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  4. Tai Chi Relieves rheumatoid & osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia
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  15. Any other practitioners of Falun Gong in here besides user "belkin"?
  16. i have a quick question
  17. Can someone answer this for me?
  18. John Chang and Harnessing Energy
  19. How can I feel chi?
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  31. What brought you to qigong?
  32. Does this kind of thing exist?
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  35. Other peoples experiance with Tai Chi?
  36. Longmen pai retreats in the UK
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  38. What does your chi ball feel like?
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  47. If you ejaculate and don't wait 72 hours will the dantien crack? In Qigong
  48. Does anyone know the method of healing described here ?
  49. Using powers to do certain stuff?
  50. My Moms Chi Powers.
  51. Mom Carves Plate With Chi Energy.
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  53. Would anyone want to perform this with me?
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  55. Chi is the Force of Life
  56. How to start practicing chi?
  57. Some Thoughts on Qi Gong and Meditation
  58. Chi practice with a partially disabled arm
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  60. Practiced wrong, head & sacral energy or ..
  61. Are there stats on the success rate of Chi Gong in healing?
  62. Wuji Gong
  63. What do you experience when you feel chi?
  64. Doing just one move of qigong ?
  65. tips and techniques for chi gong ?
  66. Closing movment of qigong excercises
  67. when to breath in and out in chi gong exercises ?
  68. Tai Chi & Qigong with a motor control disability.
  69. Consciousness and T'ai Ji...
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  71. My Personal Qi Gong Journery - Journey To Awareness.
  72. Advice for an illness needed!
  73. From Reiki to Qigong
  74. Questions with respect to relation of stale chi and the ego.
  75. Closing movment - bringing chi into the lower dantian
  76. Chi gathering and importance of food
  77. Why lower energy to lower dantian and not upper ones ?
  78. spontaneous qigong and closing movment
  79. Ways to increase meridians ability that are not qigong
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  81. Killing me softly