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  1. After life
  2. Great new book and looking for more on afterlife
  3. Crossing Over
  4. What is Purgatory?
  5. Is it wrong to try and contact a dead loved one via magic?
  6. Right to die??
  7. Dreams about death & afterlife
  8. Near Death / Vision Experiance
  9. How can contacting happen?
  10. Interesting concept
  11. What is Eternal?
  12. astral travel and death
  13. All Living Things
  14. Looking for Answers
  15. What will happen to you
  16. Reincarnation............?
  17. Direct voice recordings!
  18. A testimony
  19. Explanation of the 4th dimension
  20. Give
  21. Cryonics - preserving the body and not the soul?
  22. I have this theory
  23. Energy surges advice
  24. A Man Dies And Experiences Both Heaven And Hell!
  25. Help understanding
  26. A scientific take
  27. Why do you believe there is an afterlife?
  28. Incomplete Dying and Alternate Realities
  29. Can communication with spirits be proven...?
  30. What makes you think that the Ego survives?
  31. Book Of Wisdom
  32. What is life?
  33. Dying have you experienced it
  34. Do you believe
  35. What do you say to someone who has just lost their son?
  36. Reincarnation
  37. My poor cat
  38. Death is easier than birth
  39. stages of growth when we cross over?
  40. When you die...
  41. Timelessness: What we are...
  42. Death how do u react?
  43. Do We really Die...Play it again Sam...
  44. why iam spared?
  45. Reincarnations What is it ?
  46. Reincarnations Do we have a Choice ?
  47. I swear, this must be proof of an after life ?
  48. suicide (thoughts on the consequence..)
  49. Death
  50. Common Questions About The Afterlife
  51. My View of Death and the Afterlife
  52. Lords of Karma, Divine Director and Ascended Masters
  53. Visits
  54. my take on death
  55. just a quick question...
  56. Between Incarnations
  57. the passing of my mam
  58. What Happens After You Die?
  59. death choices
  60. Silver Birch Speaks
  61. Life after Death, interesting reading....
  62. Helen Duncan.....Meterialization Medium
  63. What happens when you die? (Victor Zammit)
  64. what happens when u die?
  65. Life in the beyond by Silver Birch
  66. Apports.....
  67. I've always wanted to know
  68. Lving, But More Like Existing....
  69. E - books for free
  70. There are no accidents........
  71. When Famous people die...
  72. I Still Struggle With Feeling Left Behind
  73. guides
  74. Silver Birch a collection of books
  75. Season premiere of paranormal state tonite
  76. Miscarriage
  77. Do you think there is a heaven?
  78. Enveloping Darkness
  79. What happens to our pets when they die?
  80. Silver Birch on What settles the time of our entry into the next world?
  81. Trauma caused by Photo
  82. Summoning
  83. Silver Birch on when animals die and their evolution
  84. New link about recent rescue and 'contact'
  85. The Afterlife......
  86. pets afterlife
  87. Looking For Afterlife Evidence...
  88. moments before death
  89. When some have an inner knowing...
  90. Silver Birch - What is Death?
  91. Messages from beyond the veil...
  92. Who is Silver Birch?
  93. Why cant the dead come back to life?
  94. a guest at their own funeral ?
  95. My daughter's naming ceremony
  97. Is it possible ........?
  98. A nice little story...
  99. Can spirit leave the body not all at once?
  100. Death is the beginning
  101. Guilt and Forgiveness.........
  102. help with the bereved
  103. My thoughts on death and the afterlife...
  104. My best friend visited me...
  105. Spiritual Limbo ...?
  106. What If ...?
  107. A Little Piece Of My Spiritual Experience .
  108. Some Questions About Spirits ...
  109. My Spiritual Experience ... A Fuller Story.
  110. Demonstration of existence after death:
  111. So many questions, so confused
  112. The Life Beyond Physical Death
  113. The world is not enouth?
  115. Heard My Mom's Voice After She Died
  116. I don't understand where sadness comes from
  117. no longer able to visit?
  118. Graves, cremation, funerals etc
  119. Do you have to exist?
  120. Did you ever feel someone touch you?
  121. Near Death Experiences
  122. Life Review
  123. Possiblity of Renewall
  124. Pete Postlethwaite
  125. Question ...
  126. reincarnation for Christians...?
