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  1. soul mate
  2. need some advice
  3. Valentine's Day
  4. Celibacy
  5. long distant relationships
  6. unusual incident
  7. Who have you told?
  8. Love, "in love" and boyfriends...
  9. Love and Being in Love
  10. Sudden change in feelings towards a friend
  11. A thread for loving and encouraging comments (and heartfelt apologies/making up etc)
  12. Love as opposed to Love.
  13. To be against
  14. How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You
  15. What does this mean???
  16. Who you are?
  17. Love At First Sight
  18. A good ice breaker for situations where you would like to break the ice.
  19. Has Anyone Ever 'Stolen' Your Self?
  20. A Definiton of Unconditional love
  21. Love letters
  22. What Is "LOVE"?
  23. "Sexual" energy perhaps?
  24. I'm not sure what to do????
  25. Hang on!! Are we all here destined for partners that are really different to us?
  26. Love vs Hate
  27. self sufficiency..
  28. LOVE IS....(Your answer here)...
  29. Love at threat
  30. A broken relationship - advice please.
  31. Is it right to end a relationship to protect someone
  32. Breakups
  33. looking for a beautiful partner. Love and light
  34. "Becoming" The Person Who You Love!
  35. Love and Freedom
  36. Older Woman and Younger Man
  37. Maranda's Love Oracle
  38. your advise prayers love and light -relationships
  39. is this love?
  40. soulmates
  41. twin souls..soulmates...
  42. Do you ever wonder ........
  43. what does empath mean?
  44. Twin Flame Energy Seeding the New Earth
  45. Shift in the masculine and feminine energies
  46. Twin Flames part 2
  47. Anyone Else
  48. when is it okay to say no
  49. will it happen
  50. No Personal Ads
  51. Needle in a haystack
  52. Relationships
  53. family rift... what would you do?
  54. The Power of Forgiving
  55. Your Transforming Heart
  56. Romantic Love, Spiritual Love
  57. Inner Heart Meditation
  58. Imbalance
  59. If you are not meant to be together...
  60. Is love just chemistry?
  61. help with women
  62. Could he be the one?
  63. what are men attracted to in women
  64. Is it selfish?
  65. Relationships and spirtuality
  66. Is he gay or just not into me?
  67. The Brother I never Had
  68. Is there A way To Tell?
  69. What are Women attracted to in Men?
  70. Should I settle on being celibate?
  71. Feeling a seemingly random connection to someone I saw?
  72. When You Really See Someone For The First Time!
  73. Friend finding things difficult to move on
  74. Family Problems
  75. To Believe In It Once More
  76. People who know about this please help
  77. loosing your ideal!
  78. Silver Birch on Love and Living in Harmony
  79. Love-Freedom
  80. For Fun Question
  81. A friends moral issue
  82. Any thoughts appreciated
  83. What Do You Think?
  84. My lack of physical love?
  85. Can we be in love with two people at the same time?
  86. Is love and love making the same thing?
  87. Venting.... Advice please?
  88. Profound encounter
  89. troublesome son
  90. Attraction principles
  91. being yourself
  92. I miss it.. it's that simple
  93. Why Is It?
  94. A "lost" person haunting me.
  95. Using relationships to fill a void
  96. soul mates can it be ?
  97. Should I abandon all hope of this relationship working?
  98. Etheric energy hug - can they be rejected?
  99. Forgiveness
  100. Unprecedented Challenges and an Unexampled God
  101. How Long?
  102. I desperately need spiritual guidance
  103. You Love Who?
  104. I never like the people I attract!
  105. "Love meet Ego, Ego meet Love"
  106. When you don't have feelings for someone, but you constantly think about them?
  107. Divine Love .....Human Love
  108. 'In Love'
  109. Need Help Building Courage
  110. Seeking Real Friendship
  111. What Should I Think?
  112. First "relationship" like this...
  113. feeling so stupid!
  114. Can we do justice to our spouses when we flirt with our Twinflames?
  115. Etheric Energy Hugs
  116. Hi Everybody, please take a look
  117. Never brought this up before...
  118. True friends
  119. Dreaming about this person an awful lot, continuous signs...
  120. Who is this person - do I know him from my past life?
  121. When you just can't relate anymore...
  122. Love and sadness
  123. Polyandry -a single woman with many husbands
  124. Why are relationships so difficult?
  125. Friendship Issues
  126. I Love You.
  127. So, a woman is in love with me...
  128. Keeping calm when pushed to limit
  129. What is true love?
  130. Psychic told me I'd never love again...
  131. Need assistance
  132. How to deal with guilt and Emotional incest ...
  133. hurt heart and\or hurt ego\pride?
