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  1. Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
  2. Tarot newbie
  3. New Crystal Therapy Cards oracle deck
  4. 4 Aces- sequence relevance
  5. Aora Gemstone Oracle cards
  6. Looking to Learn...
  7. Interpret this 5 card Shadow Truth Reading
  8. tarot meaning
  9. Need help with 2 cards please
  10. Do You Practise?
  11. What Does A Good Reading Include?
  12. What do you think of my tarot card reading?
  13. 3 Aces in a Reading
  14. Confused on some things
  15. Numerology and tarot readings
  16. Tarot question
  17. his feelings about not seeing me
  18. reversed or not
  19. How do you cleanse your tarot cards?
  20. I need help with tarot cards!
  21. Please help me interpret
  22. Judgement and The Lovers
  23. interpretation insights please
  24. What is your favorite spread to do?
  25. 4 x 9 cards.. then 2 x 9/hermit and sun
  26. Using Playing Cards in readings?
  27. The Wild Wood Tarot
  28. Queen of Rods?
  29. Help interpreting 3 cards
  30. Help with a spread
  31. where to begin; advice for beginner
  32. Death Card in Dreams
  33. Angel cards and energy
  34. Spreading the cards. Sigh.
  35. My cards
  36. can this be?
  37. interpretating - guidance please?
  38. Two Cards - Death and Knight of Cups
  39. Making my own tarot deck
  40. Lenormand reading interpretation
  41. Mostly male cards?
  42. anyone want to exchange love life readings?
  43. An Old Wives' Tale?
  44. Reading Interpretaion Help
  45. Just curious
  46. First time the cards get mad at me LOL
  47. The World?
  48. Tarot interpretation
  49. Question about the Four of Pentacles and love......
  50. Magician and High Priestess?
  51. cleansing cards
  52. YES or NO questions
  53. Tarot Card Combinations Game!
  54. Faery Oracle
  55. the tower again.
  56. How much does your mood affect your readings?
  57. does it realy help you?
  58. Not Sure About That Reading...
  59. Reading exchange
  60. Starnge question
  61. Guess the title...
  62. Reversed cards as advised courses of action
  63. Reading on Spirits
  64. Reading Interpretation/Help
  65. help finding tarot!
  66. tarot books
  67. 9 of Cups
  68. How do you shuffle/pull cards?
  69. cards
  70. After a little advice re: Tarot
  71. How Often do you use cards?
  72. Help with a reading :)
  73. *Minor Arcana: The Aces*
  74. Can you help me with Tarot?
  75. What is the difference with Oracle cards and Tarot cards?
  76. Choosing a card deck.
  77. My experience with Oracle Cards
  78. The Devil + The Lovers
  79. Me and My Tarot Cards, need some help!
  80. *Minor Arcana: The 2s!*
  81. King Of Cups
  82. Anyone want to exchange love readings?
  83. Knight of Wands and Ace Of Cups
  84. Four Cards, Simple Reading
  85. Does the joker card mean death in a cartomancy reading?
  86. Latin Tarot by Denis Lapierre
  87. How exactly does an oraqle work?
  88. How do you read the pages, knights, queens, and kings?
  89. Help interpreting a Celtic Cross Reading
  91. 3-card love spread - help interpreting?
  92. How can an oraqle give this information?
  93. Tarot readings tonight?
  94. Help with card interpretation - Baby in my future?
  95. What to store with cards?
  96. Intuition first before reading?
  97. Help with relationship reading
  98. My first deck of tarot cards. Advice?
  99. help with interpretations
  100. Help with tarot card reading please
  101. Can anyone do tarot?
  102. New Job?
  103. Confusing spread! Interpretation regarding a new relationship? (Picture included)
  104. meaning of reversed major arcana cards, one after another.
  105. Impressions about this card
  106. Newbie would appreciate some insight and opinions on a reading......
  107. What to do with a ruined deck?
  108. Tarot Interpretation Feedback.
  109. Ten Card Celtic Cross Spread - Looking for Feedback
  110. Help with reconciliation spread please
  111. Clarifying love spread
  112. The Devil - An Old Foe Brings Light to the Darkness
  113. Favorite Tarot Decks
  114. Advice for a beginning reader
  115. Apparent conflicting meanings of cards
  116. 5 Pentacles /5 cups
  117. Tarot interpretation please..?
  118. This question goes out to Tarot readers!
  119. Relationship of knight of wands when paired with ace of pentacles?
  120. Ace of Pentacles + 6 of Cups
  121. Seven Animal Totem Spread (Badger Above? What?)
  122. omg the tarot led me to find a lost item in 10 seconds!
  123. Typical tarot baffling me again!
  124. The Moon card
  125. Opinions on this spread please?
  126. Not sure how to interpret court cards in a reading
  127. tarot interpretation tricky
  128. anyone use Angel Oracle cards for readings?
