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  1. Crystals: Do they normally have health issues?
  2. When did you realise you were an Indigo/Crystal or Star child?
  3. Akiane
  4. Is everyone one?
  5. Indigo Children do not exist
  6. Blue Rays
  7. How Do You Parent a Dark Entity?
  8. What is an Indigo Child?
  9. What are you planning for the forth coming year?
  10. What to make of it....
  11. What are the characteristics of indigo/crystal/star people?
  12. Could I be a crystal child?
  13. interplanetary indigos
  14. Constellations
  15. my experience
  16. energy pouring into ones head
  17. Indigo, Crystal, & Star Children
  18. Wearing crystals at night
  19. Why is it important to have indigo, etc. people?
  20. Empathy for others is my sole focus...Am i normal????
  21. Star Child - An issue I've been struggling with
  22. Indigo Children are REAL
  23. What's a rainbow child?
  24. Indigo children and disabilities
  25. Question...
  26. Dreams, dreams pertaining to the indigo or others who just know.
  27. important.
  28. Incarnated Crystal
  29. My planetary origin?
  30. Blue Rays
  31. I could be an indigo, but my aura's wrong
  32. Indigo child deciphering to take any psychic essences?
  33. I feel like i lost some of my indigo child in me..?
  34. Doreen Virtue on Indigos
  35. Aura layers in Indigos?
  36. Interesting article about crystal/indigo/rainbow children
  37. sleeping problems with indigos
  38. Himalayan salt rock
  39. How do you know?
  40. Am i an indigo?
  41. Help me with my sudden relationship with the the crystal children
  42. What are Star Children?
  43. My 9 year old daughter
  44. Can indigo children be born from indigo parents?
  45. Indigo, Crystal and Star Children??
  46. Viewing your own Aura
  47. Am I an Indigo,Crystal or Star Child or a Meidum in the making ?
  48. Am I an Indigo Adult?
  49. Changing the World
  50. the BEST crystal..
  51. Indigo Children today??
  52. Was told I'm a crystal child last night by a medium, anyone have info?
  53. Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children- Doreen Virtue
  54. Starpeople- Doreen Virtue
  55. How do I tell my parents
  56. Indigo people & nervous system diseases?
  57. Having a son
  58. Been Wondering For A While Now ...
  59. indigo, crystal, star children
  60. Science of Indigo Children & DNA strands
  61. How do u know?
  62. Blue Ray vs Indigo vs Crystal Children?
  63. Looking for Star People
  64. I don't know what i am..?
  65. Which star system did YOU originate from?
  66. Awake but Confused
  67. am I an indigo?
  68. Are Indigo children still being born?
  69. Being Indigo
  70. Indigo Abuse
  71. Rh negative blood type
  72. Blue Ray's
  73. Indigo Events
  74. Advice on telepathically talking to my Star child?
  75. Indigo, star, crystal people?
  76. How do you know if you are/were an indigo child?
  77. past lives with indigo children
  78. Is my child indigo or something?
  79. I am confused
  80. indigo kid wondering by bad spirits follow me
  81. My 3 y/o old son indigo??
  82. Rainbow or Platinum children
  83. what is a indigo, crystal, and star children? never heard this term?
  84. Sign from the stars?
  85. Is it normal...
  86. My golden child son
  87. Come here to change
  88. can you change from indigo to crystal?
  89. What makes you think / know you are a Indigo?
  90. Chinese govt afraid of new kids??
  91. I'm an Indigo Child (Adult) Now What...
  92. When Indigos Turn Dark
  93. Traditional child development theories vs. Spirituality
  94. Why do we need Labels????
  95. How do you know if you are an Indigo Adult?
  96. film about an indigo child
  97. Thoughts and opinons please....
  98. Do youths attend spiritual groups-seminars?
  99. Crystal Child! :)
  100. Questions regarding Indigos.
  101. what you think? am i indigo?
  102. Cristal adults...is that possible?!?!?
  103. Where are you in your spiritual journey?
  104. Nancy Anne Tappe, the Mother of What You Call "Indigo's"
  105. What is an indigo child?
  106. Star Child
  107. Children of Light
  108. My true love is a Crystal Child
  109. blue ray not indigo?
  110. So my son is an Indigo..
  111. Some people make me VERY anxious--Why?
  112. How do we tie with karma?
  113. Could i possibly be?
  114. conspiracy of abductions, are star kids the result?
  115. starseed/seeing bright white shape fans
  116. Is it a physical thing?
  117. Star child
  118. Wondering if I am indigo or like it
  119. Auratransformation
  120. What have children taught you?
  121. Pregnant with a starchild?
  122. am i indigo or something else ?
