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  4. Which is your favorite explaination of the truth?
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  20. Has anyone ever been to an Interfaith Service?
  21. I Love Your God!
  22. Everyones God.
  23. SCARED!
  24. People of the world coming together.
  25. my life is messed up because of religion
  26. if i believe in spirits do i have to believe in god?
  27. Interfaith and healthcare related books?
  28. Apocalypse of Peter
  29. Communicating dead loved ones = Demons?
  30. The London Declaration for Global Peace 2011
  31. Power of Prayer in Medicine
  32. Still struggling badly
  33. Jesus' teachings and what he said
  34. Why interfaith marriages do not work?
  35. Aspect of the Spirit (religions)
  36. Lost Among The UnGodly
  37. How to get involved in Interfaith work?
  38. The Essence Of Shinto by Motohisa Yamakage
  39. Treatment of parents and Religious Teachings
  40. What is the difference between Paganism & Interfaith?
  41. confused!!!! so what do I do?
  42. If we are all God.....
  43. Interspirituality/Universal Spirituality
  44. A new Church or School of thought
  45. Relevance in Illustration, "The Matrix"
  46. The Christ Consciousness
  47. Neo's Hidden Exploits in plain sight 0_0
  48. Discussion: Eye of Horus and Aztec Prophecy Coincidence or Something else?
  49. Greatest Trick
  50. Anyone been interested in The World Maitreya and Benjamin Creme?
  51. Lords Prayer (christianity) link with chakras and buddhism
  52. Buddha's life and the major arcana
  53. Jesus and buddha both went through the same enlightenment?
  54. Native Americanism and Islam
  55. "Dire Prophecies" of the Kolbrin Bible and the Lost Book of Enki
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  59. Do you believe in a Hindu Self, Christian Soul or Buddhist no self?
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  69. Check the end of this video out
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  72. Would an atheist really go to hell?
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  76. The Mother or the Father? Laozi or Jesus?
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