  129. tarot spread inquiry
  130. The Devil card and Relationships
  131. Question about ten of cups in a reading...
  132. My Analysis--The magician and the Queen of Cups keeps appearing
  133. Rec Tarot Oracle Cards please
  134. The easiest spread for 'yes' and 'no'?
  135. Understanding the spread...HELP
  136. Love/Relationship Cards Rec Please
  137. Death Card - Relationships
  138. chess
  139. Got New Cards.....Crystal Oracle
  140. Just want to brag
  141. delays, according totarot
  142. Is it best for someone to give you tarot cards before you use them?
  143. Troubles with some Major Arcana
  144. The Victorian Fairy Tarot
  145. How To Interpret This?
  146. Tower reversed - help interpreting?
  147. orcle reading twin flame
  148. What are some Good oracle Card Decks?
  149. what are the chances ?
  150. "King" cards in the tarot deck
  151. My first oracle deck
  152. The Hanged Man Reversed?
  153. QUestion about a relationship reading
  154. best book to learn tarot?
  155. Interpretation: Major Arcana #6 The Lovers
  156. Please Help with Interpreting
  157. Does anyone else use Cartomancy?
  158. Which Interpretations Are Correct?
  159. Cards falling from deck while shuffling
  160. Buying used tarot cards
  161. Interesting and confusing combination
  162. How do you approach/interpret tarot cards in a reading?
  163. Death & The Devil
  164. For everyone! How did you learn?
  165. Insight on this reading?
  166. opposite message from different decks??
  167. Beyond Freaked out!!!! losing my mind
  168. Card kept occuring
  169. Death card, help with meaning!
  170. Can a tarot reading be your own manifested fear?
  171. Are tarot card readings in the moment or do they mean your whole life?
  172. Tarot Card Reading
  173. Help with interpretation
  174. 8 of cups interpretation?
  175. How long should you wait to ask tarot similar/the same question?
  176. If tarot cards are kept in a messy environment can that clutter/mess up the reading?
  177. Keep getting the fool for health?
  178. Buying your own tarot cards.
  179. Three card spread question
  180. The Magician: love
  181. Symbolism vs No Symbolism
  182. First post ever. Tarot Reading on a confusing situation
  183. Help with tarot reading? 3 of swords
  184. Favourite tarot decks/oracle card decks? :)
  185. Help for a spread
  186. What does 4 of swords mean in health?
  187. What is your go-to deck and why?
  188. Help with Tarot Interpretation
  189. Tarot Tattoos?
  190. Suit of swords, in love?
  191. Finding tarot cards in an empty house!
  192. Same cards pulled- 2 different decks
  193. 2 pf pentacles combined with queen of swords
  194. Could 4 of swords mean this?
  195. Archangel Michael Oracle Cards...
  196. Beginner here, help me out with my very first reading?
  197. Cards That You Don't Understand
  198. assistance with spread interpretation please :)
  199. Oracle cards, repeating cards, does that mean to pay attention?
  200. Help with reading interpretation (please)
  201. A little help with an interpretation plez
  202. Celtic cross spread for moving cities
  203. Interpretation
  204. Spread interpretation
  205. Question ?
  206. Opinions on Oracle Card Reading Certifications?
  207. Help on interpreting this spread? Im new BTW! :)
  208. Tarot Reading On A Crush?
  209. CRAZY EXCITING reading! But can i have your opinions first before I get my hopes up?
  210. Knoight of Cups is following me
  211. Help with my first reading :)
  212. cards for outcome - help interpreting?
  213. Help with cards / questions
  214. Help with a reading
  215. do oracle cards show our destiny or our desires?
  216. Soul's purposeI got the death card
  217. Fertility and tarot
  218. The tower interpretation?
  219. spread interpretation
  220. religious upbringing/questions
  221. Reading Cards
  222. Very New Beginner needing advice x
  223. Consecutive numbers, any significance?
  224. Which cards in tarot indicate a former lover?
  225. 6 of swords and good qualities?
  226. 4 of cups health?
  227. Page of pentacles, feelings for a relationship?
  228. Angel tarot spread interpretation help please.
  229. Judgrment card, as outcome
  230. I need help with a reading
  231. Giving tarot reading to gain experience ~love
  232. Tarot newbie, help please? :)
  233. Crowley's Thoth deck for a beginner?
  234. help interpreting + positions?
  235. knight of swords in relationships
  236. Queen of Pentacles as Feelings?
  237. Oracle help anyone?
  238. 9 of swords as health?
  239. First ever date!
  240. Tarot Moon Spell
  241. Messages from mother earth :)
  242. Queen of wands four of cups judgement Help :)
  243. readings as mere reflections of thoughts and first impressions? help please..
  244. Anyone game to provide me with a tarot reading or some form of divination?
  245. 5 of wands reversed as a relationship outcome
  246. Can anyone help me with this interpretation please?
  247. Is anyone here using Lenormand cards?
  248. Knight of Cups as Advice
  249. Newbie in search of help with a tarot spread & clarity =0)
  250. Justice card?