future.
  14. Energy, Number And Frequency
  15. Test Of Faith
  16. Ghost In The Machine
  17. the awakening
  18. divining the brain??
  19. Dangers of noise
  20. The spiralling nature of existence
  21. The Laws Of Meta-Physics
  22. Conscience: The Science Of Consciousness?
  23. Labratory Universe
  24. Is There More To It Than Just Me?
  25. A Scientific Look at Oneness (an article)
  26. Chakra Experiences
  27. Mortal 'I AM'
  28. Animal Psychology
  29. The Secret
  30. Our Multidimensionality
  31. Access The Truth About Anything
  32. connective physics.
  33. You have got to be joking...
  34. Quatum computers.
  35. If I was a Biogeologist...
  36. Does IQ have deeper meaning?
  37. spiritual intelligence.. sq
  38. Laws of the Universe: Revisited
  39. a quantum mechanics question
  40. Universal Identity and Quantum Thoughts: Tinkering with the universe
  41. The Philosophers stone
  42. I can make my finger move without even thinking about it.
  43. On the Nature of Reality
  44. why 420
  45. Mind over Matter
  46. The Relative Universe.
  47. To exist, it must have life
  48. Brain injury causes beer-drinking man to take up cross-stitch
  49. my theory
  50. Quick question
  51. Doing Nothing
  52. "Evidence Suggests that Your Past isn't Set in Stone"
  53. Scientists find first real evidence you CAN see the future
  54. the difference between electricity and its charge
  55. The Formula.
  56. Science & Spirituality Meet
  57. Measuring energies - range of frequencies?
  58. What Is.
  59. existence
  60. Global consciousness
  61. The Effects Of Sacred Ratios.
  62. personal space
  63. Sticky Questions About Souls
  64. Dion Fortune:Priestess
  65. Faster Vibrations Equal More Mass.....? Spritual Energy....
  66. Astral Energy!
  67. Entire Spiritual Daily life - How you can Assemble a Total Spiritual Existence
  68. Great Quotes
  69. Conflict
  70. Your plant can read your mind and recognize people...
  71. Isochronic tones (ISO) and Binaural Beats
  72. "The Science Of Being Great" by Wallace D. Wattles
  73. Speed of Light
  74. Our Spiritual Existence
  75. who are we? you? me?
  76. co creating
  77. Psychometry
  78. Psychic people emit higher frequencies...
  79. Empirical evidence for spiritual energy
  80. Dimensions
  81. Q-Link
  82. Where Math meets the spirituality
  83. Can Faith interact with Science?
  84. Chaos.
  85. Pineal Gland... Energy Fields
  86. Experience the power of reciting good words....
  87. -0+ The mind tool
  88. The Hotel Infinity
  89. Betelguise is set to go super/hyper nova!!!!
  90. question on preserving your brain after death
  91. Quantum Computers
  92. Science and the Mind.
  94. Nanotech
  95. The Garden of Eden - Found near Rashaya El-Wadi, Lebanon
  96. is there another life force then god?
  97. The Ender's Game Series, existence, reincarnation
  98. Science Makes God Unnecessary
  99. Big Bang Theory a hoax?
  100. White unicorns v demons on black horses
  101. Are electrons green?
  102. Saved from death!
  103. voices, and spirits talking to you requireing your help?
  104. What Is?
  105. i win
  106. God's science lesson.
  107. Attention mechanics
  108. The results of my findings
  109. Time, it's acceleration and the 2012 ascension
  110. Can cats/dogs sense or see paranormal events?
  111. Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality
  112. Wilhelm Reich/ Orgone/ "Cloudbusting" --Kate Bush
  113. Exorcists and science.. Whats do you believe..
  114. quantum entanglement, duality, merging of opposites?