  127. I need some insight -
  128. Enlightenment at the end of the tunnel
  129. coincidences?
  130. People dying around the same time with the same Name??
  131. Pete
  132. suicide
  133. Where is she..
  134. Always on my mind
  135. who decides
  136. What are your thoughts on pets and the afterlife?
  137. any have NDE???
  138. About the Afterlife
  139. buried or cramated
  140. Would we ever be given a date of when someone is to die?
  141. How do you visualize and imagine heaven/The Other Side?
  142. A journey into the simulation of life and the nature of reality.
  143. Animals and group souls
  144. messages
  145. life after death
  146. Embalming
  147. Can I guess my own blueprint? :-?
  148. Meeting people again
  149. heavens imagination through your heart.
  150. I Need Some Insight And Opinions On This Once Again.
  151. Do we really NOT have bodies on the other side?
  152. Where is the afterlife and what's it like?
  153. What I Learned About Reincarnation.
  154. Oh the irony
  155. The afterlife in the views of another
  156. Dr. Raymond Mooney life after life
  157. what if...
  158. New World called Paradise
  159. John Edward.
  160. Rest In Peace Mike Starr
  161. Didnt want to go into the light
  162. I need technical explanations
  163. animals
  164. Suicide
  165. What would you do if you got lost...?
  166. Death
  167. NDE
  168. Do we reincarnate on other planets?
  169. Proof of afterlife and reincarnation
  170. Reincarnation
  171. "Life in the Unseen World"
  172. Is anyone else scared of the afterlife
  173. Is there any chance that NDE's are dreams?
  174. The Afterlife is what you make it.
  175. Hospital in heaven? for pets?
  176. A ghost held my hands, I think
  177. Need Information
  178. death of a pet.
  179. The End Life Debrief,
  180. Lost love died
  181. I Don't Know How To Title It!
  182. Suicide and the AfterLife
  183. Higher self after death?
  184. Not remembering your life after death.
  185. Unwanted visitor in the house
  186. I'm Not Scared of Death, But What Lies After
  187. My Dobe said goodbye
  188. May 21st..the end of the world...
  189. 2:22 am
  190. Please help if you can...
  191. Is death predetermined?
  192. Not afraid of death, just the physical pain.
  193. Can you pick how you die?
  194. i see my dead cats
  195. Top 5 Regrets People Make on their Deathbed
  196. Are consciousness and memory retained after death?
  197. Can you effect your afterlife
  198. My baby
  199. The Task of Dying, of Astral Travel, and of dealing in the human world.
  200. A Little Lesson on Dying and the Death Experience
  201. Higher self & Guide?
  202. Can We Eat In the Afterlife?
  203. A Psycho What?
  204. The power of the collective consciousness
  205. Am I ever going to see him again??
  206. Shadow People- theories?
  207. Remeber time
  208. Different afterlifes?
  209. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  210. I Survived..Beyond and Back
  211. Dreams of death
  212. mum passed away :(
  213. best friend
  214. My bunny
  215. What happensif you don't go into the light?
  216. Your Funeral
  217. Am I weird for thinking this way?
  218. Feeling them once their gone...
  219. Deathwish
  220. A difficult life and dementia
  221. Just my analogy of life and heaven, hope you like :>)
  222. Feelings of Death
  223. My father :(
  224. Do we know when we are going to die?
  225. Entering the light... my father
  226. loseing 2 people in 7 days
  227. Was I touched by my Father's spirit?
  228. Your Thoughts on Death
  229. Do humans and animals go to the same place?
  230. Going home to my mother
  231. The Afterlife
  232. Animals that have passed on
  233. Since my nan has passed I have seen things with her eyes.
  234. Suicide
  235. I dont believe
  236. Not Feeling Alive Inside
  237. In Loving memory for all love ones on their day of parting xoxoxoxooxoxoxo
  238. some dont pass on as quick as others - noticed that??
  239. Life Between Lives Regression?
  240. Not Afraid of death
  241. Sensing Death?
  242. Near Death experience
  243. A sad story
  244. Does the unborned baby has a soul?
  245. What do we know about Death from Near Death Experiences?
  246. When I was younger...
  247. Please help mee!!
  249. Does anyone else . . .
  250. Deceased Dad Made Contact During 'Elvis Evening'