  123. 4 siblings sharing the same birthday
  124. Sacred Knowledge
  125. Crystal children
  126. understand crystal and indigo but what is a star child?
  127. Are Indigos more likely to be abducted?
  128. Star Children, Star Seeds and ET Walk Ins
  129. TF indigo
  130. Qustion could people who are born with a learning or physical disablity be one ?
  131. the personality and traits of an indigo. crystal & star children
  132. Crystal Adults
  133. Really feel more and more like I'm an indigo children, can anyone confirm it?
  134. Newagechildren
  135. In Search of Answers...
  136. Why am I so different?
  137. Seeing a blue grid
  138. Blue eyes with yellow ring around pupil
  139. Could I be an indigo child?
  140. Three dots in a perfect triangle
  141. Star Children: Do You Know Your Star Origins?
  142. Blood Type and Indigos/Crystals
  143. what am i?
  144. The Star People does this resonate with you ?
  145. My daughter and I
  146. Love the wisodm of our babies :)
  147. Crystal and Medium?
  148. Might be Indigo? Requesting some help please!?!?...
  149. How Many Star Children Are Here?
  151. What is an indigo/crystal/ or star child?
  152. Indigo, to be or not to be.
  153. My Daughter
  154. what is this?
  155. What difference does being a Starseed make to your life
  156. So what exactly is a starchild? Do I sound like one?
  157. earth angels
  158. Who am I?
  159. Feeling unconfortable around this kid
  160. Star Seeds unite
  161. Ringing ears
  162. Cat People
  163. There's this Little Girl...
  164. Portal?
  165. The Characteristics of a Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Star Child
  166. some unexpected unfortunate situations
  167. I am a light being(rainbow child)
  168. I had missing time as a child and always been unique.
  169. Indigo with crystal baby?
  170. Parenting the Next Generation
  171. How do I know which child I am?
  172. Meaning of siblings?
  173. Awareness of being
  174. I'm Carrying An Indigo Child...
  175. Help me, I'm weird•~•
  176. Speaking/writing in a foreign language
  177. Perspectives and the interests at heart
  178. Quantum Kids Video
  179. Vega, Sirius, Orion, and Feline Consciousness
  180. All Star,Indigo,Crystals ect.
  181. Starchild/star seed?
  182. What does it mean to be a star child?
  183. advice needed pls
  184. 2 cents worth
  185. Weird visuals happened last night..
  186. i am
  187. Humans are so dense..
  188. Crystal Scout?
  189. Join me Sagittarians!
  190. Newly-Awakened Empath
  191. Indigo, crystal & star children
  192. How to tell if you're a starseed
  193. For us.
  194. How to tell if empath
  195. Annunaki
  196. Real or just a dream?
  197. I have a purpose
  198. Abilities run in the family!
  199. What difference in life experience is between indigo adult and normal adult?
  200. Has anyone heard of someone who has gotten pregnant without intercourse?
  201. Dreams and Memories of another plane
  202. My 4 year old son
  203. How do you know?
  204. senstive children and parents oblivious to that?
  205. My daughter is an indigo and could use some advice
  206. Indigo is a frequency...
  207. Birth chart
  208. Hello There
  209. Help required is there a difference
  210. Protective bubble
  211. 7 symptoms of ascension
  212. Lemuria
  213. Archurarians
  214. Indigo warrior
  215. psychic abilities and indigo's
  216. Hii!!
  217. Am I a indigo/crystal/star Child?
  218. "Stork bites" and Indigo children?
  219. Senitive child with an unsensitive father
  220. Empath star son having issues with his anger
  221. Sepcies Change?
  222. Indigo parent-child role reversal
  223. Indigo girl looking for Indigo friends <3
  224. What if not all of the qualities fit?
  225. what to do????????
  226. Starseed?
  227. hurt abused indigo any suggestions?
  228. Starseeds from other Universes?
  229. What people are these?
  230. Very worried about my sister and my nephew
  231. Who are the Paschat people?
  232. What type of starseed is this?
  233. my daughter sees colours
  234. Kundalini Awakening?
  235. Sticking out like a sore thumb
  236. Walk-Ins & Salvation
  237. Star seeds and Aliens
  238. These Labels...
  239. Transition/Awakening Process
  240. Crystal child / need some help ! :)
  241. Why do I keep attracting Indigos?
  242. This sparkling theory of starseeds !
  243. Mixture of all the Children?
  244. Indigo low confidence low self-esteem
  245. Are Indigos psychopaths?
  246. Questions about Indigos!
  247. Help For My Cousins
  248. Atlantis
  249. What is a Starseed?
  250. Indigo, Crystal, Star Children and the Autism Spectrum?