  134. Love, Life and the Ego.....
  135. I give up...
  136. how to break up with someone?
  137. Ok A Little Advice Needed!
  138. LOVe the Kind Four Letter Word
  139. Blessing and Accepting One' Friends
  140. When We Loose a Mate ?
  141. I havnt posted here in ages
  142. I finally did it...
  143. I want my heart back...
  144. Met a Soul Connection
  145. What to do?? love and spiritual emergence
  146. Intuition vs. reality
  147. Love Is Ordained By Nature
  148. Can women live and fulfill themselves without men?
  149. What Makes Us Feel How We Do?
  150. Is sex a sin?
  151. Dont need or want sex
  152. The Spiritual Root of Cheating
  153. Reassurances, Angel Guidance and Intervention, Self Love etc
  154. LOVE; conditional to unconditional
  155. spiritual / earth /relationship
  156. Chemistry!
  157. Heart guides in wrong direction
  158. don,t hold on
  159. Conflicting Spirituality
  160. Brokenhearted, I received this answer from the IChing
  161. Negativity
  162. I Think I May Be Relapsing!!
  163. When do you stop turning the other cheek?
  164. Powers conflicting
  165. Purpose of meeting people who mirror your life circumstances/choices
  166. good intention without limit
  167. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
  168. Being Loving.
  169. IS there Love in the world?
  170. How do you let people into your heart?
  171. That old nagging annoying feeling
  172. whats the use???
  173. Honesty is Very Important for Spiritual Enlightment
  174. love at 1st sight?
  175. I've a big need to feel close to women..?
  176. living knowing you can't have the person you are in love with
  177. any advice on a relationship of convenience?
  178. Cosmically not allowed to have friends..
  179. Path With Heart watch This And Bring Love To Our Planet!
  180. Global Family
  181. For Valentines Day He Gave Me The Universe
  182. Chose to not be miserable on Valentine's Day
  183. Weird Behavior?
  184. PLEASE HELP ME! i need guidance...
  185. I think I'm falling in love with my angel...
  186. Loneliness
  187. closeted
  188. A Question
  189. Is he my soulmate???
  190. heartbroken
  191. Stop Our Selfishness be openhearted and lets all change the world with love!
  192. friendship changes/ questions
  193. suggesting change to a friend?
  194. Need help and light please
  195. What Causes the Attraction?
  196. Logically, cupid is evil
  197. My Fella Says He's Scared Of Me!!!
  198. How to Disconnect from people in your presence
  199. The ultimate love: to love your enemies
  200. Feel the love by giving
  201. nope
  202. I really need help =/
  203. Resolving conflict and forgiveness.
  204. Is it possible...?
  205. HE doesn't HEAR ME!!!
  206. finding soul mates?
  207. Is age really just a number?
  208. love or family?
  209. Virtual Opposites
  210. Advice?
  211. getting rid of "love"-pattern
  212. Where Did My Love Go......
  213. Betrayal
  214. Problem across the miles
  215. Friendship Ended
  216. Longing for a partner
  217. I'm her boss, and her friend...
  218. Doe he feel any guilt?
  219. We'll Meet
  220. Arguments - hurtful words based in truth?
  221. Letting go!
  222. Insecurities
  223. A thread for the broken-hearted
  224. Do i move on or stay for the children?
  225. Heartbroken but not?
  226. I-am i destined to be the 'other woman'!?
  227. Am i destined to walk this earth life alone?
  228. Destined to be alone?
  229. Forgiving Parents
  230. Is there someone out there for me?
  231. Thoughts on affairs in marriage
  232. Is this love that I'm feeling?
  233. Feel as if I have lost myself
  234. No More Strokes
  235. Hello Everyone I am new
  236. Possible romance
  237. i don't think there is anyone out there for me
  238. Love is constant in every being
  239. The Reality of Relationships
  240. Where Can I Find My Better Half
  241. Do You Show/Give Enough Love?
  242. Looking for some kind of advice
  243. Fate or a distraction from my true path?
  244. What becomes of the broken hearted?
  245. ending relationships with family
  246. In Marriage Crisis. I need help !
  247. Unconditional love?
  248. Advice about an ex-friend
  249. Whats the colour of love?
  250. Fate or freewill