  115. Ignorance Makes God unnecessary!
  116. Spiritual Cinema..
  117. Evolution, life, and pain.
  118. The block or the wheel?
  119. Could I EVP myself?
  120. Time Jumping?
  121. 46 and 2
  122. Perception of other things?
  123. Unknown 'Bubble' In Milky Way
  124. Which came first? Light or Sound?
  125. Jesus came through a wormhole?
  126. Hearing things
  127. For those that are interested
  128. The Quantum Factor
  129. Noetic Science, a mixture.
  130. Noetic Science, a mixture.
  131. How to understand enlightened people, how to recognise?
  132. The Hollow Earth
  133. What happened to DivineLove?
  134. Body,Mind,and Consciousness
  135. The Science Delusion
  136. any thoughts on planet X
  137. Satellite dish interference
  138. Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer
  139. Dark matter and what it could mean for spirituality.
  140. Seat of the Soul
  141. Looking for a field of research.
  142. Evolution And The Double Bind
  143. Amondawa tribe lacks abstract idea of time, study says
  144. Soul Vs Body
  145. the elusive particle
  146. Programing objects with our energy to do specific things?
  147. Aussie Student Makes Major Astrophysical Discovery
  148. Religious experiences shrink part of the brain
  149. Conundrum Theory & The God Particle
  150. Expanding Our View Of Life
  151. Dark Energy Is Real
  152. Solar Flares
  153. What gives us the sense of foreboding??
  154. Why Sacred?
  155. celibacy decrease testerone level in blood?
  156. What is philosophy based on?
  157. Beyond the horizon of our Universe
  158. Anti-matter?
  159. My ultimate theory on the universe
  160. Interactive Scale of the Universe
  161. Quantum Jumping
  162. Looking back in time.
  163. Chaos II
  164. The Conscious Universe
  165. Cosmic Consciousness
  166. Hypogognia and spirituality
  167. Atoms and vibration
  168. Universe/subatomics infinite in threes?
  169. Knowing makes it true
  170. Universe in a siingularity?
  171. The Sun and The Wind
  172. Sage neutralizing air?
  173. Free will article
  174. space time and merkaba
  175. Does anyone else out there think the world has gone nuts??? What does it all mean??
  176. Scale of the Universe ...
  177. What are your thoughts?
  178. The Distinction.
  179. Where did intelligence and consciousness come from?
  180. Time travel. Is it possible?
  181. 4D/blackholes/wormholes/time travel. Hear me out.
  182. Is God Love or is Love God?
  183. Fater than speed of light.
  184. Multiple Personality and Schizophrenia...
  185. ~~SCIENCE~~...has it lost its ideology and podium?
  186. 2012 Explained
  187. Nature of Time.
  188. Viruses are not Evil.
  189. Oneness - Scientifically Proven (sort of)
  190. America and the new evagelism
  191. How were you created?
  192. nothing from nothing?
  193. Cross post Oct 28
  194. Scientific proof that we are made of light?
  195. "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot
  196. spiritual intelligence
  197. Nutrino's capable of faster than light speeds ?
  198. "doctor who" science ?
  199. Consciousness Drives the Universe
  200. Hardcore Atheists
  201. 11/11/11 (Nov. 11, 2011)???
  202. Are We a Dream? The Universe and a Neuron Have the Same Structure
  203. God and Stephen Hawking: Do the Laws of Physics Make God Unnecessary? by Prof.Lennox
  204. Fantastic Science Meets Spiritual site.. Wow!
  205. Ley Lines
  206. How to make sure that what you do is not based on fear?
  207. Spiritual proof
  208. Imagining the Tenth Dimension
  209. Can Science Reveal God?
  210. Evolution's starting point
  211. Decoding Immortality
  212. The Paradoxial Axiom.
  213. First elements created moment of big bang
  214. Biological basis for empathy?
  215. Stranded by Aliens
  216. 7 steps to take to have a longer life
  217. The Holgraphc Universe, help with...
  218. Enlightenment vs insanity
  219. Why do most scientists hate spirituality?
  220. Tom Campbell and virtual reality
  221. Spirtual Awakening symptoms?
  222. PROOF that GOD exists
  223. The New Physics
  224. Holotrophic Breath Workshop - Saturday
  225. Has anyone seen Spirit Science?
  226. Is it possible for light to enter its own self?
  227. As Within So Without
  228. Question on psychics
  229. The Science Delusion
  230. The speed of imagination
  231. What would make someone have alot of spiritual energy
  232. String Thoery RE: Proof that GOD exists
  233. Do our thoughts and emotions effect our REALITY?!
  234. Alien Research
  235. Zero-Point Field, Time Travel and Meditation
  236. UFO sighting: Bellingham wa 2/22/2012
  237. Quantum Physics
  238. Acoustic Science/Giza Power Plant
  239. Sleep Paralysis
  240. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden
  241. Morphic Response
  242. Nikola Tesla
  243. Foundational Information
  244. Lets not get too dark, but I had a thought!
  245. Where are we going?
  246. A Scientist's Guide to the Spiritual
  247. The Trouble with Physics
  248. Science Proves the Spiritual
  249. Proof we are in a simulated reality?
  250. The Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics